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Does anyone remember when Flynn was plotting to kidnap a cleric from his home in Pennsylvania and ship him to turkey to be murdered.
During the transition with Kushner, Nunes and others.
“I don’t think that military-style information operations is conducive to any democratic process,”

Flynn said "I'm running a digital army folks, as a general, it's irregular warefare at its finest, Insurgency" He bragged. #TraitorFile…
Flynn, Russia & a grand scheme to build nuclear power plants in Saudi Arabia & the Arab world.
💥💥💥💥💥 This corroborates relationship between Flynn, Copson & Jeff Sessions 👇#TraitorFile…
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🚨BREAKING: In an extraordinary move AGAINST the rule of law, @TheJusticeDept is dropping its criminal case against Gen "Misha"🇷🇺Flynn–who pleaded GUILTY to lying to @FBI about conversations with a #Russian spy.

TOTAL #corruption by Trump.

In a possible sign of disagreement with DOJ's totally corrupt decision, Brandon Van Grack, an assistant US attorney who led the prosecution of Misha Flynn, abruptly withdrew from the case on Thursday.😳
Flynn’s case grew out of an investigation by the FBI, who had suspected that Flynn was a national security threat. Flynn lied in Jan'17 to WH officials about conversations with the #Russian🇷🇺ambassador to the US, and they warned the WH that Russia could have *blackmailed* Flynn.
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#Democrats #NeverTrump #ImpeachTrump #TrumpRussia #NotMyPresident #VoteBlue #Resist #FuckTrump #Patriots

1. This thread is for YOU. Consider reading if you want to EASILY understand why there is unprecedented, worldwide, mass confinement and quarantine going on around the world.
2. Since JFK's death in 1963 there has been a massive, hidden criminal conspiracy running our world.

Many world's leaders have been compromised to do the bidding of the ultra-rich and ruling class. We are ALL but mere pawns in their game of #Monopoly.
3. Consider using this free time you have to educate yourself on WHO the criminals we are fighting really are by watching this fascinating documentary that exposes their satanic plan to rule over us... #EverythingIsARichMansTrick!

@RichMansTrick ----->
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You know? I’m sick of the Berniebros constantly attacking me. It’s the far far left thinking it’s worthwhile to vote for Nader, Stein, and Sanders that resulted in Trump appointing 150 federal judges. Gorsuch and Kavanaugh are the fault of the left wing BernieTrump bots.
I wonder if they realize that they exclusivity and authoritarian like knee bending they require is exactly what got us Trump? Screw you guys. Stop costing us incremental positives because you want revolutionary change. This is on you.
In 2000, 3 million of you voted for Ralph Nader - We would have won Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, and Ohio.

This could have prevented the Iraq war, Jack Abramoff, #TrumpRussia, Abu Ghirab, US Attorney Scandal etc etc etc
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1/The big lie animating entire GOP right now is that the investigations into Trump were partisan/illegitimate. Let's take a look at his.

In 2017 Dems wanted 9/11 Commission to look Russian attack, not investigations into Trump.

Mueller began when Trump fired Comey.
2/Russia probe began when Trump fired a GOP FBI Director and one his own appointees brought in a GOP former FBI Director to lead a probe. Every single person in this loop was a Republican. No Democrats anywhere.…
3/The original Russia investigation was also determined to be legitimate not partisan by a career prosecutor who was originally appointed by President Bush and whose wife worked for Lou Dobbs.…
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The other day, I tweeted about how the Blue Collar Boom that #DonnyDollhands touted in his low-rated SOTU address was almost entirely due to Democrats at the state and local level passing minimum wage hikes. Thank you Democrats.…
But, there is more… 1/8
We have been in a manufacturing recession for the last several months , with the PMI now at 47.2, the lowest level since 2009 in the Great Bush Recession. 2019 saw Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania LOSE manufacturing jobs.

