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Cleaning up at the cabin in the woods, we found this today. I showed it to #BabyCannon, the end of whose muzzle perked up in a smile of fond memory. “boom,” he said wistfully.
It will be presented to @S_R_Anders as a memento...
After serving as one of my two object lessons on @RatlSecurity tomorrow.
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Leaving aside the juvenile name-calling, Mr. Davis's point is incorrect. Clinesmith, I believe, has been practicing law for only 5 or 6 years. He's a relatively junior, line-level lawyer in his mid-30s. I'm not defending what he did, on which I will reserve judgment.
But if the press reports are correct that the referral that predicated the criminal aspects of the Durham investigation relate to his alleged misconduct, this simply won't support the FBI coup narrative in any way shape or form--at least not in any universe in which facts matter.
As to the juvenile name-calling, I would request that Mr. Davis not call me "Professor" (why do you dress me in borrowed robes?), and please use "tick tick," not "tick tock," which I never day. Also, #BabyCannon never says "Boom Boom" and resents it. Really!
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I asked #BabyCannon whether she would run for public office. She responded: boom.
I took that as a no.
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I admire this woman very deeply--even more so now than before.…
It is a blot on our society that we need people like @cagoldberglaw. But we do--so very very much.
She also has the distinction of being the only person in the world to have a run-in with TSA after taking a selfie with #BabyCannon.
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This is a remarkable story from ⁦@Isikoff⁩. It would have merited a #BabyCannon blast had I noticed it before now.…
So it gets an honorary one.
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It’s never a good look when journalists fight in public about who should be crediting whom. But @JasonLeopold has a righteous case in this instance. He and @a_cormier_ kicked ass on this story and a bunch of papers are being churlish and stupid.
By the way, they also kicked ass on some other very important stories—particularly involving money flows—and a lot of people kind of ignored them.

(#BabyCannon, I should note, did not.)
In one case that comes to mind, people actively dismissed a money transfer story that was damn interesting. If memory serves, I actually spent some time defending that piece’s importance at the time.
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A package showed up in the mail just now from my friends at ⁦@MiniCannonTech⁩. It wasn’t exactly addressed to #BabyCannon, but she knew it had her name all over it.
She opened it, speechless with excitement. (Of course, #BabyCannon is usually speechless because he knows one word.)
From inside emerged ... #TinyBabyNavalCannon!
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This very interesting piece of analysis might just be a very quiet #BabyCannon boom. It's quite persuasive...…
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When I was seven or eight years old, I was sitting in my room and a gas explosion in my basement blew my wall to smithereens. This evening, a family member sent me these photos of my room in the aftermath of the blast. Gotta say, in looking them over, I’m kind of amazed I’m here.
As #BabyCannon would say, “boom.”
And yes, those are posters on the wall of “Fish that We Eat” and “Fish that Eat Us.”
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DC Comics may have the fictional League of Justice to fight criminals, but we have the real life


With wit & wisdom, these tweechers offer insight into the twisted, tangled world of the Trump admin & their satellites.

Here are some of my favorite Tweechers.1/9
Seth Abrahamson - Sometimes controversial, his long threads are a great source of new information and interesting legal perspectives. He expertly introduces us to all the players and provides in-depth evidence. Additionally, he’s often months ahead of the MSM.
@SethAbramson 2/9
Lawrence Tribe - The Professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard provides great one-tweet assements of breaking news and questions of legality.

I’ve seen a little snark creep in lately and, well, I like it.
@tribelaw 3/9
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