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met gala black & white with the focus being cats symbolism:
black and white are the stripes of the tiger

- White Tiger of the West (Xīfāng Báihǔ 西方白虎) one of the four divine beasts related to the four cardinal directions/seasons etc. of the Chinese constellations. ImageImage
- tiger=lion=king=ac(antichrist) (false king false ruler)
- associated with the metal(META/robots/flesh of the “gods”/ sinking) element. earth(yellow)=supporting element of metal(white/beige/silver=supporting element of water(dark blue/black) meanwhile water can release the power ImageImage
of metal. also the  respiratory system/lungs/related to the nose/large intestine/fall/venus(lucifer)/round shapes. Metal ‘governs’ the Chinese Zodiac signs Monkey, Rooster and Dog.
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נחשף: רזא סרג' בו ה-58, ראש חטיבת המבצעים המיוחדים (4000) לשעבר של ארגון הביון של משמרות המהפכה , שעמד מאחורי ניסיון הפיגוע הכושל בקפריסין בספטמבר 2021 אשר במהלכו נעצרו בניקוסיה אורחן אסדוב, עבריין שיעי בן 38 ממוצא אזרי-רוסי, ועבאס מוזאפר שנשלחו להתנקש בחיי אנשי עסקים ישראלים . Image
השניים שניהלו קשרים עם המיליציות השיעיות, אותרו ואומנו מסוריה באמצעות "כוח קודס". השניים גם ניהלו רשת של כשבעה אנשים נוספים, בהם פקיסטנים שמוזאפר הכיר מעבודתו כשליח, ואת חלקם האחר פגש במסגד המקומי.
בעקבות המעצרים בקפריסין, הוחלף סרג' בג'וואד ג'פארי, שסיים את תפקידו כמפקד כוחות 18000 בסוריה ומונה לעמוד בראש חטיבה 4000. סרג' עצמו הועבר לפקד על ארגון הביון הזר (אגף 800), האחראית על קשרי מודיעין החוץ ומאז הוא מתגורר ברחוב גולסטן 1, בלוק 5 בשכונת שחרק מהלאטי בטהראן. @vsquds
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soyoon ft. rm - smoke sprite
symbolism & analysis Image
smoke spirit=darkness(the gloominess in the music videos suggests it). that’s why they are showing the sun in such way = darkness. black sun symbolism but when the colors are inverted we get purple sky and white sun/moon. ImageImage
smoke=shadow/silhouette/grey/vapor/smoke of a big furnace=opening of the pit/abyss & setting free of demonic entities, your worst nightmares.
they are singing about meeting one another in a dream and one of the things it signals is dream sprites/spirits =illusion, deception, lie.
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It seems my Birthday Gift this year was some validation on a Year's old Qanon Situation. People said I was lying about stuff and all of a sudden Microchip is in court spilling the beans. All of this started in 2018 for me and now 5 years later things are going off the deep end. Image
We did a Huge Thread going over my history with giving the idea of Qanon to some operators and how the debunk started in 2018. Now it's all coming out. Are you still going to trust the plan? The actual storm is here and no one is paying attention.

You see Douglass Mackey has been in court over this Hillary Clinton Election thing and Microchip testifed at his trial. @bellograppa did a great thread with sketches of the event and boy was it an eye opener for me.

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pixy - karma mv
symbolism & analysis

i just watched this music video and YAH began explaining it to me. at first i was like “Lord what do you mean this is related to china and america? i don’t see anyhting related to it??” Image
YAH let me know that the signs behind them are in chinese and english which subtly signals america and china and how the song is a message an alert to what’s to come. ImageImage
it begins with the grave = the fate of mystery babylon is already sealed/decided. that is why we have the “hypocrite now face your fate” engraved on the mausoleum. ready or not it has begun ImageImageImage
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taeyang ft. jimin - vibe mv.
analysis & symbolism

this whole song is about the pending darkness, the golden dawn/age (sunrise code word), the awakening of the spirit of kundalini (fiery serpent), the collusion between the dimensions all coming together.
the rest of the analysis is from days ago and you can find it here if interested
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new jeans - omg music video. symbolism and analysis.

