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In the light of the latest #Buzzfeed article exposing #TrumpRussia ties, an important piece by brilliant @WendySiegelman. If we don’t want a repeat, we need to bring to light details of treason. #DOJ
Here is my detailed profile of Prigozhin and his ties with Putin, as a side dish.…
This is important and should be trending. 👇🏼
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🔥A federal probe into the overseas and business dealings of Rudy Giuliani has resumed after being stalled last year amid Giuliani’s prominent role helping Trump’s attempt to overturn the election.…
“The full scope of the investigation is unclear, but it at least partly involves Giuliani’s Ukraine dealings, the officials said.”😎
Federal prosecutors in Manhattan pushed last year for a search warrant for records, including some of Giuliani’s communications, but officials in the Trump-era DOJ *refused* to sign off on the request.🤬

#corruption #TrumpCrimeSyndicate
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🚨🚨BREAKING: #MyPillow CEO Michael Lindell’s notes for his meeting with Trump show that he lobbied to install Trump loyalists to gin up “evidence” of electoral “fraud” and impose #MartialLaw to keep Trump in power.

The #TrumpCoupAttempt continues.🤬…
#InsurrectionAct now as a result of the assault on the...#MartialLaw if necessary upon the first hint of any”

Lindell appears to be arguing that, in response to the violence at the Capitol, Trump should invoke the #InsurrectionAct, which would allow him to impose #MartialLaw.🤬
“Move Kash Patel to @CIA Acting.”

Kash Patel—former staffer to @DevinNunes—was key in Nunes’s efforts to undercut the #TrumpRussia investigation.

As CIA Director, he could declassify documents related to the #TrumpRussia🇷🇺probe that some #traitors want released.🤬
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🚨BREAKING: @SpeakerPelosi calls on @VP Pence and the Cabinet to invoke the #25thAmendment to REMOVE Trump—calling him a “very dangerous person”—and says the House may #ImpeachTrump (again).

The @GOP allowed this traitor to remain in office.🤬

Pelosi: “By inciting #sedition as he did yesterday he must be REMOVED from office. While there are only 13 days left any day could be a horror show for America.”💥

#RemoveTrumpNow #GOPSedition
Pelosi hammers the @HouseGOP who challenged the election results yesterday, calling them “enablers of the president’s #sedition.”

These @GOP traitors must be REMOVED FROM OFFICE to FACE JUSTICE.🤬

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🚨BREAKING: over recent days, #Russia🇷🇺has hacked into state and local computer networks in US voting infrastructure.

US intel agencies say Russia plans to interfere in the election in its final days or immediately after the election to *help Trump*.🤬…
US intel says there is “no evidence that the Russians have changed any vote tallies or voter registration information.” US officials expect that if the race is not called on election night, Russians sow chaos and doubts about the integrity of the results.🤬

‼️The Russian hackers got inside some election administrators’ systems and had access to voting information. What alarmed officials was the targets, the timing—the attacks began 2 months ago—and the adversary.
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#TrumpIsCompromised All the details: for 30 years #Trump has been compromised financially and personally. Thread 👇
#TrumpIsCompromised thread. 3. #Kavanaugh's appointment and 30 years of back to Russia and Ukraine (USSR, ahem) with the Federalist Society, Fellowship Foundation, The National Breakfast Prayer, Russian Orthodox Church, and Chabad involvement
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🚨BREAKING: US intel warned the WH last year that Rudy Giuliani was the target of a #Russian🇷🇺intelligence influence op to smear @JoeBiden.

SIGINT revealed that *Giuliani interacted with #Russian intelligence* during a December 2019 trip to #Ukraine.🧐…
Former intel officials say, “the intelligence raised concerns that *Giuliani was being used to feed #Russian🇷🇺misinformation* to the president.”

Just like in 2016, #Russia targets useful idiots like Carter Page or Rudy.🙄

#TrumpRussia #TrumpCrimeSyndicate
🔥The warnings to the WH led national security adviser Robert O’Brien to caution Trump in a private conversation that **any information Giuliani brought back from Ukraine should be considered contaminated by Russia**.💥

Team🇷🇺Trump is knowingly pushing #Russian disinformation.🤬
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🚨#Russia's🇷🇺Internet Research Agency trolls posed as a fake media group–Newsroom for American and European Based Citizens (#NAEBC): a #Hungary-based “free and independent” outlet that pushes "conservative and right-wing voices."

#TrumpRussia @thespybrief…
The #Hungary-based “free and independent" #NAEBC's website warns its readers: “Don’t get yourself fooled.”

Yet the #Russian🇷🇺troll **website’s own name** is a pun on a Russian expletive meaning to deceive or “screw over.”💥 Image
#NAEBC's strategy: energize Trump supporters, depress support for Biden, and target both sides with divisive and polarizing messages.

