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Mumbai Court has begun hearing remand of 7 accused persons arrested by NIA for allegedly murdering a pharmacist who posted content supportint suspended BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s Prophet remark.

@NupurSharmaBJP @NIA_India
Media is not allowed in the hearing, after the counsel appaaring for NIA, Adv Sandeep Sadavrate requested for the same.

Sadavarte also gave a short synopsis to the court listing out the investigation carried out by NIA and sought for 15 day custody.

#NIA #Amravati #NupurSharma
The submissions were being made when the accused were not produced in court and their lawyers were also waiting outside.

The 7 accused have now been produced in court and the defence lawyers are also allowed in.
Reporters are waiting by the door.

#NIA #NupurSharma #Amravati
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#NIA nips #Pak sponsored terrorist activities in the bud.
It conducted searches at multiple locations in Gujarat & Maharashtra today, including #Godhra.
This ws a network spread across— Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra & Gujarat.
Plan was to carry out terror acts in India.
Since sometime Pak agents wr contacting Defence personnel to glean sensitive info of Vital installations through Indian SIM cards.

Earlier many telephone exchanges meant for this purpose wr also busted by diff intel agencies.
Last year in a similar case 6 modified exchanges & 1000 SIM cards wr recovered from Bengaluru. Similar cases emerged from Kerala and other south Indian states later.

@MandarSawant184 @MeSavarkar @MumbaichaDon @ibhagwa_n @hathyogi31
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#BombayHighCourt to shortly hear the appeals challenging rejection of regular bail and temporary bail by Special #Nia Court filed by #BhimaKoregaon accused Anand Teltumbde.

@NIA_India Image
Bench of Justices SB Shukre and GA Sanap also have Teltumbde’s writ petition listed on board which challenges provisions of UAPA and misuse of frontal organisations.

Hearing begins.

Sr Adv Mihir Desai gives brief backgound on Teltumbde.
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Hats off to our most Resilient Sushant Singh Rajput sir, & zenith of gratitude with much love & respect to his Invincible ARMY that always dedicates & invests its true support & efforts to SSR & fellow warriors!

Keep rocking warriors!✊

Let's know who are SSRians actually?
A thread for uncompromising & victorious SSR & his unique ARMY :
1. SSRians are the most amazing, the most fabulous people fighting for the fair justice for .@itsSSR who is love, guiding angel, inner strength & back up for his SSRians!

Resilient Sushant Singh Rajput
2. SSRians are passionate fans of SSR & are titled as "warriors" for their daily efforts to serve fair justice for their Love!

SSRians have taken an oath to keep SSR's legacy alive as the young star who is known 4 his acts of kindness &..

Resilient Sushant Singh Rajput
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The current episode of #ISISK probaganda #Voiceofhind. Few #ISIS operatives were arrested my #NIA in the recent past.
1.The threat of this poisonous ideology Is real for Hindus, Christians & Jews.
2.They have been raided on #whatsapp #FB & #Telegram.
3. New medium is #Elements
4. #Clubhouse is also used.
5. The strategy is to all align all the local/ regional Jehadi groups to the ideology of #ISISK.
5. Attack on religious places including #Shiashrines, targetted killings, recuriting more jehadis, probaganda thro active use of SM and eventually
*achive ISISK Caliphate.
6. For this objective they are okay to align with any regional/ anti national forces incl naxals/ separatists & hostile nation's agencies.
7. Later finish them or bring them in to their ideology.
8. Check the pointed finger of d Terrorist in the pic.
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In the pandemonium created by #IndVsPak cricket U may hv missed an IMPORTANT & funny update by #NIA. 😃👇
Y’day NIA arrested a dentist who ws an #lSlS recruiter.
Interesting bit that is not in the PRINT is—-he hd escaped to MIDDLE EAST last yr yet NIA managed to catch him.😄
2/4 Story behind how Tauqir Mahmood (dentist) made it back to India and got arrested may get published later. 😃

This is NIA’s 22nd arrest this month and agency carried out a whopping 55 raids in October itself. APPLAUSE! 👏

The above case is related to #lSlS recruitment…
3/4 …and lsls’s “voice of Hind” magazine, in which NIA has arrested 10+ people so far from #Kashmir, #Kerala, Karnataka etc.
Bt most imp CATCH in the case was a Kashmiri couple👇who hd created trouble during #CAA protests.

