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#Illuminati aka our govt (New Thread)

🔥They r pedophiliacs,abuse & torture small children

🔥They run the porn industry & the Mafia

🔥They make enormous amounts of $ from drug smuggling, gun running, &human slavery

🔥They r DEMOCRATS & REPUBLICANS, there’s no difference

🔥They r involved in EVIL & extreme MONEY making

🔥If a PROFIT is made off of HUMAN SUFFERING, u can trace it back 2 Illuminati (r govt)

🔥Their lawyers CAN blast anyone confronting them out of the water (why THEY r never arrested)

🔥They control the MEDIA
@SsdHvn @wulfette @rdrhwke @jleetxgirl @YoureEitherSer1 @arealpatriot123 @TheReturn63 @BYounger13 @BrianHPatriot76 #Illuminati

🔥They run Hollywood~The actors who died too young?Whacked for not going along

🔥Disney was Illuminati~their scripts, messaging of the occult, p3dophila, MINDCONTROL


🔥FANTASIA is used 2 program children

🔥Careful w anything DISNEY
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Slovenian PM and current #EU-president @JJansaSDS tweeted an hour ago an image of a #conspiracy which says #GeorgeSoros has "puppets" in the European Parliament: (via @markduursma)

Where does this image come from? 👇👇👇 1/...
@JJansaSDS @markduursma We upload the image to #TinEye, a search engine which looks for the oldest version of an image online. 2/...
@JJansaSDS @markduursma A file named 'soros.puppets.jpg' was posted on a blog called 'eunmask' in 2019.

With Google we search on this site for "soros" and find the picture on this page:… 3/...
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@jlorains1 @newsmax William @KensingtonRoyal: Queen @RoyalFamily protects #PrinceAndrew @TheDukeOfYork= "threat to monarchy." Someone could go to the jail IF @metpoliceuk did their job

@MetCC, @FBI: #IlluminatiSacrifice of #Prince. Queen was dressed in #PurpleRain🎸she KNEW
@jlorains1 @newsmax @KensingtonRoyal @RoyalFamily @TheDukeOfYork @metpoliceuk @MetCC @FBI 2/ Her Excellency @EmbassyCat= H👑MP @hmpbelmarsh prisoner, award-winning publisher #JulianAssange, wishes Her Majesty a happy 90th birthday. The official, not real=April 21, the day #Prince died & Queen wore #PurpleRain☂ dress
#FreeAssange🚔SHE KNEW🚨
@jlorains1 @newsmax @KensingtonRoyal @RoyalFamily @TheDukeOfYork @metpoliceuk @MetCC @FBI @EmbassyCat @hmpbelmarsh 3/ My reply to above @wikileaks publisher #FreeAssangeNOW. At the end of this thread, Mr. #Assange should walk free. Someone can have his #torture cell. #PrinceAndrew? Her🎉Majesty☂? #WarrenBuffett? Whoever else planned #IluminatiSacrifice of #Prince, MET
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😱Video of New Zealand PM 'smoking crack'😱

#Real or #fake? Let’s find out. 👇👇👇 1/...

#Verification 📹
#SpeurJeMee? 🧐 #HowToOSINT Image
On 1 Oct. someone posts a video on #Twitter.

We see two videos superimposed. According to the caption , we would see the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern twice.

At the top she appears to be talking to #BillGates and at the bottom she appears to be using #crack. 🔞2/. Image
We also find the same video in various other posts on #Twitter, #YouTube, #Facebook and on the alternative video site #BitChute.

In total, these videos were viewed more than 31,000 times. Let's verify! 3/...
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The True Roots Of Communism: A Satanic Cult

[THREAD] #Communism #Satanic #illuminati

People are becoming more and more aware of just how deeply communists roots have sunk into American politics, schools and institutions.

But what is Communism at it's root?
(1) "I wish to avenge myself against the One who rules above .. ."

" The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilization. It must be destroyed."

- Karl Marx
(2) Communism is actually a satanic cult at it's root.

This satanic cult has penetrated many different organizations culminating in commissioning Karl Marx to write their "core plan" The communist Manifesto.
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1. Thread on Britney... #Britney ImageImageImage
2. As unfortunately have many others, Britney Jean Spears break into "fame" came with Disney, notorious for child mind control programming as well as pedophile Walt... by aged 12 she was a "mouseketeer" #BritneySpears #Britney #Disney #Mouseketeers ImageImage
3. There have been 4 groups of mouseketeers 1950s, 1970s, 1990s and 2017/8. Britney was in the 90s Mickey Mouse Club alongside Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, and Keri Russell.… #britney #mickeymouseclub #disney ImageImageImage
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1. Thread on Michael Fawcett and Prince Charles. Michael Fawcett has resigned for a third time, however media are hiding the allegations behind his second resignation... allegations of a rape by Fawcett and also a Fawcett/ Prince Charles affair... #PrinceCharles #MichaelFawcett
2. Michael Fawcett latest and third resignation involves "cash for favours" with Saudi Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz... cash for honours… #Mahfouz #MichaelFawcett #PrinceCharles #cashforhonours
3. Fawcetts first resignation was in 1998 after allegations of bullying. ‘His resignation was accepted but Camilla stepped in and persuaded Charles to reinstate him,’ the aide said. #MichaelFawcett #PrinceCharles #Camilla #resignation
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1. Gordon Brown, who is very on message about vaccination and other globalist cabal agendas was accused of being a pedophile by Norman Lamont (UK Chancellor of the Exchequer 1990-93) at a private party in 1986, who told journalist Mike James #MikeJames #GordonBrown #NormanLamont
2. Mike James wrote in 2010: "Gordon Brown, the current British prime minister, is a practicing pedophile whose activities are known not only to the British, American and Israeli intelligence services, but also by Rupert Murdoch and his senior editor at the Sunday Times."
3. Back in 2003 Mike James wrote "Tony Blair Caught Protecting Elite Paedophile Ring " when Tony Blair issued D notices to censor the press... #MikeJames #TonyBlair #GordonBrown #pedophile
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Order of the #BlackSun. The umbrella which all of the brotherhoods and sisterhoods fall under?
Website of Order of the black sun:
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What's the deeper meaning behind it all?

