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1) Disturbing to me in #Mueller indictments was allegation of #Russia plant of #IaCaucus #Fraud stories. That broke the back of the party in #Iowa 4 2016 cycle. Caused mass party switches to independent in some parts of #IA. Remember #DemExit? #TrumpRussia #IaPolitics #IaDem
When #DemExit on #twitter & #FB was ongoing, I had a face2face discussion in #Fairfield of voter registration changes at the #JeffersonCounty court house. There were quite a few -- a direct consequence of #Bernie people being angry cuz they had seen SM fraud stories. #IaPolitics
3) I really saw damage from #TrumpRussia #IaCaucusFraud allegations in Oct 2016 going door-to-door in #Fairfield. The #DemVoter lists were "squishy." Lots of changed parties, lots of discussion of the #IaCaucus allegations of fraud and not voting #IaDem. #Mueller #iapolitics
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Robert Mueller has indicted 13 #Russian🇷🇺nationals & 3 Russian entities for INTERFERING in the 2016 presidential election‼️ 1/

🔥All were charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States, three were charged with #conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud, and five defendants with aggravated identity theft. 2/
The #indictment focuses on the #Russian🇷🇺troll farm — Internet Research Agency — which to interfere w/the US political system *in 2014*.🤨 3/
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#TrumpRussia endgame:

It's become obvious to me that things seem to be coming to a head. Revelations of Gates flipping, Bannon being interviewed & Mueller pursuing a Trump interview all indicate as much. Given that I'd like to suggest a loose strategy to help achieve our goals..
My intention in writing this is that as things come to a head, their distractions will continue to increase in frequency and intensity and it's seems prudent to attempt to have a broad outline to try and keep everyone on the same page...
To begin let's state our goals broadly as

1) Impeachment
2) Securing elections
3) National Security not involved in 1 & 2
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On Nunes! The issue, for now, is not whether he’s guilty of a crime, of course, or whether he’d be charged; it’s whether his actions put him in Mueller’s sights on a conspiracy to obstruct justice charge. As to that I agree w/@StevenjHarper1, @NormEisen & others. Very likely. 1/
But my focus is far wider than the memo. How would prosecutors view Nunes’ conduct? They’d consider his pre-campaign alliance w/Flynn; his Trump campaigning, intel briefings & minimizing Russian interference; and his role as Transition Exec Comm member, starting Nov 11, 2016. 2/
During the transition, a key period in the #TrumpRussia case, Nunes says, he talked to Flynn daily, even multiple times a day. On Dec 9, after reports that IC agreed Russia interfered in election to help Trump, Nunes, who knew better, said “no clear evidence, just innuendo.” 3/
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Jul 24, 2012 —

Lieutenant General Michael T. #Flynn assumes command of the Defense Intelligence Agency after being appointed by President #Obama.

Aug 12, 2012 —

The DIA reports that opposition in Syria is being supported by the west and predicted the rise of ISIL or #ISIS. It also warns about the development of a proxy with support from #Russia, China and #Iran.…
Late Aug, 2012 —

The DIA reports that the opposition in Syria was driven by al Qaeda and other extremist Muslim groups: “the Salafist, the #MuslimBrotherhood, and AQI are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria.” #ObamaKnew…
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PSA: Fake Oppo is gonna Fake Oppo, ergo Chekism 101. True #TheResistance has been infiltrated by the Alt-Right & RU troll farms and Botnets. How does does one discern? RU RIS promotes #/FBR, etc. & is being tracked by our IC is one clue.
Remember all of the “Resistance” hullabaloo threatened by the far Right promising to viciously & vociferously “Resist” HRC if she won? Was the original “Resistance” organized to ‘Resist’ HRC? Food for thought as Fake Opposition is gonna Fake Oppo. In time the truth will reveal.
For the record, I jumped on T post the E and eagerly & energetically joined #TheResistance. The idea still emotionally resonates with me as a DEM & I am ♥️broken many of my initial follows have revealed themselves as fake oppo, more interested in viciously opposing the
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Wow!! @navalny Russia’s opposition leader found some damning evidence of not only corruption between Manafort’s boss Deripaska and a 🇷🇺gov’t official but a video from Aug 2016 discussing our election..