"The accounts failed to attract any significant following...but got more traction on Gab and Parler."🙄

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🚨BREAKING: self-claimed “billionaire” @realDonaldTrump paid only $750 in federal income taxes in both 2016 and 2017.

Trump paid ZERO income taxes in 10 of the previous 15 years—largely because he *reported LOSING much more money than he made*.

🔥The @nytimes **GOT TRUMP’s #TaxReturns extending over more than two decades** for Trump personally and the hundreds of companies that make up his business organization, including detailed information from his first two years in office.💥

Trump’s finances are under stress—huge losses + hundreds of $millions in debt coming due he personally guaranteed. And a 10-year audit battle with the IRS over a $72.9 million tax refund he got after declaring huge losses. An adverse ruling could cost him >$100 million.😎
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Reading first few chapters of @tomburgis new book #Kleptopia (very good so far!)

On the story arc, Och-Ziff Hedge Fund mentioned & their bribery for contracts/mines/elections in Africa.

Saw some interesting connections to #FinCENFiles current story...

#PoliticsAndMoney ImageImage

Ziff brothers are the favourite financial bogey men of Putin/Kremlin.

#OchZiff referenced in 2016 #TrumpTower meeting challenging #Magninsky act championed by #Browder

Effectively Kremlin saying "Listen Don Junior, here's the dirt on Clinton for your Dad to use...(cont)" Image

"Hillary is funded by Ziff Bro's / Browder & they are the real crooks! They illegally bought shares in Gazprom as foreigners, failed to pay tax due in Russia & used elaborate offshore schemes to 'loot Russian assets'"

They then counter the $230m tax fraud #Magninsky story... Image
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#Russian🇷🇺trolls are using Trump’s own LIES—including about #MailInBallots—to spread disinformation and interfere in the election.

US Cyber Command‘s mission in the next 6 weeks involves taking down #Russian🇷🇺posts *quoting their own boss, Trump*.💥…
FBI & @DHSgov warn that foreigners may exploit the time to count #MailInBallots & hackers may amplify “disinformation...reports of voter suppression, cyberattacks targeting election infrastructure, voter or ballot convince the public of the elections’ illegitimacy.”
Unlike in 2016,when the Russians had to make false news stories or manipulated truths to power their narratives, multiple US officials with access to the intelligence say “Trump has been doing the job of the #Russian🇷🇺propagandists for them.”🤬

#TrumpRussia #PutinsPuppet
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#TrumpRussia hasn't trended for a while
Makes you wonder WHY the secret service didn't vet Donald Trump before he was allowed in the WH.
Book by former @FBI agent assigned to the #TrumpRussia Mueller investigation, Peter Strzok, is #4 on @amazon's bestsellers this week. Image
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Can't forget - this Derkach/Rudy/Johnson stuff is a continuation of the Ukraine scandal, the one which got Trump Impeached; the scandal began w/the changing of Ukraine plank in 2016 GOP platform; and that it's really all about Trump/GOP's ongoing, treasonous partnership w/Putin.
Will go to my grave believing Manafort's changing of the Ukraine plank was the signal to the Russian's the deal was on. The launch of Russia's campaign against the Dems began just a few days later.

Getting US to back off Ukraine has always been at the center of #TrumpRussia.
Can't forget that if Barr hadn't run interference on the Ukraine scandal it would have become the biggest scandal in US history, involving much of Trump's cabinet, incl Barr himself. Was huge govt wide criminal conspiracy. Senate, House, Rudy too.…
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🚨BREAKING: @realDonaldTrump admitted he *knew in FEBRUARY* that the #coronavirus was dangerous, airborne, highly contagious and "more deadly than even your strenuous flus,” adding that it was ~5 times "more deadly" than the flu.

‼️"I wanted to always play it down," Trump told Bob Woodward on March 19.

As a consequence, over 6,000,000 Americans have been infected with #coronavirus and nearly 200,000 are DEAD.🤬

#TrumpVirus #COVID19
I began warning about this #coronavirus in JANUARY. If, instead of LYING about the threat, Trump had acted decisively in early February with a #lockdown and a consistent message to #WearAMask, social distance and wash hands, MANY THOUSANDS of American lives could have been saved.
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@jimsciutto Some of us have been screaming about Trump’s 40 year partnership with Russia for four years including his long term relationship with Paul Manafort to deaf ears. Finally some are listening...
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The people who think Democrats need to "get over it" about @HillaryClinton need to realize that #TrumpRussia certainly have not returned that favor.

I was selected to take part in a political survey today. The questions were ridiculous and telling.

They included nuggets:

- is Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi's Democratic Party pushing America toward a dangerous Socialist agenda?

- How successfu has Donald Trump been at reversing Obama and Clinton's socialist legacy?