1. first let’s break down the word “omg” it’s way deeper than you think. Image
2. the whole music video is happening at a mental hospital and the girls are shown as if they are suffering from multiple personality disorder. Image
3. “i was actually an iphone”

i = eye
i is also ai = artificial Intelligence
phone = voice
her saying that she is an iphone is dehumanization.
siri = sirius, iris(eye) Image
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the new jeans omg music video has such blatant symbolism and is screaming about another disease/wave coming . i will post the analysis of the whole mv later Image
new jeans = new genes = hybrids
no longer human
but humans have been turned into bio monsters

heart is also earth
meaning a disease hitting and spreading thru the whole earth
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black eye symbolism mkultra:
when the program begins to give an error &collapse bc the person has begun to awake & see thru the programming & what’s going on.they are taken for reprogramming(this involves a lot of unspeakable inhumane treatments/torture till they cry ImageImage
out & call in the fallen entity to keep the programming together. the black eye is caused by an entity or handler).(u can see his eye turns black instantly from the beginning this is the working of an entity within+torture.the black eye is a way to show that a person is no longer ImageImageImage
resisting the programming that has been made clear to them).
this is the reason he is going crazy (total chaos mode unleashes) & he is singing “i’m at my worst behavior”.
green shade = chaos/self destruction programming Image
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black sun& pole shift(shown by the hourglass) symbolism all over the place. 8 emphasized thru the hourglass and the eight. hourglass is also a vajra.
this was the meaning of the awakening of summer (summer code word for the summer land) translated awakening of the black sun. ImageImageImage
another layer to the spherical bodies in the air is nibiru=planet x= red dragon and its moons. it will tear down our magnetic field and things will float the weather will go out of control. dimensions will collide
i just read the subtitles:
“world losing gravity” = losing its electromagnetic pull/density. the rapid loss of the atmosphere drastically increases the buoyancy of all objects.
“people did nothing but wait for ‘them’ to return”FALLEN ANGELS = ALIENS = anunnaki who will portray ImageImage
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So the account @ElonJet seems to have gone dormant last Mon (12/5) after it was #exposed that @elonmusk pushed to shadow ban the account because it was providing easy access to PUBLICLY available info.
I wonder if I'll be secretly shadow banned using the "#VisibilityFiltering" technique for deliberately bringing news of this from a #Mastodon link.…

#FreeSpeech #PublicUse #Hypocrite
I'm well aware of @elonmusk's warped sense of #FreeSpeech and that the @USConst_Amend_I only actually protects you from GOVT censorship.

Just doing my part to tip the multi billionaire's ego the wrong way.
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i’m going to put the information from those images in the form of a thread. let’s get into the ethymology of balenciaga shall we? i will add more information to the thread so if you stumble upon it read the images and whats below them. ImageImage
from baal (bale)

From Late Latin Baal (as in the Vulgate) and Ancient Greek Βάαλ (Báal), from Hebrew בעל (bá`al, “lord, husband”), from Proto-Semitic *baʿl- (“owner, lord, husband”).

bale etymology:
From Middle English bale (“evil”), from Old English bealu, from Proto-West
Germanic *balu, from Proto-Germanic *balwą.
Cognate with Low German bal- (“bad, ill”), Gothic 𐌱𐌰𐌻𐍅𐌴𐌹𐌽𐍃 (balweins, “torture”), Old High German balo (“destruction”), Old Norse bǫl (“disaster”). Image
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le sserafim - antifragile music video analysis

"Then the third angel sounded: And a great
star fell from heaven, burning like a torch,
and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the
springs of water. The name of the star is
Wormwood. ImageImageImage
A third of the waters became
wormwood, and many men died from the
water. because It was made bitter.
(Revelation 8:10-11)

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jin - the astronaut symbolism and deep analysis.

May all Glory be to the Lord for revealing the schemes of the wicked and never leaving us into darkness. may all Glory be to the Lord may all Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ! ImageImage
His name be Glorified! i pray that this will help open your eyes to the truth and you will leave this deep muddy hole of deception grab stretched hand of the Lord Jesus Christ which is always stretched towards you and waiting for your to grab it come out of that trap and ImageImage
follow the Way the Truth and the Life who came in flesh and died for all of the humanity.

