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#Russia took over a fully intact @USArmy base west of #Manbij.
@USArmy Gosh oh gosh oh gosh ...
The Americans left the base so quickly (and didn't burn it down afterwards), the Russians are now gathering intelligence inside the facility ...
"Stable genius as work" is all I can think of ...
@USArmy According to Kremlin-loyal news, #American soldiers not only left Coke for the #Russians in their abandoned base.
"педик" means "fag".
Long video:
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Two and a half years later, maybe it’s time we actually talk about #TrumpRussia and the Council for National policy, eh?
You see what this assault on our democracy is all about now?…
Is it becoming clear yet?…
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I still have a ton of questions that are unanswered about #TrumpRussia

1. Why did Erickson and Butina give 500k to Abramoffs son?

2. What did Abramoff do with Firtash?

3: Why isn’t Eric Prince in Prison?

4: How did Lozansky know who Trumps foreign policy advisors were before he announced?

5: Why did Chris Collins fly on Monarch air?

6: Why isn’t Michael Capital under more scrutiny?
7: 6: IF US attorney Joshua Naftalis, and judges in at least 4 states are aware of Monarchs ties to the Russian mob, why did DOJ sign contracts for Witness security with them?

8: Why does Florida allow the Russian mob to run around uncontrolled in Miami?
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🚨BREAKING: Gordon Sondland intends to testify that the text he wrote denying a quid pro quo with #Ukraine was relayed to him directly by @realDonaldTrump in a call: “It’s only true that the president said it, not that it was the truth.”🔥

After acting ambassador to #Ukraine Bill Taylor texted Sondland/ “I think it’s crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign,” Sondland called @realDonaldTrump, who told Sondland he didn’t “want a quid pro quo…didn’t want anything from #Ukraine.”🔥
Sondland appears to be throwing TRUMP under the bus, basically saying that he took Trump at his word that there wasn’t a quid pro quo with #Ukraine.🧐

#Ukrainegate #Corruption #ImpeachTrump

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"Russians" in #TrumpRussia are #RussianMOB that rolled over #NYC mob in '90s
launders 💰 through #TrumpOrg
funneled 💰 into #Trumpcampaign
sent banker to meet Jared.
installed #Putin.
And owns #Manafort and #Giuliani
CAREFUL ALL don’t be sending by this around unless you are FULLY ENCRYPTED and using Out of USA Servers.. Russia and Twitter will stomp you to dust. I had to have Computer cleansed and new solid drive put on.
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@dsamuelsohn @cherokeesher2 @NatashaBertrand @joshgerstein @desiderioDC @kyledcheney @politico - Where's the House vote supporting the impeachment inquiry as in previous impeachments?

- Where's the funding?

- Where's the staff? Rodino hired 100+ for Watergate, 44 of them lawyers
@dsamuelsohn @cherokeesher2 @NatashaBertrand @joshgerstein @desiderioDC @kyledcheney @politico - Why the pretense that there's not enough evidence? There's plenty of evidence to move forward with articles and prosecute, and meanwhile the House can continue the remaining investigations.

- Why haven't the allegations IRS whistleblower been followed up?

From @tribelaw:
@dsamuelsohn @cherokeesher2 @NatashaBertrand @joshgerstein @desiderioDC @kyledcheney @politico @tribelaw WHERE'S THE WILL TO IMPEACH? Pelosi is on record as of last spring and last month (via staff) as ***not*** supporting impeachment.

Check her Twitter accounts, press conferences, and interviews, and see if you can find any evidence that she supports impeachment. Prove me wrong.
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Two Soviet-born donors to a pro-Trump PAC who helped Rudy Giuliani’s efforts to investigate @JoeBiden—Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman—were ARRESTED on criminal charges of violating campaign finance rules.😎

Buh-bye, @RudyGiuliani.👋🏼

Rudy identified the 2 Soviet-born men in May as his “clients.” Both men have donated to @GOP campaigns including @realDonaldTrump’s, and in May 2018, gave $325,000 to the primary pro-Trump super PAC, America First Action via an LLC called Global Energy Producers.🧐

🚨UPDATE: “Prosecutors Say Men Were Part of a Conspiracy to Funnel A #Russian🇷🇺Donor’s Money into U.S. Elections” per @WSJ.