@realDonaldTrump ➡️ Manafort ➡️ Deripaska ➡️ Prikhodko ➡️Putin…
Must watch video included.. @navalny is doing an amazing job exposing corruption inside the Kremlin by a murderous thug Putin and just helped us by providing another piece to the #TrumpRussia puzzle…
Article on the investigation
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If you're worried the #ComplicitGOP means the end of #TrumpRussia, remember it all depends on how #SCOTUS answers these questions.

Can Trump avoid Mueller's subpoena?
Can a sitting president be Indicted?
Can a president convicted of felonies still serve

#ThursdayThoughts THREAD
First I'd like to say I'm not all that worried and it's not because I'm a con. law scholar, it's because

1-Besides Gorsuch all the justices are among the greatest minds of our time
2-They've dedicated their life to our Democracy
3-They know exactly what's riding on this.../2
Given that and the lack of clear cut answers to those questions above none of them will allow themselves to be the one who let American democracy die. They'll decide to do what needs to be done.

Now let's look at the questions.../3
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THREAD: for those of you concerned about the relative quiet coming from Mueller: HAVE NO FEAR.

Mueller has assembled an A-team Justice🇺🇸League of some of the finest lawyers in the country, many of whom left lucrative jobs.

And they didn't come for the doughnuts.😎 1/
We've all become rather immune to the shockwaves of news. THIS IS PART OF TEAM🇷🇺TRUMP'S PLAN TO DISTRACT AND DEFLECT FROM THE *REAL NEWS*.

Don't let them distract you from the TRUTH‼️ 2/
TRUTH: in 9 months, Mueller already has 3 convictions (Flynn, PapaD, Gates) & 1 indictment (Manafort).🤔

Fmr CABINET MEMBER/NSA (Flynn)👉🏼pleaded GUILTY to LYING about his contacts with #Russia🇷🇺

Fmr campaign chair (Manafort)👉🏼indicted for laundering Russian cash.

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Yesterday I wrote @ #RussianSanctions & the failure of the @deptoftreasury to sanction Russian bonds.

🔥Today let's look at the 3 Russian Spy Chiefs who visited the US just days prior to Trump's decision to not enforce the sanctions law passed by Congress.

Meet Sergei Naryshkin, head of the #SVR, Russia's Foreign Intelligence Agency. He is currently banned from entering the US under existing sanctions.

Naryshkin has been close to Putin since serving with him in the KGB & wants to combine FSB & SVR to create a modern KGB.
The #SVR is the Russian spy agency for foreign countries. They are rumored to have trained Iraqi spies when Russia was working with Saddam Hussein. Also responsible for foreign assassinations, SVR had agents plant propaganda & misinformation in NY public library computers.
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Now that the #NunesMemo has its own Twitter mockery hashtag, #YoMemoJokes, that's trending higher than the Memo's own hashtag, it's time to get back to the business of #TrumpRussia.
To recap:
Trump is buddies with Avfek Agalarov, a Putin ally.
The June 9, 2016 meeting at Trump Tower between Kushner, DJT Jr and Manafort included 5 Russians:
-Rinat Akhmetshin, a Russian-American lobbyist & an ex-Soviet counter-intelligence officer
-Rob Goldstone (the Agalarovs' rep)
(June 6, 2017 Trump Tower meeting, cont.)
-Ike Kaveladze (Agalarov rep)
-Natalia Veselnitskaya (lawyer who lobbied against the Russian sanctions' Magnitsky Act, with Akhmetshin)
-Anatoli Samochornov (translator).
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1/ We often hear from political journalists that the free press is in the First Amendment because a free press is how the other rights against an abusive gov are protected. Hence journalism is such an important job. Well, 5 of the first 10 amendments in the Bill of Rights protect
2/ people who may get caught up in the law. It protects against the powerful Intel Community and Justice. Basically, FA serving as a shield against gov is most relevant on the IC/Justice arms of gov (not tweets from POTUS), but instead of holding those arms accountable, too
3/ many political journalists not only don’t call out the abuses; not only do they shill/spin for the IC/Justice arms, but many of them mock/degrade those who demand accountability of IC/Justice — The very arms of gov that needs the most protection from! Why do journalists behave
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