But, there is more… 2/8
Iconic Dow Jones staple US Steel has lost 80% of its value in 2 years due to #TrumpTariffs. They were $46 when the tariffs were announced and now is a little over $9.Trump is killing American steel while lifting sanctions on Russian steel. #TrumpRussia

But, there is more… 3/8
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#TrumpRussia vs #TrumpUkraine thinking exercise and why i am so disillusioned right now.
Imagine that the manager of Chic Fil-A wanted to become Walmart CEO, so he worked secretly with the upper management of Target on a plan to disrupt Walmart - and it worked. Hugely scandalous and since it involved upper levels, everyone knew the players and would pay attention.
Cohen and Manafort and the Mueller Report and Roger Stone and Wikileaks.... That is the sexy shit that the public cares about. Ratings would have been huge. Moscow Mitch would have been screwed.
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At minimum a majority of these impeachment managers believe in the Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax and have never retracted their views. Many called for Trump’s impeachment even before the Ukraine/Whistleblower story

Nadler: “Trump’s slander of former POTUS Obama is designed 2 distract from #trumprussia Collusion”

Schiff: “I’ve seen more than circumstantial evidence of Collusion”
Jeffries: “Inconceivable you [Trump] are POTUS #Collusion #Putin...Russia is a hostile foreign power. Collusion = TREASON. Lock THEM up?”

Demings: “Collusion. 100+ Russian contacts...destroying evidence...President Trump should be impeached”
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🚨BREAKING: beginning in November, as Putin's pal @realDonaldTrump faced #impeachment for extorting #Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, #Russian🇷🇺GRU military hackers–the SAME group that hacked @TheDemocrats in 2016–attempted to hack Burisma.

@realDonaldTrump @TheDemocrats As they did in the 2016 election, #Russian🇷🇺hackers used phishing emails designed to steal usernames/passwords, set up fake websites that mimicked Burisma sign-in pages, and have been blasting Burisma employees with emails that look like they are coming from inside the firm.🤬
@realDonaldTrump @TheDemocrats The #Russians🇷🇺successfully got access to at least 1 of Burisma's servers. These attacks are running parallel to an effort by Russian spies to dig up dirt in #Ukraine that could embarrass the Bidens, including emails, financial records and legal documents.
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Those who supported #impeachment long before the UKR scandal emerged are being proven correct. W/out #impeachment, Trump intended to frame the Dems as corrupt, flip the script on the Mueller report, run a racist & revanchist cmpgn and ride a good economy to win.
@realDonaldTrump had it all planned out. He concocted the UKR scandal as a 'two-fer': undermine Mueller's findings by promoting the Manafort-Kilimnick conspiracy theory that UKR, not RU, hacked the DNC server & damage Biden, so as to pick his preferred Dem nominee: Warren/Bernie.
That's why @realDonaldTrump & @rudygiuliani worked feverishly to extort Zelensky. He wanted that dirt now to launch a broadside at Biden this fall in order to weaken him and strengthen Warren/Sanders. #Remove
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@DirkSchwenk has some excellent points here, but uses the “Mitch only cares about power” point in the wrong way.

Mitch wants to keep the Senate/presidency. He wants to replace RBG and rule the judiciary. He wants to continue profiting and allow the Presidency to go unchecked
If an Impeachment trial tanks Trumps ratings and makes it obvious 2020 will wreck the GOP, McConnell will not stand for that.

He would abandon Trump in a heartbeat. Mitch wants to be in power.

But what would abandonment look like? There’s a few scenarios I can envision.
1. Unelectable Pence resigns, Trump appoints gross loyalist Nikki Haley as VP...and then Resigns or Mitch removes him.

2: Trump Resigns And Pence appoints Haley as VP.
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@Reuters is reporting the DOJ Inspector General report that Trump and Giuliani have been promoting finds:

•Opening of FBI probe was legitimate and properly authorized; and
•Political bias played NO role in the decision to open the probe.

This is a big deal 🚨👆🏼🚨
Trump’s AG once again trying to get in front of the actual contents of a report to create a false narrative:

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@RudyGiuliani just met in #Ukraine with Andriy Derkach, a pro-#Russia🇷🇺"shady Ukrainian lawmaker...who graduated from an academy run by the KGB (and) posted photographs on Facebook of the 2 men meeting at an undisclosed location."

