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1. From the 1990s this same affinity for Russia that @HeerJeet tracks among overt racists ramped up among the Christian Right in conjunction with a shared “traditional values” agenda. That strain of Christian admiration for Russian conservatives can also be traced back further.
2. Pat Buchanan is aware of this and, as a traditionalist Catholic, in fact straddles that overt white supremacist/Christian traditional values line when it comes to reasons espoused for admiring Putin. For more on this, see my essay “Bad Ecumenism”:…
3. For more on the history and current realities of European and US right-wing Christians’ admiration for and collaboration with Russia, see the policy research I’ve published with @PRAEyesRight.…
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The arrest of Maria Butina highlights the the blatant treachery of the modern Republican Party.

@grantstern and I wrote about the long trek to become the #GrandOldPutinParty last year.…
We published a five part follow up 3 weeks ago about this.

Republicans wrote a book on how to pull 2016 off. #TrumpRussia #HELSINKI2018…
We also covered Maria Butina and how she was introduced to the NRA #GrandOldPutinParty…
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I'M REAL BUT I'M BEGINNING TO GET INCREDULOUS ABOUT MANY OF EUSTEDES (THREAD) Here's a @googlephotos album of me and my boyfriend hiking Los Penasquitos Canyon Reserve July 9, 2018…
If you click on any individual photo in the album you'll see an information icon which if you click it, will show you the geo location of the photo. So you can see it really is Los Penasquitos Canyon Reserve. The cover photo is a picture of me where you can also clearly see I am
the same as I appear in my profile photo and in videos I post of myself on my TL. Photos with geoloco and video are just two of the ways I chose to authenticate myself here on Twitter. From here on in I'm going to be looking a lot more closely for authentication signals from
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A year or so ago when I met @ZevShalev, he already had an established news site presenting all of the facts on #TrumpRussia. We joined forces. We compared notes. We researched. We reached out to sources. 1)
Together, we were determined to bring you the BIG PICTURE. We connected dots from bits and pieces of evidence here and there. We felt that, in general, the MSM wasn't covering the information that was already THERE! But, that also meant taking chances. 2)
Many called us conspiracy theorists. We were hacked. The bots and trolls were crazy on our feeds. I even had a Russian tell me he was paid to watch me. But, we knew the TRUTH and pressed on. 3)
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So the key @WhiteHouse access reporter from the @nytimes doesn't see today's events as #BREAKING.

That is hard to fathom.

.@maggieNYT stood with @PressSec against @Acosta during the #TrumpUKVisit.

Haberman also supported SHS after the #WHCD and the #RedHen incident. In 2017, Haberman said the cast of #Hamilton was rude to @VP Pence and that it was unseemly, as he was VP.
.@maggieNYT was primary reporter on the Hillary Clinton email beat. MH was personally bylined on 53 stories related to Clinton's emails.

No newspaper or reporter had more detailed coverage--incl the front page after the #ComeyLetter which NYT's own Upshot said cost the election.
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Maria Butina just got arrested for being a #TrumpPutin spy and infiltrating the NRA.

Let me tell you more about her from my #GrandOldPutinParty report.

Three weeks ago @patrickLSimpson and I released the #GrandOldPutinParty series, a story in 5 parts, detailing how Republicans got in bed with Vladimir Putin's Russia.

Torshin is just one part. His deputy just went down for maintaining the ruse.…
Maria Butina was just like any other Siberian girl until she joined Putin's United Russia party and ran for a party seat.

That's when she began "Operation Implementation" as I reported last month.
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Maria Butina, who helped #Russia🇷🇺 penetrate the #NRA, has been ARRESTED and charged with being a #Russian agent.

Here is the application for the criminal complaint against #Russian🇷🇺 agent, Maria Butina.

h/t @ScottMStedman

cc @SpicyFiles @lauferlaw…
ICYMI: here are details on the #NRA's nefarious activities with the #Russians🇷🇺.

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I’ve been meaning to point out this simple truth for ages & today seems as good a day as any: whether or not Trump raises, and Putin admits, interference is 100% meaningless & Trump is insulting everyone’s intelligence by stringing this out as a will-he-won’t-he story. (1/3)
Simple thought experiment. There are two hypotheses: either Russia did interfere or Russia didn’t. (Yes, I know- but bear with me for the sake of the thought experiment.) Now, imagine how Russia reacts if accused of meddling in each of the two scenarios... (2/3)
Scenario 1 (Russia did *not* interfere): Putin denies interfering

Scenario 2 (Russia *did* interfere): Putin denies interfering

Therefore making an issue of whether Trump raises it with Putin bigly misses the point & distracts from the real, troubling questions. QED (3/3)
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#Putin starts with rare words in English to "Donald": Ok, Shall we start? Then says a new era of cooperation is at hand. "There's no reason US-Russia relations should be complicated. On 'so-called' interference, the Russian state has never interfered in US election & never will"
Trump just slammed "obstructive" Democrats and the press in prepared remarks at press conference with Putin at #HelsinkiSummit
Q: This morning you blamed the US. Do you blame Russia for anything?
Trump: Yes, I blame both countries. Mueller probe is ridiculous. There was no collusion. There was nobody to collude w.