Trivia: lSlS magazine’s content ws created in Pak. 🙄
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JeM commander has been 72ed today in #Tral!
From a Timber smuggler to OGW and finally a terr0rist— this JeM commander was a huge asset of JeM.
This should be the 8th terr0rist to be eliminated in last 48 hours.
No names and pictures pls! We dont want to glorify a terr0rist. 👍
Meanwhile #NIA has arrested 4 OGWs in Kashmir today. Unfortunate that these OGWs were not allowed to complete their life cycle as a terrorist. 😄 Yesterday I heard other than the 21 locations which wr revealed— NIA hd carried out raids at 28 other locations. 50 locs in total!!!
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NIA's draft before the Special Judge at Mumbai lays down allegations against 22 Accused in the Bhima Koregaon Violence cases.
List of accused:
Sudhir Pralhad Dhawale, Rona Jacob Wilson, Surendra Pundlikrao Gadling, Shoma Kanti Sen, Mahesh Sitaram Raut, P. Varavara Rao, Vernon Stanislaus Gonsalves, Arun Thomas Ferreira, Sudha Bharadwaj, Anand Bapurao Teltumbde, Gautam Navlakha, Hanu Babu..
..Tatyaram Gorkhe, Murlidhar Gaichor, Raghobha Shankar Jagtap, Stan Swamy (Late) &
absconding - Milind Teltumbde, Com Prakash Alias Navin Alias Ritupan Goswami, Com Manglu, Com Deepu, Kishan Alias Prashanto Bose and Mupalla Laxmana Rao.
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#BombayHighCourt is hearing the pleas filed by #ElgarParishadcase accused Rona Wilson and Shoma Sen seeking quashing of the chargesheet against them, alleging fraudulent evidence gathered by #NIA.

Hearing before Bench of Justices SS Shinde and NJ Jamadar.

Sr Adv Indira Jaising appears for Wilson, Sr Adv Anand Grover appears for Sen.

ASG Anil Singh appears for NIA. Chief PP Aruna Pai appears for Maharashtra government.
Hearing begins.

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#BombayHighCourt is hearing the pleas filed by #ElgarParishadcase accused Rona Wilson and Shoma Sen seeking quashing of the chargesheet against them, alleging fraudulent evidence gathered by #NIA.

Hearing before Bench of Justices SS Shinde and NJ Jamadar.

@NIA_India Image
Sr Adv Indira Jaising gives a brief overview of the matter.

She shows the history of the #elgarparishad event. She points out that days following the event, there was an incident of violence recorded.

Jaising: The question is who was responsible for the violence?
Jaising: This is a case of cross-FIRs. There were 22 FIRs registered after the violence took place. This is a case of simplicter violence and not UAPA. That occurred because the people were restricted from paying their respect.
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#BombayHighCourt bench of Justices S S Shinde & N J Jamadar hearing a plea filed by now deceased #StanSwamy, who had sought interim bail on medical grounds.

Sr Adv Mihir Joshi for Swamy
ASG Anil Singh for #NIA
Aruna Pai, Chief Prosecutor for state
Desai: Our prayer is limited to four issues.
Fr Frazer Mascarenhas be allowed to participate in Magistrate enquiry in #StanSwamy's custodial death enquiry.
@India_NHRC guidelines on custodial death be followed.
Since he died in #Mumbai enquiry should be done here
Desai: Lastly, the enquiry report be submitted before this court.

ASG Singh: Only two point submissions from our end. Let the enquiry be conducted as per law. No need to follow any guidelines as the law mandates an enquiry.

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#Bombayhighcourt to start hearing in petition by #SurendraGadling challenging transfer of the investigation in #ElgarParishad case from Pune police to #NIA
Senior Counsel Indira Jaisingh appearing for #SurendraGadling
Befoire Justices SS Shinde and NJ Jamdar
Seeking temporary bail for #SurenderGadling for first death anniversary for his mother.
Court - Have you filed affidavit as instructed last time.
Jaisingh - Served on July 8 to NIA. I have an acknowledgement.

Additional Solicitor General Anil Singh for Union Govt. I have filed my affidavit.
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#BombayHC bench of Justices Sambhaji Shinde and Nizamoodin Jamadar will shortly hear criminal appeals filed by @SadhviPragya_MP and #ColPurohit challenging the orders of special court dismissing their discharge applications.