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Timeline of Events
2014 BO JB help uk Pres >>Corruption 1.8 billion
2014 JB & HB fly AF2 2 China & UK > Energy= Millions
2015 UK helps CF HRC server & China > Crowdstrike
NSA Snowden Leaks
June 2015 @realDonaldTrump #Trump2016
July 2016 Blame Trump> Russia hacked elections
JC runs investigation in HRC & Clears HRC & CF
VP JB brags got UK prosecutor fired
HRC email investigation happens
@realDonaldTrump wins 2016
#MSM runs #FakeNews using @nytimes story as Credit
#DCRats try 2 sweep all crimes under Rug By Blaming Trump
Gen Flynn > Flynn Intel Group under HRC wings
CF funds> George Soros *Mastermind*#Trafficking #SexTrafficking #Israel #LexWexner #Hollywood.
Hunter Leaks to NYT he works with Ukraine Energy…
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“In one of his 1st calls with a head of state, Trump fawned over #Russian🇷🇺President Vladimir Putin, telling the man who ordered interference in America’s 2016 election that he was a ‘great leader’ and apologizing profusely for not calling him sooner.”🤬…
🔥This entire @washingtonpost article is incredibly horrifying. They interviewed *12 former WH staffers* who describe Trump's calls with foreign leaders as "anxiety-ridden."

You don't say.

#Ukrainegate #TrumpRussia
@washingtonpost @thespybrief Former WH staffers worried Trump would "make promises he shouldn’t keep, endorse policies the US long opposed, commit a diplomatic blunder that jeopardized a critical alliance, or simply **pressure a counterpart for a personal favor**." Ding, ding ding.🛎️…
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Trump-Ukraine-Russia, a summary: The UKR scandal is part of the #trumprussia scandal. UKR is a front line battlefield in the Russia/Trump/neo-fascist cyberwar vs Western Democracy. It is fundamentally about propaganda & might makes right vs. objective truth and the rule of law.
Here's the story broken down simply: UKR overthrew Putin puppet, Viktor Yanukovych, in 2014. Paul Manafort was Yanukovych's top political advisor. He effectively weaponized Russian active measures to help him win an election in 2010 & jail his opponents. #impeachtrump
Putin’s response to the prospect of a free, independent and pro-EU and pro-NATO Ukraine was to invade it, take Crimea & launch aggressive cyberwar cmpgn vs several western countries: UK, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, & the US and met with some success. #impeachtrump
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🚨BREAKING: @HouseDemocrats lawyers say #Mueller’s grand-jury info shows Trump LIED under oath about his knowledge of his campaign’s contacts with WikiLeaks.

🔥#Mueller’s GJ info also “would further” @HouseIntel’s investigation of @realDonaldTrump’s attempts to **pressure #Ukraine to prosecute individuals who testified against ex-Trump campaign manager Paulie “Walnuts” Manafort.**🤬

As I’ve been saying....Trump’s hot mess in #Ukraine is intimately connected with #Russia🇷🇺.

And the #whistleblower provided the roadmap that will DESTROY Trump.😎

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In his 2017 meeting with #Russiana🇷🇺Sergey Kislyak and Sergei Lavrov, @realDonaldTrump said he was “unconcerned” about Moscow’s interference in the election b/c the US did the same in other countries.

The WH hid the memo.🤬

At this same meeting, Trump gave the #Russians🇷🇺codeword-level intel
that exposed a source of intelligence on the Islamic State. He also said during the meeting that firing @Comey the day before had relieved “great pressure” on him.🤬

#TrumpRussia #ImpeachTrump
It’s still not clear where the WH hid the readout of Trump’s 2017 meeting, but as I said yesterday, it’s VERY likely the WH hid #transcripts of Trump’s #Russia🇷🇺 meetings on the *same* server where they stashed the #Ukrainegate transcript.