@RudyGiuliani @thespybrief “Holy s***. I don’t believe in such coincidences,” Ukrainian anti-#corruption activist Daria Kaleniuk wrote of Giuliani’s arrival in #Ukraine **just days** ahead of peace talks between Zelensky and Putin in Paris on Monday.😳

Rudy just met in #Ukraine with former pro-#Russia MP Andriy Derkach just days ahead of peace talks between #Ukraine’s President Zelensky and Putin🇷🇺.

#Ukraine’s president learned of Rudy’s arrival FROM THE MEDIA. “Equally shocked by his arrival was the US embassy.”😳
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the Impeachment inquiry was very narrow and only focused on Ukraine/Biden - does that mean that the Articles of Impeachment can only include THAT information? If so, I doubt the Senate removes.
Or can they add charges related to the Mueller report? The #TrumpRussia treason is how you get senate removal.
I’m already annoyed they waited as long as they did, but I’m worried they’re sweeping the rest under the rug - which teaches nobody any lessons for the future.
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🚨BREAKING: Paul Erickson, convicted #Russian🇷🇺agent Maria Butina's boyfriend, pleaded GUILTY to wire fraud and #MoneyLaundering. admitting that he conned “DG” into wiring him $100,000 for a fake "real estate investment," then wired $1,000 to “MB.”…
Paul Erickson, Maria Butina's "boyfriend" who pleaded GUILTY to wire #fraud and #MoneyLaundering, raised money for the NRA. Shortly before the NRA’s 2016 convention, he emailed Rick Dearborn about meeting btwn Putin & Trump.

Subject: “Kremlin Connection”

Maria Butina's #indictment alleged that “Person 1” (Paul Erickson) formed a SECRET BACKCHANNEL between the Kremlin and **key @GOP leaders**.

Butina cooperated with prosecutors AGAINST Erickson, who now is a convicted #felon.

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@washingtonpost BREAKING: Robert Mueller won't let witnesses give any kind of response to his report; sparking fears that Mueller can write what he wants whether it is accurate or not.

Intel Community SHILLS that you are!

cc @DevlinBarrett @Timcast @mtracey
@washingtonpost @DevlinBarrett @Timcast @mtracey The IG did not get to break down doors; subpoena subjects or prosecute their families as a tactic to get plea deals/info as Mueller did to Flynn/Manafort, yet the subjects of the pending IG report want the option to force changes to this clown report? Whoa! cc @MichaelRCaputo
@washingtonpost @DevlinBarrett @Timcast @mtracey @MichaelRCaputo Cohen cracked after Feds threatened his wife/father-in-law with prosecution on unrelated stuff. Sams goes on Manafort regarding his (now) former son-in-law. Same goes for Flynn regarding his son. However, the Power Abusing Thugs who left gov, had the option to ignore the IG!
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🚨George Kent told Congress that Trump's conversations with #Putin🇷🇺and #Hungary's president (along with @RudyGiuliani) shaped Trump's negative view of #Ukraine, changing his view of Zelenskiy from “very positive” on April 21 to “negative” 1 month later.🤬…
@RudyGiuliani After Trump's 1st call with Zelenskiy on April 21, Trump spoke by phone with Putin on May 3, and hosted #Hungary's far-right president Orban at the WH on May 13.

Soon thereafter, Trump's view on #Ukraine suddenly became very negative.🙄

@RudyGiuliani Kent: “Fiona (Hill) assessed the conversations as being similar in tone and approach...Putin and Orban extensively talked #Ukraine down, said it was corrupt, said Zelenskiy was in the thrall of oligarchs...negatively shaping a picture of #Ukraine and even Zelenskiy himself.”🤬
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Thanks to @RandPaul, Russian🇷🇺media is outing the #Ukrainegate whistleblower. Standing next to Trump, he ordered the media to unmask the #whistleblower. In a redux of “#Russia, if you’re listening”—Kremlin-run media jumped on it.