So Trump uses false equivalence to let Russia off the hook for attacking his own country😡
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Is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein a Russian Agent?

Thread (long)

#AmericaFirstMedia #Justice4SethRich #SaveLukeAnon
Okay it’s a seemingly ludicrous question. But if the unequivocal assessment of the intelligence community that Russians interfered in the 2016 election is correct, and new evidence I’m about to discuss is true, it’s a perfectly logical conclusion to reach, so please bear with me.
Firstly, please note this thread contains serious allegations against officials within the DOJ and federal law enforcement. They are allegations I am reporting on, not making on my own behalf. All information contained within the thread is available in the public domain.
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*Thread* on March 23rd, our fallen brother, Joab, posted about #Guccifer. Joab knew Guccifer personally as there are ten or so top #hackers in the world - Guccifer, Joab, & Julian were three of the top ten hackers in the world. In 2015, Joab was contacted by Guccifer & threatened
to help Guccifer #hack HRC, but Joab refused to do it. However, Joab had all the original emails and knew his real identity. Joab was working with the cyber division of the #TrumpRussia investigation and used this account (when it was still called JoabsinHisArmy) throughout the
winter. Joab was murdered in April but his work was extremely important and will have a lasting impact. As #TeamAvocado / #NotMyPresident has said from the get-go, #Putin was NOT behind electiongate - there was a team of 1,000 #hackers from all over the world who were. Valery
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Mueller's indictment states that “on or about July 27, 2016” Russians “attempted” to hack “for the first time email accounts” used by Clinton’s personal office; also targeted 76 emails at the domain for the Clinton campaign.

Also on July 27, 2016:
July 27, 2016: Trump asked Russia to find Hillary’s emails. They acted within hours.

Apparently, Russia WAS listening. #TrumpRussia…
Thread from former Assistant AG for the DOJ's National Security Division (to which Rosenstein transferred the indictment) on the significance of Mueller's charges against the 12 GRU officers
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Blast from the past...

@HouseGOP members communicating with Gucifer in August 2016...

This Florida Republican directly benefitted from Russian hacks — and now he’s trying to shut down Mueller via rawstory
Bombshell after today's news...
This happened just after trumps call for Russia to hack.
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I need your help #TrumpRussia #Resistance members.

I have been asking for help on this for MONTHS.

Given the GRU Indictments today, and given everything you all know about Lozansky from the attached thread, we need to work together!
2. Lozansky had his own Web Development Group. This needs to be researched. I need your help.
3. They worked for all the Russian Mob oil companies and seemed to specialize in Financial modeling.
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How surreal to watch pomp and circumstance for Trump in London alongside mass protests. And now new charges in Russia probe on Friday 13th.

#TGIF #TFIMueller
BREAKING Rosenstein: Mueller indicts 12 Russian military intelligence officers from 2 GRU units in hacking DNC and disseminating documents via DCLeaks and Guccifer2.0—both created and controlled by Russia's GRU.
NEW #Mueller indictment makes 25 Russians now charged for crimes in Russia's 2016 election interference. Hacking includes election boards & stealing voter data. Rosenstein told Trump last week. He emphasized that this shouldn't be approached politically. "We must be united." Wow.
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Thread: Peter Strzok and the facts that are out there.
1. Here's this guy, the head of the FBI Counterintelligence division. This dude is responsible for rooting out spies in our country, and has spent his life doing it.
2, Our Intelligence Community received a TON of actionable intelligence saying something was up with the Trump campaign #TrumpRussia…
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FARCE 101: Trump's captured House GOP are pretending they're having an oversight hearing when in fact they brought FBI agent Peter Strzok to badger & hold him in contempt. @RepGoodlatte just had a fit, made up rules, yelled at Dems, told Strzok he couldn't talk w his lawyer.
"At no time did my personal beliefs enter the realm of my work"—FBI #Strzok defends his negative texts about Trump. He said he wrote them late at night after he heard Trump's attacks on a Gold Star family and he was "disgusted" that someone running for president would do that.
Behold an incompetent witch hunt: Benghazi bulldog Gowdy’s mic drop really belongs to Strzok. In recounting his disgust at Trump insulting a GoldStar family, Strzok exposed just how morally bankrupt these disgraceful corrupt lapdog Republicans have become🎤
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Benczkowski represented a Putin-linked Russian bank under investigation for its connections to the Trump Org. Senators are about to vote on his nomination to head the DOJ’s Criminal Division, which could undermine the integrity of the Mueller probe. ACT👇🏽…
Brian Benczkowski is the most dangerous Trump nomination you’ve never heard of. If the #TrumpRussia investigation has at times seemed like a twisty spy novel, we're about to enter a disturbing new chapter... unless we act fast. Call your senators and urge them not to confirm him:
Benczkowski’s longstanding ties to Jeff Sessions raises another red flag. If confirmed, he could jeopardize the the terms of Sessions’ recusal from the Mueller probe. And, if confirmed as Acting AG, he could be in a position to limit, hinder, or even shut down the investigation.
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If you just watched the end of #Maddow she recapped Michael Flynn joining a foreign lobbying firm and un-joining it this afternoon.

