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Great review of proton CSI for pts w LMD: CNS PFS prolonged by 5mo. @JYangMDPhD This becomes SO pertinent as @LevineCancer @AtriumHealth prepares to open the 1st proton center in NC! #brainmets #btsm #asco23 1/ Image
Original work by @JYangMDPhD Yang et al...… 2/
Challenges remain such as technique, planning, toxicity, & insurance coverage #asco23 #protons #lmd 3/ Image
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Quick recap of outstanding talk by @adrienne_boire 👉🏻 we MUST open our minds to seek out LMD. Do the LPs, send the csf (esp CTCs), look for tx options/ trials. #btsm #asco23 1/ ImageImage
Imaging is 1st step. But "all that glitters isn"t gold." Esp consider this for pts on immunotx. Sens of MRI 71-100%. Slide 3 w broad ddx #asco23 2/ ImageImageImage
What csf studies? 3/ ImageImageImageImage
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And TODAY is that day! #btsm #asco23 12/
Today's announcement of data from #Indigo is a HUGE milestone for these pts & their families. #IDH #btsm 👉🏻… 13/
Pts w grade 2 tumors & no tx aside from surgery, took placebo or po #vorasidenib. mPFS: 27.7 mo vs placebo 11.1 mo. Time to next intervention was longer in vorasidenib arm. (HR, 0.26; 95% CI, 0.15 to 0.43; P<0.001). 14/
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In light of today's plenary @ASCO #asco23 👀
Grade 2 gliomas👉🏻 a tutorial. #btsm
Considered a low-grade glioma, but also considered to be a terminal illness. How? These tumors are incurable and affect adults, teens, & children. #asco23 1/
They are insidious and will sometimes stay quiet for years. They may be oligodendrogliomas (aka lazy tumors) or the more aggressive astrocytomas. I often tell my pts that grade 2 tumors have 2 goals in life: grow BIGGER and/ or change to a more aggressive form. 2/
On the imaging, they often do not enhance, and can sometimes be missed. The key is to look at T2 and flair images. These pts must be monitored closely because the tumors can become motivated to change at any time. 3/ ImageImage
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In May 2019, Dr. @rschilsky & I co-chaired the #AAADV19 Workshop Plenary Session "Decentralized #ClinicalTrials: The Future is Now." An incredible group of panelists from academia, industry, govt, & patient #advocacy 👇discussed the rationale, challenges, & opportunities of DCTs. Image
No one knew yet that the #COVID19 #pandemic was just around the corner. In Mar 2020, FDA released a guidance on conduct of #clinicaltrials during the pandemic:…, & colleagues wrote about the impact on #OncTwitter trials:…. /2
FDA has now released a draft guidance on decentralized #clinicaltrials for drugs, biological products, & devices covering #telehealth, remote assessments, consent, shipping of IP, & more:…. #MedTwitter #regulatory #drugdevelopment Image
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Today, I have the honor of celebrating the woman who saved my life as #afaceofstrength! 🧠💙💛

Dr. Linda Liau was my #neurosurgeon. She performed a successful #craniotomy resulting in a gross total resection of a malignant #oligodendroglioma #braintumor on 12/9/14.

The tumor was quite large by the time it was discovered following a #grandmalseizure.

The detailed imaging that was done at #uclahealth via a #functionalmri (in addition to several other tests) resulted in a #brainmap which revealed the tumor was spread across...
3/3 left frontal and temporal lobes impacting my right-side motor function and speech.

Looking back, I can honestly say that although I was about to have #brainsurgery, I was at peace because I knew I was in good hands.

#braincancer #BTSM #uclabraintumorcenter
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Desde @SEOR_ESP Recordamos hoy día 8 de Junio
Hilo 🧵 #btsm 🧠#radonc
#BrainTumorDay #DiaTumorCerebral Baja prevalencia pero alto impacto en el paciente. #tratamospersonas #aportandovida #laradioterapiacura
Es la primera causa de muerte por cáncer en niños y adolescentes (0-14 años). En la población adulta, por el contrario, solo representan el 2% de los tumores malignos. #btsm 🧠
Aunque los más frecuentes son los tumores benignos ( meningiomas, neurinomas..que pueden requerir tto)
La radioterapia es, después de la cirugía, el tratamiento más importante de los tumores cerebrales, primarios o secundarios ( metástasis Un 90 % ❗❗ de las lesiones malignas 🧠)
En la actualidad se realizan tratamientos con alta precisión.
Gracias a la tecnología y a la imagen
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Dear oncology: We wrote this paper for you & it was published in @Cancer_Cell.

>10 yrs of research shows pts benefit when they read their clinical notes (#opennotes) however oncologists have been resistant to the practice.

#medthread 🧵 #MedTwitter 1/9…
- I've read every paper on #opennotes
- I've presented about open notes at @ASCO & @AACR
- I'm connected w/the cancer patient community

I noticed:
- Pts are positive about the idea of open notes
- Oncologists are nervous
#bcsm #btsm #lcsm #mmsm #ayacsm #CSSMchat
My colleagues at @myopennotes have conducted studies of pts & clinicians with survey responses in the tens of thousands, but we had never dug into the oncology-specific data... UNTIL NOW.

How do oncology clinician views differ from those of their patients? 3/9
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1/ Hey all, a story that I've been telling for years has finally been published in @SciReports! "GL261 luciferase‑expressing cells elicit an anti‑tumor immune response: an evaluation of murine glioma models" The full open access article is here: #btsm
Basically, before we try immune therapy for brain tumors on people, we need a sign that it works. Many researchers treat mice that have brain tumors with the immune therapy first. This way, we can tell if the immune therapy boosts the immune system of mice to attack tumors #btsm
Often, researchers add a gene to the mouse brain tumor to make it glow, or fluoresce. While setting up my translational lab @NIH, we wanted to see if this fluorescent gene changed how the mouse immune system responded to the tumors in the brain. #BTSM
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In this thread, I will compile my medical illustrations in oncology and #RadOnc.

Many are from textbook w @DanTrifMD…
based on @ARRO_org study guide for board exams.

A picture is worth 1000 words.
Here is oncology in a few pics.
@DanTrifMD @ARRO_org @SpringerNature Starting with pediatrics:
Rhabdomyosarcoma treatment paradigm for cancers of head/neck depends on parameningeal vs non-parameningeal location. PM is an unfavorable site, affects stage. #sarcoma #HNCSM
@DanTrifMD @ARRO_org @SpringerNature CNS/brain anatomy from sagittal view.
Chapter from @cgr0105, Sameer Nath, from University of Colorado
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🚨Tweetorial: NTRK 101 🚨Given the data discussed at @asco #ASCO2019 & @sno #SNO2019 on #NTRK fusions in primary brain tumors & brain mets, I thought we could review the background of these fusions, how to find them, and then look at potential options for tx. #btsm
<Disclaimer: I’m a speaker for Bayer (larotrectinib) and a subI for the STARTRK trial using entrectinib. I also have ongoing research work w @carisls > I’m keeping this as bias-free as possible though. Ok, next...
With the increase in tumor profiling & expanded options using #RNAseq, it seems like it is getting easier to find an #NTRK fusion. It can easily feel like Christmas when you do! 🎄 Just remember that an #NTRK MUTATION is not 🚫 fusion. They aren’t = & treatments aren’t the same.
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Afternoon twitterverse! Let’s talk about AI in Radiology, which is the main focus in my research.
Any talk of AI begs for a definition of AI, and there are as many definitions as there startups that are “AI-enabled”.
For our purposes we'll just call anything that performs one of the higher level behaviours associated with animals e.g. learning, planning, problem-solving, creating etc.
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