#Russian🇷🇺media figures *quote @FOXNews, Glenn Beck, and The Federalist* to argue that an #impeachment case against @realDonaldTrump will ultimately turn into a case against our ally, #Ukraine.

#Russia is AT WAR with Ukraine, and yet, Trump and the RW media are helping RUSSIA🤬
Prominent #Russian🇷🇺state TV media personality: “They say Trump is making #Russia🇷🇺great. That’s basically accurate. The chaos brought by weakening the US...that’s why we love him...The more problems they have, the better it is for us.”🤬

#TrumpRussia #ImpeachTrump
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🚨BREAKING: Democratic presidential campaigns targeted by #Russia🇷🇺on Instagram were UNAWARE until Facebook announced it publicly—with NO forewarning by FB or the government.

Trump has NO strategy to combat it, because he NEEDS it to win.🤬

“Democratic campaign officials said they were stunned to **learn from media reports** that their candidates had been potentially affected and wondered why they had not been briefed by Facebook or law enforcement.”

Yeah, why weren’t they forewarned?🤔…
Many of the #Russian🇷🇺accounts set their location to **swing states** critical to the 2020 election.

🚨Red alert to friends in #Florida, #Wisconsin, #Michigan, #Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. These #Russian posers are coming for us.🤬…
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There is a man who controls our President & his name is not Putin (2017 research/source at end):

Something was wrong.

At first, it was just instinct. During the Republican primaries, things weren’t adding up for us with Donald Trump.

It wasn’t Donald’s “-isms.” ...
...It wasn’t his nature, or his voters, or our own politics. It was what we knew about him from journalists like Wayne Barrett. It was what we knew about Donald’s history, that NO ONE in the current media was properly covering. Why?

Something was wrong. WHAT was it?

And ...
.. came Paul Manafort. He entered the scene as a campaign manager. We knew what that meant. We knew who Manafort was, and where he came from. That was the moment we began to dig.

What we found is a simple truth. And now, we’re bringing that truth to you.

We’re bringing it ...
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PLEASE READ: every word of the opening statement to Congress from Ambassador Bill Taylor, who graduated West Point and served our country for 50 years.

This man is a courageous patriot.🇺🇸

Back in May, Taylor expressed concerns about @RudyGiuliani’s shadow #Ukrainegate “diplomacy,” which Taylor clearly recognized as what is was: #corruption.
🔥Taylor confirmed @MickMulvaneyOMB’s role in the #Ukrainegate plot, and also corroborated reporting that John Bolton told @StateDept staff to “brief the lawyers.”
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🚨Igor Fruman—one of @RudyGiuliani’s #Ukrainegate henchmen charged with funneling illegal #Russian🇷🇺money into Trump and @GOP campaign coffers—has hired one of Paul Manafort’s defense lawyers.

Rudy met with Manafort IN PRISON to scheme about #Ukraine.🤬…
Reminder that Dmitry Firtash—a Ukrainian with deep ties to the #Russian🇷🇺mob—was Paul Manafort’s former “business partner” and also bankrolled Rudy’s #Ukrainegate henchmen.🧐

#TrumpRussia #ImpeachTrump
"Blanche, now a partner at the Manhattan-based law firm Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft, declined to comment when asked about any connection between his representation of Manafort and that of Fruman. Blanche also declined to say how his role defending Fruman came about."🧐
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1/ Here’s The Dead-Serious Straightforward Answer For My Trump-Supporting Friends

The usual angry, indignant, question from a Trump supporter is: "Why do liberals think Trump supporters are generally stupid/ignorant/evil/deplorable?"

The direct, no-nonsense answer…
2/ …concerning how the world views Trump & his supporters and that includes the rich, the poor, the malignant, and the innocently well-meaning, and the ones who think and the ones who don't...

That when you saw a man who had owned a fraudulent University intent on scamming poor people, you thought "That's OK. He means well."

That when you saw a man who made it his business practice to Stiff 90% Of His Creditors and then declares bankruptcy you said, "Okay."
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