Follow the white rabbit through this maze connecting art, Jeffrey Epstein, the illuminati, possible dimensional portals and... escape rooms?
This rabbit hole actually leads to more topics than just this thread, a part 2 will be needed

After reading this thread keep your eyes peeled for these symbols and feel free to send me any connections you make on your own
It started when I saw a commercial for the movie Escape Room 2: Tournament of Champions

I noticed the white and black checkerboard floor and the black cube

The characters are in a bank called "Illuminus Bank"

The black cube image is also placed over lower Manhattan
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1. Cardi B WAP 1 year since release… #cardib #wap #mindcontrol
2. Leopardskin beta kitten mind control and cardiB hair in chains... where are BLM defending Cardi B from being a mind controlled slave?? #Monarch #Mkultra #cardib #wap #mindcontrolledslave #mindcontrol
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1- Çok önemli ve hassas bir dönemden geçiyoruz.
Bill Gates'in Bodrum ziyareti manidar şüphelerle beraber müphem yangınların başlaması dikkatimizi çekti.
Gates sonrası #Manavgat yangını ile başlayan Akdeniz, Ege bölgesi yangınları devam ediyor. Küresel ölçekte saldırı altındayız.
2-Daha önemlisi yarın iki ritüel bilgisi elimizde mevcut. Bundan sonrası ise meçhul.
Son günlerde ortaya çıkan bazı bilgiler ANADOLU 'NUN her yerinin YANGINA maruz kalabileceğini gösteriyor.
ABD ve Israil'li üst düzey yetkililer bugün bodrumda bir toplantı yapmışlar. Ne alaka ???
3-Ve 2017 yılında ortaya çıkartılan hristiyanlık öncesi bir tapınağın ayin adı altında küreselciler tarafından nerdeyse akına uğraması bilgisi açık kaynaklarda yer alıyor. Tesadüf bu ya, bu pagan tapınağı Diyarbakır'da. Ortada yangın sabotajlarını yapan PKK itlerinin merkezinde..
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1. Biden thread - Trust this man with his finger on the nuclear button?
"You got vaccination? You OK? You works... mom and dad or Neighbour or u go to Church - if ur kid wanted to find whether othere is a man on the moon or aliens r here
2. Biden is a joke at President, he is ill, with a guilty conscience... Biden talking about sucking childs blood, first time... #Biden #Dementia #Ill #Illuminati Who is really in control?
3. Biden again on about sucking childrens blood a second time... He is not fit for President. he knows what they do and his subconscious is letting it out at the most inappropriate and irrelevant times... #BidensLostit #Illuminati #SaveChildren #sra #csa #Biden
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Politicians told you it would stop the epidemic if you wore a mask, social distanced and lcoked down
Politicians told you you would be free if you got vaxxed
Politicians told you would be free if you got another vax
Some people believed them...#COVID19 #Covid_19 #COVIDVaxx
2. Scientists and Doctors told you that it would stop the epidemic if you wore a mask, social distanced andlocked down
Scientists and Doctors told you you would be free if you got vaxxed
Scientists told you would be free if you got another vax
Some people believed them.. #COVID19
3. Media told you that it would stop the epidemic if you wore a mask, social distanced and locked down
Media told you you would be free if you got vaxxed
Media told you would be free if you got another vax
Some people believed them.. #COVID19 #Masks
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insanligin ilk besigi olan #Mezopotamya
#insanogullari'ndan önce
#Canogullari'na yataklik ediyordu

Bu topraklarda
bir zamanlar Cin Kavimleri hüküm sürüyordu

Bu Cinler;
Beyaz tenli
saclari uzun
3 metre boy
Sakallari insan sakalindan farkliydi
(insan sakali 3 katmandan olusur) Image
#Annunakiler (ANU'nun cocuklari) olarak bilinen
Kanatli Cin Kavmidir

Cinlerin bir #Bilmece'si ile devam edelim

Bir Ev var.
Bu eve #KÖR girersiniz
#GÖREREK cikarsiniz.
Bu nedir?

