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Almost time for Kai's press conference ahead of the release of #开. How is everyone feeling ahead of the @weareoneEXO members' first solo release? #KAI_1stSOLO
Baekhyun is hosting #Kai's first solo debut, and discussing how his heart is trembling in comparison to EXO releases. He's also shared the meaning behind the album, and how it ties into his name.
He says the album has a heavy R&B focus. He's talking about how he released #KAItheFILM to raise anticipation. (Feels like he definitely achieved that!)
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do no repost without credit

ss cr. 甜浒传 (weibo) ImageImage
Q: The theme of this magazine is 1999, how old were your then? Do you remember anything (from then)?

🐯: I was 8 that year, I just entered primary school.

Q: What’s your favourite style? Why?

🐯: Checkered shirts are my favourite style because they’re easy to match. Wearing light colored jeans and checkered shirt, I can show a handsome appearance.

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Subject: Delight Album Unboxing!!

Baekhyun: Am I the first one to see the album? Am I the first in the whole world to see the album? As so it seems! Okay firstly~ Alright! Lighting is the most important!

#BAEKHYUN @B_hundred_Hyun

Baekhyun: Today, I have an announcement for everyone today! But before that, right above you guys, is the TV! It has arrived! So if I were to let you guys have a peek~ Oh oh! That box below is a present given by TirTir's CEO-nim!


Baekhyun said the TV arrived as a complete surprise (it was supposed to arrive a little later)

Baekhyun: What shall we do! Let me take a look at my phone! Is this the time to let everyone listen to Candy? Yes or No! How about something else!! (Side track)
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Baekhyun: (Sings 'I Will Always Love You') Did y'all watch today's teaser well? Ahhhh I'm sleepy~ Now there isn't that many days till Candy is released! (Starts counting with his fingers) Since today is the 23rd~ (Sings Bungee and Candy) <3

Baekhyun: Today too, I worked hard taking my lessons and worked hard living (spent his day working hard)! Today, I'm hungry too~ (Yawns) I'm sleepy too~ I bought the TV hehe! The TV arrived hehehe~

Baekhyun: Everyone, did y'all eat your meals well today! You gotta eat lots of delicious food! Ah.. I'm hungry. To be honest, my lunch today, it's a TMI but I ate 콩국수 (Cold soybean soup noodles)
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In case you haven't heard, #ZAO is a Chinese app which completely blew up since Friday. Best application of 'Deepfake'-style AI facial replacement I've ever seen.

Here's an example of me as DiCaprio (generated in under 8 secs from that one photo in the thumbnail) 🤯
It's already under a lot of fire for user privacy protection under their terms and conditions. So consider this my sacrifice to demonstrate so you don't have to give up your portrait identity rights 😅
It’s clear that #ZAO isn’t really going for "accuracy" per se, but rather a "subjective" good looking result. Similar to a beauty cam, it retains facial structure of the original actors, so the cherry picked results more or less always looks good and encourages users to share.
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