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Thread of Thanks-If you know me personally or follow me you know that the last few years have been trying to say the least. 2017-Wife #breastcancer & dbl mastectomy. 2018 10 year old Stage 4 #braincancer. Just as life gets back to normal enter #COVID19 1/10
To say that #ComicBooks helped save my life would not be overstating fact at all. They were my escape from the horrifying reality of my life. I read @JeffLemire #DoctorStar in the @RMHMN with no idea of the story content. I bawled-purging pain from my soul 2/10
The number of @TomKingTK books I have read in waiting rooms at @MayoClinic, @AveraHealth and @SanfordHealth are too many to count. As poison pumped into my son, as they took my wife from me for 10 hours of surgery I read tear stained pages to escape the antiseptic void 3/10
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I don't know that I have the words to describe how emotionally exhausted I am. In 11/17 my wife was diagnosed with #breastcancer and had a double mastectomy in 1/18 followed by rebuild. Between 1/18 and 5/18 I lost 4 clients. 3 to overdose and 1 to murder. (1/12 )
I turned 50 in there someplace. In 11/19 my then 10 year old son was diagnosed with Stage 4 medullablastoma #braincancer. Surgery, 35 doses of #ProtonRadiation at @MayoClinic. Over 50 chemo doses @SanfordHealth. Split family as wife and I took turns living at @RMHMN. (2/12 )
Weekend nights sleeping in recliners and on couches at the Sanford Children's #hospital as we watched poison be pumped into our child to attempt to save him. Watching him miss 1.5 years of his childhood. #Homeschooling, isolation, fear, tears, anger (3/12 )
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5 years ago I was asked to be on founding Board for a #nonprofit #comiccon in #SiouxFalls #SouthDakota named @SiouxperCon. That moment has been one of the defining of my adult life. So proud of the charity work SPC does in community. (1/4)
We give our proceeds to @REACH_Literacy and the @JY6Foundation. In 4 years SiouxperCon has grown from 1200 guests in a hotel basement to over 5000 guests at the @SiouxFallsCC. The friendships I have made through SPC have helped carry me through Derek's Cancer battle (2/4)
Last year when I had to step aside from convention due to Derek's #braincancer diagnosis. He cried harder about me leaving @SiouxperCon than his #ChildhoodCancer diagnosis. That is the kind of kid he is, thoughtful, giving and caring. (3/4)
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(Thread)You know what people don't see? The death by a million cuts. They didn't see the 2 days prior to KSFY & entire day after we were scared shitless-barely breathing because Derek had a week where he was symptomatic. Until we saw Oncologist Monday we were not breathing
Turns out he is a 12 year old boy that goes to public school with stomach virus. His appetite was waning, he threw up and his right eye and corner of mouth were starting to droop. All huge warning signs.
What people don't see when the money stops coming in, when the treatment stops, when the rallies stop, when the t-shirts and wrist bands stop meaning something that this all continues. Derek isn't done with #ChildhoodCancer , he's just done with treatment.
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Sinces Derek's #ChildhoodCancer diagnosis I have done all I can to advocate for him. Early into the diagnosis he was digging out his #ComicConvention #sketchbook and looking at it as a way to escape. I took to twitter and called for #sketchesforDerek. (1/10) ImageImageImageImage
The #sketches started to pour in from #comicbook professionals, #indiecomic creators, tattoo artists, photo shop artists, moms, students, art teachers, painters, kids and more all inspired by Derek's courage and grace. (2/10) ImageImageImageImage
My DM's blew up with contributors asking how they could give and what Derek likes. He is a typical 11 year old that loves #MCU #Pixar #TeenTitans #Nickelodeon #DCUniverse #Nintendo #StarWars #TMNT #PercyJackson #ProWrestling #Baseball #HarryPotter & #comicbooks (3/10) ImageImageImageImage
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Everything seems to be going so well. I really try to just post the positive stuff, but then Derek calls me upstairs because he is throwing up and I'm reminded that I have a sick child. (1/6)…
My Brave Warrior continues to battle. He begins round 5 of 9 Chemo rounds next weekend at the Sanford Children's Hospital. He has completed 30 rounds of Proton Radiation therapy, 15 doses of outpatient Vincristine Chemotherapy, 4 rounds of inpatient Cytoxan chemotherapy, (2/6)
countless pokes & blood draws, countless needles shoved into his chest to access his port, and still has months to go. He wears leg braces full time because the chemotherapy has caused #Neuropathy in his legs and hands. He attends #Physicaltherapy and #Occupationaltherapy. (3/6)
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Some days the anxiety and depression over the last 2 years of my life with Donelle's #breastcancer and Derek's #braincancer are like waves threatening to drown me. Hard to put on the "normal face" some days.