Cevabi bilenler
asagiya yorum olarak yazabilirler.. Image
Kanatli Cinler
farkli #Genetik özellige sahip olan Cinlerdir

#Deha-#Dahi olarak tanimlanirlar

Sümerler-Babiller-Asurlular-Akadlar vs gibi
Duvar kabartmalarinda
cizilmis figürlerle sikca karsiniza cikar.. Image
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13'ler Konseyi
illuminatinin Yönetim Kuruludur

Masonluk derecelendirmesi
13 derecelidir

Bu derecelendirme
#Pisagor'un Matematikol sistemidir

Dereceler Ezoterizm'in ilk temel bilgileriyle baslar
Ezoterik (ice Dönük)
Egzoterik (Disa Dönük)

Bu dereceler sirasiyla;

Egzoterik (Disa dönük)
1.Minerval Movice (Acemi) derecesi
2.Minerval illuminities (Aydinlanan Ögrenciler)
3.illuminaten (Aydinlanmis kisi)

Bu 3 dereceden sonrasi Ezoterik (ice Dönük) bilgiler icerir

4.Major illumine

8.derece Skoc Novice
9.derece Skoc Knight (Sövalye) (Abdullah GÜL)

Bu seviyelerde
Minör Gizemler ve Major gizemler adiyla
YÜKSEK GIZEMLI BILGILER'in verildigi seviyedir

Minor Gizemler 2 derecelidir

10.derece #Rahip ünvanli olan Malikler
11.derece #Prens'lerdir
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#Lucifer (SEYTAN) ;
#Masonlar'in gercek tanrisidir..

33.derece'nin altindaki
hicbir Masona aciklanmaz-söylenmez

33.derece üstad'larin bile
sadece %5'i,
#illuminati'ye #DAVET edilir ve #SIR paylasilir.

Dünyada sadece 10 kisi (Aile)
gercek Lucifer'le yüz yüze görüsür.. Image

Seytani AKIL-#Lucifer




Masonluk dahil
tüm ezoterik ve gizli örgütlerin

Kurucusu (1776)
Bavyerali Weishaupt görünse de
perde arkasindaki kisi #Rothschild'lerdir

Rothschild Evi'nde kurulmustur Image
Kurucular arasinda;
#Kabalist #Yahudiler (Wessely-Moses-Mendelsohn)
yine #Kabalist #Yahudi #Bankerler olan
(itzig-Meyer gibi) isimler vardir

ingiltere ve ABD
illuminati'ye göbekten bagli olan devletlerdir

1917 Sosyalist Devrimin arkasinda da
illuminat vardir Image
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Ganser NATOs Secret Armies Operation Gladio And Terrorism In Western Europe
(Note: do you really think muslim terrorists can escape Western secret services?🤔)
#NWO #illuminati #Freemasons #Würzburg…
NATO’s secret armies linked to terrorism? by Daniele Ganser (2004)
At a time when experts are debating whether NATO is suited to deal with the global “war on terror”, new research suggests that the alliance’s own secret history has links to terrorism.…
The Manchester Arena 'false flag' bombing took place on 22 May 2017. In September 2020, the Manchester bombing inquiry has been hearing of 'failings' in the emergency response.…
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1. 2021 Summer Solstice a few hours away 04.42 UK time
2. Satanists and Luciferians carry out rituals which include sacrifices… #SummerSolstice
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Cennetteki Adem ile Hava'ya
Yasak Meyve-Elma'nin(#DNA)
yedirilmesiyle/aktarilmasiyla basladi

Seytan seytanligini yapti
farkli bir #SOY'dan olan
birini Hava'nin yanina yolladi

Hava'nin yanina giden varlik,
SÜRÜNGEN IRK'tan bir varliktir..

Bu Sürüngen irk
günümüzde #reptilian olarak taninir

Kürtce'de bunlara #Gimgimok (#Kertenkele) derler

Bir gimgimok gördügümüzde
hemen agzimizi kapatip
dislerimizi saklamamiz söylenirdi
öldürmek sevap sayilirdi..?


illuminat'i Piramit'indeki Göz=Reptillian
Reptillian'lar (Sürüngenler)
#Mavi #Kan #SOY'undan olanlardir

illuminatinin tepesinde Alfa Reptillian oturur

13 Ailesi de Reptillian'dir

Her daim #ERKEK'tir

Bu Erkek;
Her daim #Rothschild Ailesinden secilir
Her daim 13 Aile yer alir..
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Hunt joined @Citi as VP #mortgage unit. It looked like gr8 career move. Housing market booming & NYC- based bank, then 6th-largest lender in USA, was ® 3.5% of all home loans. She supervised 65 mortgage underwriters at her #CitiMortgage HQ

📨 @rogerwaters
💰 31 million 😸 @catturd2
NYC📍 @rogerwaters

I searched "Pros and Cons of whistleblowing" on Tw

Julian #Assange could use #Money🎤 🎹 like that


"Woman who couldn't be intimidated by #Citigroup wins 31 million"…
#ProsAndConsOfHitchhiking thread with @catturd2™ & @rogerwaters. Mainly 100% me talking. This about a @pinkfloyd song. RIP🍃Syd.

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