#2008MalegaonBombBlast case.
Adv Shrikant Shivade for Purohit
Sr Adv Bhallu Desai for intervenor victim of the blast
SPP Sandesh Patil for NIA
Accused Sameer Kulkarni appearing in person.

#2008MalegaonBombBlast case

Desai: Let the matter be heard in open court instead of virtual court. All the accused are already out on bail.

Even if Shivade want to argue on a small point, that is also a complicated legal issue. Thus I would pray for an open court hearing.

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#BombayHC Bench led by Justice Sambhaji Shinde is hearing petition filed by Late Fr Stan Swamy, seeking interim bail.

Adv Mihir Desai for Swamy

Adv Sandesh Patil for NIA.
Desai: We are now concerned with the Magistrate enquiry under section 176 CrPC. The next of the kin may be allowed to participate in the enquiry.

May Fr Mascarenhas be allowed through his counsel.

#BombayHC #StanSwamy
Justice Shinde points out that the HC bench led by him has been agreeing to the requests of Swamy right from day one to get medical attention. We are speechless outside (of the court). You (Desai) can clear the position out that we have always agreed with you.

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#BombayHC bench of Justices Sambhaji Shinde and Nizamoodin Jamadar to shortly hear pleas filed by @SadhviPragya_MP, Lt Col. Shrikant Purohit n other accused in the #2008MalegaonBlast case seeking discharge from the case.
Adv Shrikant Shivade for Purohit. Special counsel Sandesh Patil for #NIA. Adv Nadeem Shaikh for victim Nisar Bilal and accused Sameer Kulkarni appears in person.

Bench seeks to know from Shivade as to how much time would he need to argue his case.

#BombayHC #MalegaonBlast
Shivade: certain documents have been made available after the lower court passed orders refusing to discharge my client. I pray that the matter be remitted back to the special court and a fresh hearing be held. Let the special court consider the fresh documents.
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#BombayHC bench of Justices Sambhaji Shinde and Nizamoodin Jamadar will hear pleas filed by Rona Wilson and Shoma Sen, both relying on a US based forensic lab report that stated the incriminating material found in Wilson's computer was actually planted on his PC.
Sr Adv Indira Jaisingh for Rona Wilson, Sr Adv Anand Grover for Shoma Sen.
ASG Anil Singh for #NIA

There's some audio issue at Jaisingh's end. Bench asks her to adjust her audio device.
Jaisingh - Maharashtra govt has filed an affidavit. Have gone through it. Points out that she has submitted a list of dates pertaining to the matter.

ASG - Five minutes back, I have received two compilations, one of 700 pages, one of 100 pages.

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#BombayHC bench of Justices Sambhaji Shinde and Nizamoodin Jamadar to shortly hear plea filed by late Fr Stan Swamy, who had sought bail on medical grounds. Swamy died last week. Image
Sr. Adv Might Desai for Swamy
Public Prosecutor Aruna Kamat Pai for state. ASG Anil Singh for #NIA

Desai: He wanted to be cremated so he has been cremated.
#BombayHC #StanSwamy
Pai: A compilation of medical papers pertaining to #StanSwamy has been submitted.

Desai: Holy Family hospital has also submitted the medical papers.

#ASG: We don't have any of these medical papers with us.

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8⃣ Serial blasts planned for #15August by Al Q@eda backed terr0rist grp foiled by UP ATS y'day.

9⃣ #lSlS module busted in a joint op by #NIA, IB, RAW, 5 arrested & 9 r being questioned.👏

🔟3 Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) terr0rists arrested by Kolkata Police.
The above is a serties of attacks which wr planned by terr0rist grps and watered down by our agnecies.
10 such attempts thwarted!!!

I hv been saying this-- a major pan India attack is being planned. And agencies are being kept on their toes.
Pls b careful!
The above mentioned 9th attempt in which NIA, IB & RAW conducted a joint op-- is one of it's kind.

Could we have a huge round of applause for our agencies pls.👏👏👏

Frm Al qaeda to LeT all the terr0roist grps are suddenly active. And how!
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#Congress-led UPA & #UAPA: In 2008, then Home Minister P Chidambaram pressed for the provision to deny bail unless a court is sure no prima facie exists against the accused.

