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〖변치 않는 사랑|밸런타인데이 꽃꽂이〗


안녕하세여 큥튜브 구독자 '이뇨속' 여러분!! 주인장 백현입니다!!!!!
여러분들 개개인의 소중한 추억을 간직한, 또 그 추억을 꺼내볼 수 있는 ‘밸런타인데이' 가 다가왔습니다!
초콜릿도 담고 꽃을 보고 향을 계속 맡으면서, 받을 분들을 떠올리며 작업을 하니 행복했어요! 이 모든 새로운 경험을 하게 해준 큥튜브 스태프분들에게 너무너무 감사하단 생각이 들었어요! 너무너무 감사합니다! ㅎㅎ
저와 함께 이 기다리는 시간, 우리의 힘든 시기를 잘 극복했으면 좋겠어요!
모든 순간을 긍정적인 힘으로 다 이겨낼 수 있으면 좋겠지만 매 순간 긍정적이기는 힘드니깐요! 제가 하는 거면 여러분들도 할 수 있어요^^하하
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210330 #BAEKHYUN Bambi Forecast
210330 #BAEKHYUN Forecast

He say he totally have no rest during the first part of 2021. Of course there’s time that he feels like having a rest. But now as the songs are out, he says he feels happy and blessed (satisfies) 🥰
210330 #BAEKHYUN Forecast

Q: There’s a scene where the rain is going upwards instead, is there any meaning?

A: There’s a meaning of reversing time... I didn’t want to be apart from all of you. (The rain) is kinda like a concept of time repeating infinitely?
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#BAEKHYUN Special Message🦌

“Seems like there are a lot of people who are curious and anticipating abt how will I appear (in this album). As I was filming, I was thinking abt ‘how will this come out?’, and was nervous and anticipating it too’.”
“I hope this ‘nervousness’ comes out as a happy/blessed one. When the album is released, I hope this nervousness/anticipation can turn into happy energy and you will like my album, song and MV a lot. I love you, EXO-Ls.”
The word ‘떨린다/떨림” being mentioned several times can have the meaning of ‘nervous’, ‘tremble’ or ‘throbbing’. It doesn’t necessarily need to be in a very negative situation, you can use it when you’re looking forward to smth.
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#2NE1 Image
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In case you haven't heard, #ZAO is a Chinese app which completely blew up since Friday. Best application of 'Deepfake'-style AI facial replacement I've ever seen.

Here's an example of me as DiCaprio (generated in under 8 secs from that one photo in the thumbnail) 🤯
It's already under a lot of fire for user privacy protection under their terms and conditions. So consider this my sacrifice to demonstrate so you don't have to give up your portrait identity rights 😅
It’s clear that #ZAO isn’t really going for "accuracy" per se, but rather a "subjective" good looking result. Similar to a beauty cam, it retains facial structure of the original actors, so the cherry picked results more or less always looks good and encourages users to share.
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