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it continues:
another layer to me myself and i is ALTERS/PERSONAS.
vernon black eye: “i got a couple friends just me myself and i” ImageImage
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Revealing spotlight on #China's emerging #PLA #Naval facility in #Ream, #Cambodia!

Glad to support @nakashimae & @catecadell's exposé @WashPost.

This will be hot topic at #SLD22 where I'm honored to be a delegate. Let's see what officials say! @IISS_org…
Ships adding up—

"#China’s #navy is already the world’s largest by #s of vessels. The @USNavy has 297 battle-force ships..according to @CRS4Congress, while China has 355 & is projected to have 460 by 2030, according to last year’s @DeptofDefense report."…
But, said Andrew Erickson, research director of the @ChinaMaritime Studies Institute @NavalWarCollege, “as impressive as those numbers are, without a significant network of robust overseas facilities, their ability to use them falls off rapidly w distance from China.” #Ream #Base
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Detransitioner #EXPOSED by High IQ Harvard Law Instructor

it’s true… i can’t hide it any longer.

as a teenager, i was a trans ideologue. but now i’m not🤯
you do realize this just proves my point, right? that teenagers can get sucked into your ideology, make irreversible changes to their bodies, and then grow up to think very differently.
oh no, not RECEIPTS! how will i ever recover?
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representing #TheQueen, am I right in saying this?

So it is the representation of the @RoyalFamily that needs to reassure us that what is the #RuleOfLaw is followed by the guidelines and process that follows, am I right in saying this @wabbey ?
Just as @BBCCareers have a process they have to follow as set out by @Ofcom, right?

Just as #CPS has a process they have to follow when investigating a #CrimesAgainstHumanity carried out by anyone be it a member of the #civilsociety or a #PoliceOfficer as
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‘The Trojan Horse Scandal and the Problem of Equalities in Britain Today’.

The event examined the scandal from a broad range of perspectives, engaging with debates on #equalities, #liberalism, and #Britishness.…
It also provided an opportunity to discuss and generate a dialogue about the significance of the 'Trojan Horse’ scandal and the duty placed on schools after the scandal to promote Fundamental British Values (FBV) in the promotion of #democracy.
Speakers analysed how both are reproducing narratives of racial discrimination & inequalities in a context that is informed by minoritising communities, #problematising specific religious #values, & essentialising the signification of social, religious, & cultural identities.
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It is very important in this period of humanity to take a serious look at what is happening in the world friends.

Watch this video first in its entirety & reflect upon current situations critically.

#Menticide is here & with it, a new attempt to establish a "#TechnoTotalitarian" rule over the lives of American citizens.

The final variant of #Coronavirus could very well be the manifestation of a #NewWorldOrder under #totalitarian rule.
That may sound absurd, but what is very concerning is that many talking heads in the media & even public figures are now making very carefully worded emotional appeals to logic to further induce a totalitarian #masspsychosis.
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(1\49) A Personal Memoir Perspective on my path and what I see for #Blockchain & #Crypto for the People?

I grew up in a cult religion. First exposure to mind-control & understanding of how profound belief structures were, due to the intensity of such an environment. $EGLD $CEL
(2\49) Upon reflection, while the magnitude was different much of the belief structures of the world were equally as harmful & deceiving. They could create a social construct that to everyone inside it felt like the most ideal way to live. They could make everyone stop
(3\49) questioning things. None of this felt right to me though. Even at a young age I had a skeptical mind, in part because my body was already sick and I hadn’t been on this earth very long, more on this in a future date but just understand the medical industry is full of
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#important Dr Reiner Fuellmich On The Global Covid Response: "It's Not About Health" Full video interview
#Alert #COVID19 #Lawsuits #Exposed #PCRpieceoftrash #Nuremberg2 Image
Special Session: International Legal Offensive against WHO, Governments, Davos Group, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Drosten PCR test, CDC etc... for crimes against humanity - Part 1
Special Session: International Legal Offensive against WHO, Governments, Davos Group, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Drosten PCR test, CDC etc... for crimes against humanity - Part 2
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