He told Rajya Sabha: "Broadly what we are doing is imposing restrictions on the path of grant of bail."
"I think some people thought that refusing bail is an unusual provision, but it is not. For heinous crimes, even today bail is refused until the case is completely tried and the court reaches its conclusions. So, there is nothing unusual about it": Chidambaram defending UAPA.
UAPA was amended in 2012 during UPA to expand the definition of person to include an association of persons or body of individuals, whether incorporated or not.

#StanSwamy was booked under this provision by the #NIA to link him with Maoists.
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#StanSwamy, bail & the case:

* #StanSwamy was not in #NIA custody even for a day after his arrest in Oct last year

* All along, he was lodged in #Taloja jail which is under the #Maharashtra govt

* The Maharashtra jail didn't have allopathic doctors,had only 3 #ayurveda experts
* #StanSwamy was later diagnosed at JJ Hospital, which is also a #Maharashtra govt hospital

* JJ Hosp gave reports to #BombayHighCourt that Stan's vitals were manageable, not grave

* At one stage, Stan said he didn't want to get admitted in JJ Hosp since they couldn't help him
* Two days later, his lawyers said he was ready to get admitted & #BombayHC shifted #StanSwamy to pvt Holy Family Hospital on May 28

* #NIA opposed his regular bail plea in HC

* While Stan's bail plea remained pending, HC gave priority to his application on medical condition
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With #StanSwamy's death, there are now 15 accused in jail for alleged involvment in #BhimaKoregaon case, alleged conspiracy to assassinate Prime Minister #NarendraModi, overthrow govt & wage war against India.
This THREAD takes you govt claims, evidence & profiles of accused
The 15 are charged under 10 sections of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, and the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 1967 (UAPA), whose legal processes, as @abhinavsekhri10's July 2020 analysis showed, render a person’s guilt or innocence irrelevant.…
#NIA never sought #StanSwamy's custody, alleged he was "a member of the CPI Maoist” & recd Rs 8 lakh. It said an org for prisoners, which he set up with #SudhaBharadwaj, was a Maoist front. @ChitrangadaC wrote how he served dispossessed for 50 yrs…
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Why is #HathrasLobby,upset about #StanSwamy?

Special Judge of NIA Court DE Kothalikar rejected Bail plea of Stan Swamy,who had links with banned #Maoist Organisation

Why is dimwit @RahulGandhi upset at death of Stan Swamy,who wanted to Murder Democracy?…
@INCIndia,#RahulGandhi,his acolytes& #KhanMarketGang need to explain,why so much love for hardcore #Maoist,Stan Swamy,who wanted to overthrow democratically elected govt of the day in India?

#StanSwamy took money from Comrade Mohan for conspiring to act against the Indian State
Case was registered vide FIR No 04/2018 dated 08.01.2018 at PS Vishrambaug,Pune,Maharashtra regarding inciting people&giving provocative speeches during #ElgarParishad organized by activists of #KabirKalaManch on 31.12.2017 at Shanivarwada,Pune

#StanSwamy,lobby,misguiding people
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As his bail plea was being heard, Stan Swamy, 84, who used constitutional rights to assist Adivasis, Dalits, undertrials for half a century, died. A Jesuit priest, Swamy was #NIA’s 16th & oldest, arrest in the #BhimaKoregaon case. @ChitrangadaC's profile…
“In Father Stan, I found a compassionate person who wanted dignity and self-respect for all Indians,” said Damodar Turi, who helped start an anti-displacement advocacy in 2006 in Jharkhand with people like Swamy. “An ally of the oppressed, from the streets to the courts.”
With no substantive response from central or state govts, Swamy & Turi's research team mapped undertrials in Jharkhand prisons. Travelling, filing right-to-information requests—most unanswered—in each dist, their 2016 report recorded lives of 102 #UAPA undertrials statewide.
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#BombayHighCourt to hear #StanSwamy’s plea for temporary bail on medical grounds in the appeal challenging the orders passed by the Special NIA Court rejecting him bail.

Hearing before Justices SS Shinde and NJ Jamadar at 2 pm today.

Hearing begins.

Sr Adv Mihir Desai requests the court to hear Dr. D Souza from the Holy Family Hospital.

Court: We will hear this tomorrow. We just want his report.

#StanSwamy #BombayHighCourt
D Souza: Father Stan Swamy passed away at 1.30 pm today.

#StanSwamy #BombayHighCourt
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