- Should Hillary Clinton pay for her crimes?
Jesus. H. CHRIST.

This is the price you pay for being better and smarter and harder working than straight
white dudes.

Beat then at their own game and these asshole's will burn you in effigy for all of eternity.

Fucking toxic.

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UK’s #Russia🇷🇺report says the pro-#Brexit governments of Theresa May and Boris Johnson did not "seek evidence" of #Russian🇷🇺interference in British politics, including the 2016 #Brexit vote.

They didn’t want to expose it. They wanted to cover it up.🤬…
#Russian🇷🇺mob dirty rubles being washed....and the UK turned a blind eye.

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PROGRAMMING NOTE: For the past 2 years, our best tweets have come to you from the brilliant, tireless and encyclopedic Research Associate @JVenook. Our followers trust us for fast, accurate info on Russian interference; Jeremy has delivered that for you day in and day out. (1/5)
From the Mueller report to the impeachment hearings, through 37 indictments, 7 convictions or guilty pleas, at least 272 known #TrumpRussia campaign contacts and 38 meetings, countless shady acts from @DevinNunes, legally questionable presidential pardons and deals ... (2/5)
Jeremy has dutifully brought you up to speed and broken it down for you, 280 characters at a time. But he didn't just tweet; he's also responsible for hundreds of pages of, hours of @AssetPodcast, and even a report that was literally 30,000+ words. (3/5)
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1st we know Trump (w/19K+ lies) and his Admin lie about most things, so it is easy to figure they are lying about when they knew about the Russian bounty on US and Allied Troops. We have to face the fact that we have a
@threadreaderapp unroll
weak and corrupt President and Admin. As for what to do about this? Burn the Taliban poppy fields, hunt down anyone involved in this bounty program tried and executed assuming they are guilty.
Put Russia on an enemies list and accept the fact that we are in a de-facto war with Russia. Russia has tampered with our elections, actively interfered in US interest and security with the assistance of Trump, Trump's Administration, and his cronies.
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BREAKING: European intelligence official confirms Kremlin contracted killing of Western coalition troops.

“It did result in coalition casualties.”

Yet Trump waited for months to inform NATO allies?!
UK security officials confirm:

'Reports that Russian intelligence unit paid Taliban fighters to kill COALITION troops.. are true.'

Trump & VP were briefed late March— yet invited Putin to G7.

Trump waited 3 months to brief UK PM; has yet to brief NATO!…
American official confirms:

'The intelligence finding that the Russians had offered & paid bounties to Afghan militants & criminals... **was included in the President's daily brief.'**

Yet crickets for 3 months.

#RussianBounty #TalibanGate #TrumpRussia…
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@Eleven_Films) tweeted at 11:04 PM on Tue, Feb 04, 2020:
BREAKING: Remember America? We do.
@ProjectLincoln) tweeted at 8:21 PM on Sat, Jun 27, 2020:
Putin paid a bounty to kill American soldiers. @realDonaldTrump knew about it but did nothing. How can Trump lead America when he can't even defend it?
A Guide to Treason 2.0… via @rpbp

🔴#TreasonIsTheReason for
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Thread: You know what makes this story so much better?

That it sprang from the Mueller Investigation!…
After seeing this story, I did a bit of digging.

Andrade filed a complaint in a separate case related to this regarding Civil Forfeiture that he was set up by the Government after Abramoff tried to extort him.

Jack didn't waste any time include Dana Rohrabacher in this
Wait - Jack Abramoff partner with JARED FREEKIN KUSHNER in this "corrupt" project?

Andrade is pissed and posting here -
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Bolton says Trump asked #China to help him win the 2020 election.

When meeting with Xi in 2019, Trump “stunningly, turned the conversation to the coming US @POTUS election...pleading with Xi to ensure he’d win.”💥

#TrumpChina @thespybrief…
Bolton says Trump alluded to #China’s economic capability to affect the US campaigns: “He stressed the importance of farmers, and increased Chinese purchases of soybeans and wheat in the electoral outcome.”🤬

Bolton: “I would print Trump’s exact words but the government’s prepublication review process has decided otherwise.”
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🔥John Bolton’s book says the @HouseDemocrats#impeachment inquiry should have investigated @realDonaldTrump—not just for #Ukraine—but for seeking to obstruct justice for political reasons.

#TrumpRussia @thespybrief #ObstructionOfJustice…
Bolton says Trump tried to stop criminal investigations to “give personal favors to dictators he liked,” citing cases involving firms in #China & #Turkey. “The pattern looked like #ObstructionOfJustice as a way of life—which we couldn’t accept.”
Bolton reported his concerns about Trump’s #ObstructionOfJustice to AG Bill Barr, who did NOTHING.🤬
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