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#Thread- Une dame me reproche en DM de ne pas respecter la liberté d’expression de gens se disant judéophobes ou islamophobes en les bloquant ou masquant. Elle a oublié les christianophobes, entre autres. Et la liberté d’expression ne m’impose nullement le devoir de les lire. 1/
Les beaux discours sur le principe théorique de ***phobie sont bien mignons. Dans les faits, aujourd'hui, ils accompagnent la libération de la parole et de l'acte sectaire en conférant à la haine primaire l'habillage "présentable" mais fallacieux de la critique idéologique. 2/
Nous vivons dans un pays où l'on a cru remporter la balle de match du "vivre ensemble" en interdisant certaines idéologies fondées sur la haine raciale, et plus particulièrement leur expression. Mais le feu a couvé sous manteau de l'interdit et reçoit maintenant un appel d'air.3/
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Update from Chris in France, re ActeXI #GiletsJaunes Bright Night:
"A mail before tonight, we're all out for the bright night to begin. Honestly, I'm quite scared.
Earlier today, they've hit Jérôme Rodrigues, one of our famous yellow vests, while he was doing nothing but filming yellow vests."
Here is his own video
He gets attacked at 9:15. It was a shooting at close range (even less than 8 meters away, straight to his face).
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Ok This will be my Thread of the Police brutality of in #France of the #GiletsJaunes protests since November the 17th, this will take me a long time and will be a long thread but i don't care. I am going to expose the police brutality going on in France of police officers.
1/ police brutality in #Toulon towards a person who was not even in the #GiletJaunes protests but was walking by when police cornered him, and started to hit him in his face without reason repeatedly. #ActeIX
2/ Meet another #GiletsJaunes protestor in #Paris he lost 5 teeth and fractured his jaw when a flash ball hit his face point blank in the #ActeIX protest.
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Wow A #GiletsJaunes protestors gets hit by anti-riot Flash ball deliberately in the face in #France and collapses immediately to the ground. #ActeIX Lets get this viral.
This is the same #GiletsJaunes protestor receiving medical care! "WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO" before you play the video. #ActeIX @PrisonPlanet
#Update: For those asking this happened in #Bordeaux in France. And those who don't know what a Flash Ball is here is a video example.
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I’ve been covering the protesting in France for 9 weeks and now some people are starting to do the same.

The mainstream media is lying saying the movement is small and dying. It’s only getting bigger! Follow me for the truth! #GiletsJaunes Vive La France!!!!!
tear gas is being thrown at protesters in Strasbourg by unarmed citizens who are gathering peacefully to protest the government. Macron is scared of his own people! #GiletsJaunes #ActeIX
What’s going on right now in France is a revolution of the people against a macron that works against them and not for them. Strasbourg today looks like a war zone because Macron and the elite don’t care about the commoners of France! #GiletsJaunes
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#GiletsJaunes march, sing, chant and wave French Flags at the start of #ActeIX in #Paris

Vive La France!

#GiletsJaunes march and chant #MacronDemission (#MacronMustGo) in Rue Saint-Antoine, #Paris

#GiletsJaunes protesters trample the EU flag at the start of #ActeIX

Vive La France!

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Just arrived in Paris for more yellow vest protests this weekend.

My cab driver says this is a revolution like “the king [Louis XVI] and the guillotine” then made a head chopping gesture.

Follow this thread for updates
Hearing yellow vests in Bordeaux will be bigger and more intense than Paris tomorrow.

Tempted to take a train down in the morning but it’s a tough call.
Just heard a huge explosion and shattering glass in paris #acteIX #GiletsJaunes
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Ok This will be again my #GiletsJaunes Thread of Tomorrow in #Paris and across #France! Keep this Thread open and refresh once it will start! I Will be reporting again in my Home Studio of the situation. #ActeIX
#Update: Ok the weather for today in #France will be Cloudy with rain in the afternoon! No #GiletsJaunes yet arrived. #ActeIX
#Update: The Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior "Laurent Nuñez" is at the #Rouen Police station before the start of #ActeIX of the #GiletsJaunes protests.
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Dans quelques instants sur @brutofficiel avec @RemyBuisine. Suivez le direct sur et le live-tweet en déroulant. ⬇️
@brutofficiel @RemyBuisine Il y a une longue histoire de confrontation entre Marine Le Pen et moi.Elle dit qu'il y a des convergences. Lesquelles ?! M. Le Pen est pour la Ve République ; je suis pour la VIe République. Elle a voté contre le référendum révocatoire à l'Assemblée.#Brut…
@brutofficiel @RemyBuisine Je suis un universaliste. Marine Le Pen est ethniciste. Pour moi, ce qui définit le peuple français, c'est qu'il se définit dans une société qui vise des objectifs de liberté, d'égalité, de fraternité. #Brut…
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