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When you read the whistleblower complaint, it becomes clear what Trump’s endgame was.
He and Putin wanted to plant a false narrative that would benefit them both.
Cherry picking existing facts to prop up the fake narrative, they were concocting a story that would have high rewards for both men: Trump’s re-election and the turning of US/global opinion against Ukraine.
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#Giuliani's 20 years ties with Russian and Ukrainian organized crime, top officials and secret services (all three are a conglomerate in Putin's mafia state). It didn't start now. See more in this thread. #impeachment #TrumpImpeachment #UkraineScandal
#Trump's 30 years of ties with Russian organized crime, top officials and secret services (same, see above). #impeachment #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachTrumpNow ☝️👇
#Kavanaugh's appointment and 30 years of back to Russia and Ukraine (USSR, ahem) with the Federalist Society, Fellowship Foundation, The National Breakfast Prayer, Russian Orthodox Church, and Chabad involvement
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In June - I wrote this story about Impeachment because I knew it was coming. It was slow and I wish it had gone faster - I wanted it all resolved by 2020, but.....its happening.

I even quoted 9/23 as date of Removal, which ended up when the dam broke…
In June: While people freak out about Nancy Pelosi being hesitant to make a move, I am not worried. She is waiting for the needle to hit a metric. It looks like 41 Trump impeached/43% approve .
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🔥⁦⁦@GovBillWeld,⁩ Trump’s @GOP challenger for #Election2020, said ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ committed #Treason in talks w Ukraine. I’d like to remind him that Trump committed treason well before that... #TrumpRussia #Helsinki cc ⁦…
👋 CoConspirators: Whoever..having knowledge of the commission of any treason,conceals and does not disclose and make known the same... is GUILTY OF MISPRISION OF TREASON and shall be fined or imprisioned or both✔️ cc @LindseyGrahamSC @senatemajldr @SenateGOP @GOP @seanhannity
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When Nancy Pelosi promised to "confront the #CultureOfCorruption in the [Trump] Administration" back in November, the @dccc was already enjoying hundreds of thousands in donations from one of Putin's oligarchs.

Explain yourself, @SpeakerPelosi!

#ReturnTheMoney #PutinsPelosi
Pelosi's DCCC received another nearly $250,000 from one of Putin's oligarchs - the one who donated to #MoscowMitchMcTreason and #LeningradLindsey - this past June.

Explain how this hasn't interfered with holding public hearings on #TrumpRussia!

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It’s as if those who could do something are all just clueless, incompetent, or compromised! Because no sane person who could do something to stop this would let it continue without trying to fix it. Makes no sense whatsoever. So WTF is really going on?! Any ideas? <thread> 1/
2/ Think about what we actually no, just the facts. Forget supposition or wild ass theories, let’s just consider the facts.

trump’s America and his Republican Party supporters are all climate change deniers. Why? Trying to fix the problem will cost them and their businesses....
3/ a great deal of money; billions of dollars, possibly more. So they deny the science, erase websites, just outright lie about the facts. Yet the fact is the planet is heating up and doing so like no other time in history, while the rain forests in Brazil are on fire. They....
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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (for whose fundraisers Pelosi speaks) received another donation from Russian oligarch Blavatnik in June.

Blavatnik has also donated to Trump's legal defense fund & Republican leaders like McConnell and Graham, per @moscow_project.
2/ "Special counsel Mueller “should absolutely look into this because these people have a track record of very close relationships with the Kremlin... There is now overwhelming evidence that Putin has run a multilayered, sophisticated campaign...”…
3/ "Schiff said he has not reached any firm conclusions, but his committee will be looking closely at every facet of the Russian influence effort, including political donations from billionaires with lasting ties inside Russia."…
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Six months ago - I published this #BreakingNews story that the Russian Mob had infiltrated Witness Protection and the DOJ.

That in itself is a HUGE thing to find, but it was only a small part of the story.…
What I found is that this man - Jacob Gitman - is running a criminal enterprise out of a small office in Miami.

He's got extensive ties to many figures mentioned in the #TrumpRussia World.

He's been buying up fake debts to profit on them.
He's running front airlines known to have transported drugs and money.
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Origins TrumpRussia Investigation

FISA Russian Banks & Carter Page

FVEYs, USIC CounterInteligence & FBI’s CrossFire Hurricane Investigations
April (2016) the CIA director was shown intelligence that worried him. It was - allegedly - a tape recording of a conversation about money from the Kremlin going into the US presidential campaign.…
🔑The taskforce included six agencies or departments of government. Dealing with the domestic, US, side of the inquiry, were the FBI, the Department of the Treasury, and the Department of Justice.…
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