This *** THREAD *** explains the #TrumpRussia connection between Flynn and Stonington, owned by a Qatari registered agent.…
In May I reported that disgraced former Trump NSA Gen. Michael Flynn was targeted by a Qatari spy ring who said that he "took their money."


I found a video just a few days later showing that Flynn was at Trump Tower when the Foreign Minister of Qatar went there for a meeting.

Michael Cohen escorted the group to the Trump Transition offices.…
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As expected, Trump has chosen an extremist for the Supreme Court who can & would undermine:

-Healthcare as a right, not a privilege
-Reproductive rights
-Voting rights
-Workers' rights
-Consumer rights
-A safe environment

For a generation. #Scotuspick #KavanaughSCOTUS 1/11
We need to call every one of our Senators. 202-224-3121, or with

We need to support those who have come out against Kavanaugh & convince those that haven't that #Kavanaugh is the wrong choice. #NOKavanaugh

The following will tell you why. 2/11
A woman's right to choose is in jeopardy. A full repeal may or may not be attempted soon, but Roe v. Wade will be chipped away at.

Pro-choice GOP Sens. Susan Collins & Lisa Murkowski need to be reminded. Collins has been lied to before. #WhatsAtStake
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1. #Giuliani works for the Government of #Ukraine since May 2017, the timing of #Giuliani´s re entrance into #TrumpRussia is also very suspicious, right after #CohenRaid, remember #Cohen was payed by #Ukraine

#Giuliani #Russia #Ukraine #Cohen #Trump…
2.#Giuliani has a security company called #Giuliani Security and Safety, and that firm was awarded a huge contract by the city of #Kharkiv, and travelled to #Kharkiv in May 2017 for a kick-off

#Giuliani #Russia #Ukraine #Cohen #Trump…
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Another piece by the @Guardian’s #1 embarrassment, @LukeHarding1968, & #Yukos kleptocrat Mikhail #Khordokovsky’s organization, the “#Dossier Center.” It’s time to ask harder questions about Khodorkovsky, who is connected to #Steele, @APCOWorldwide, @JonathanMaWiner, et al.
… does #Khodorkovsky (or his patron, Lord #Rothschild) have some kind of stake in the @Guardian? Did they bankroll @LukeHarding1968’s fictitious smear novel, “Collusion?” How did Khodorkovsky’s “#Dossier Center” organization obtain lawyer @NVeselnitskaya’s emails?
… why‘s #Khodorkovsky (apparently w/ #Browder, #MI6, et al.) running a smear campaign against @POTUS @realDonaldTrump? Which other “collision” stories has Mikhail planted in US/UK media? Will Khodorkovsky deny planting this story, about Rinat #Akhmetshin?…
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We need to calm down. Here are my thoughts on the Kavanaugh pick. He’s an establishment republican. He isn’t a Trumper, Tea Partier, or a Putin sycophant. He’s a thoughtful, well reasoning jurist of the center right. His wife worked for George W. Bush while Governor and /1
both he and his wife worked for GWB in the White House. I equate him being along the same line of CJ Roberts. Does this mean the end of Roe v Wade? I don’t think so. The Court is a reactionary body. They are bound by judicial precedent. That means they are required to /2
follow the years, decades and even centuries of law going back to the Magna Carta, Code of Hammurabi and the Bible. Next time you’re in a Court house, look around at the art work. Judge Kavanaugh is a Yale law grad and served on the DC circuit Court of Appeals for 12 years /3
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Thread on Why Ron Johnson is engaging in Treason.
2. Johnson in 2016 after losing....every single reputable poll. I…
3. The Washington Post considered him the most vulnerable Senator in 2016.…
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