Some days I have crippling fear leaving Derek. He is doing really well and responding to treatment so the fear is unfounded but that doesn't make it less real. There are days I look at him and it takes all the strength I have not to cry.
I am so grateful for the doctors and science that are saving my life and the people that have supported us knowing at the same time, especially in my area, many of them vote for those that make it harder for people to get care. They are kind caring people who just always vote R.
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My son Derek is 11 years old and is fighting Stage 4 #braincancer, He is a fighter, has been since birth. He is giving and loving. Tonight he said to his mom, our pastor and I that "All of this sucks" . He is right all of this does suck. I am not only his father I'm his advocate ImageImageImageImage
He takes pleasure in all the things that 11 year old boys love, but they are infinitely more important to him now. So I'm reaching out to #creators #comicbook professionals, #artistsontwitter #ProWrestling #writers and more to help make his journey easier
We have started #sketchesforDerek for contributions to his #sketchbook he takes to the @SanfordHealth Children's hospital. We have been blessed by art from @boltcity, @JuddWinick, @philhester, @kevkapalsky, @TerryMooreArt, @comicbookgenie & @zipyrich
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The last 10 years of my life:
Diagnosed with debilitating Graves disease. Put on IV/Oral steroids. Gain 185 pounds. 2 surgeries on eyes. Neuropathy on legs. Put on disability. Go back to school. Lost both grandparents within 2 months. Lose father suddenly & tragically.
Get degree. Can't find job in home town. Commute 1.5 hours for a year. Lose money on house sale. Uproot family. 3 major vehicle breakdowns and repairs. Start #nonprofit #ComicCon with friends. Best friends fiance leaves him. Best friend loses father. Buy dream home.
Wife diagnosed #breastcancer. Wife double mastectomy. Turn 50. Help pull off 3 amazing @SiouxperCon conventions. 11 year old son diagnosed with stage 4 #medulloblastoma #braincancer. Dream house turning into 100 year old money pit. $22000 medical copay in 2 years.
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This is my little hero, Derek John with his mom Donelle. She and I have been together for 23 years. We have been married for almost 20. She is a #warrior. Derek is an #IVF baby. She went through tests, procedures, painful hormone shots & more. I masturbated into a cup. Image
She suffered the ridicule of her manager at @USDBookstore, telling her that "God" didn't want us to have a child. She had to swallow her response so we wouldn't lose insurance. Derek almost killed her in utero 3x. Doctors took him 1 month early.
Derek fought & came home in 10 days. I got ill when Derek was 1 and went though radiation/multiple surgeries for debilitating graves disease & graves eye disease. For 3 years while I was on IV and Oral steroids, she was a #singlemom to Derek, #nurse to me & only paycheck
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(1) The last 18 months have been trying. My wife diagnosed with #breastcancer, double mastectomy & rebuild. I became a certified addiction counselor, took over as chairman for #SIouxpercon, I turned 50 and my 10 year old son was diagnosed with #braincancer
(2) through it all I have struggled to hang on to my sanity. I'm 25 years clean from narcotics but was so tempted so many times during this trauma to numb myself again. Every day I work with clients fighting, so I just jumped in & fought too
(3) My sanity at times was simply hung onto by #prowrestling and #comicbooks. The simple good vs evil storylines of each help me to escape. They are a welcome distraction from #addiction, #mentalillness, #breastcancer and #ChildhoodCancer that has been my normal
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