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[a thread]

A physiognomist studied the facial and vocal characteristics of @BTS_twt and linked each member to an animal.

If I remember correctly, he's the same physiognomist who compared Bang PDnim's face to a sloth's.

#TheGroup #PCAs #BTS @BTS_twt…
RM - a charismatic leopard
great leadership and talent. smart and perseverant.
his facial and vocal characteristics match well.

Jin - a good-hearted deer
innocent and unartful. willing to go through hardships.
clear and pure voice and soul.

#TheGroup #PCAs #BTS @BTS_twt
Suga - a reflective cat
sensitive, calm, and reserved. weighs mind/heart more than words.
a deep voice with preserving strength.

J-Hope - a talented squirrel
childlike, cheerful, and enthusiastic. has many talents.
vocal characteristics also show cheerful, caring features.
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so i went to the #BTS⁠ ⁠concert last night...
how it felt part one
how it felt part two
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Gaon Chart News

@BTS_twt's LOVE YOURSELF 結 'Answer' topped the August monthly album chart by selling 1,933,450 copies.

#TheGroup #BTS #PCAs
An actual representation of me reading the number
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> an interactive horror au where you play as jungkook, the protagonist of a dating simulator!

#bts #bangtan
> glitches
> violence
> death?

> like in a normal dating simulator, the choices you make will change the ending—both good and bad. please choose wisely!
> quote, don't reply!
welcome to KISS KISS BTS! let's meet our forever single protagonist—#JUNGKOOK!
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#화양연화TheNotes @BTS_twt


3 Agustus TAHUN 22

Aku membuka pintu gudang kelas dan masuk ke dalamnya. Di satu malam musim panas, di dalam udara hangat, tercampur bau jamur dan debu. Sekilas beberapa gambar terlintas di kepalaku.
Sepatu kepala sekolah yang mengkilap, ekspresi wajah Namjoon yang sedang berdiri di luar, di hari terakhir aku berpaling dari Hoseok dan pergi kembali sendirian. Tiba-tiba kepalaku sakit dan menggigil. Entah kekesalan atau ketakutan,perasaan rumit seperti rasa sakit membanjiriku.
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#TAEGI AU where out and proud idol Agust D is looking for a male actor to play his love interest in his new music video.
1) Question!
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cake- a vhope au

taehyung calls into hope's cakes to order a very special cake for his friend's adoption party.

hoseok, the baker, is confused as to why anybody would ever want to eat a vagina cake.

#bts #btsau #au #vhope #KimTaehyung #junghoseok
1.) where it all began
meet our main characters:

taehyung, the college student obsessed with memes and being a twitter troll

and hoseok, the best baker in the area, who's last time seeing a vagina was during his birth
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[ yoonmin nsfw au ]

— the very straight min yoongi goes out gay clubbing and meets rosé, park jimin's drag queen persona, who yoongi might be head over heels for her


#yoonmin #yoonminau #yoongi #jimin #bts #btsau
nsfw posts tagged 🔞
will contain triggering topics, marked with "tw//" and a short decription of the topic
plus an excessive amount of memes uwu
[1]. instagram profiles

#yoonmin #yoonminau #yoongi #jimin #bts #btsau
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[#YoonKook #AU] Min #Yoongi falls heavily in love with his daughter’s teacher Jeon #Jungkook. Unfortunately Jungkook is engaged and Yoongi himself has been married for years. How long until they realise what they are doing is not tolerable?
#bts #textau #smut #romance #angst
"Good morning, Sewoon. Good morning, Taeyoon. Good morning, Jinji." Jungkook welcomed all the kids by shaking their hands as they entered the classroom. Jungkook was a teacher at Seoul Elementary, teaching the fifth grade for the first time in his educational career.
"Good morning, Lyn." Jungkook smiled, shaking the girl's hand as she greeted him back, smiling brightly up at her teacher. "Teacher, my father dropped me of today." She beamed brightly, pointing at the doorframe where her father was waiting, nodding before entering the classroom.
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An au where Namjoon and Jimin have never met before yet constantly dream of each other, as if they were watching a movie about one another. They both wondered why they keep having dreams of a stranger, and why it felt so real.

#joonmin #minjoon #nammin #bts @BTS_twt #BTS_BBMAS
Since a few months ago NamJoon had been seeing a very beautiful, angel like man appear in his dreams, every so often. The way his dreams appeared was as if he was a bystander, watching events of this man’s life unfold in front of him, without the man ever noticing his presence.
For some reason it felt too real, though he knew it wasn’t. Couldn’t be. Some moments he dreamt of were too sad for anyone as beautiful as him to go through. What NamJoon couldn’t understand is why he was seeing this man in his dreams, when he’s never seen him in real life.
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「*゚✲ฺ jikook text au ✲゚ฺ*」
jimin, dance student with a secret nsfw account; jungkook, also a dance major, finds the acc and develops a crush on the boy, but forgets it when he crushes on a boy in his class...

#bts #jikook #yoonseok #kookmin #sope #taejin #btsau #btstextau
tae and yoongi also have nsfw accounts
the boys' normal accounts
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Drunk Yoongi begins sending dirty texts to long-time crush Jimin through an anonymous confession app, as Jimin is desperate to know who it is.. and Yoongi knew one day Jimin would figure it out— just.. not how he expected. #yoonmin #yoonminau #bts #btsau
Jimin wants to know #yoonmin #yoonminau #bts #btsau #jimin #suga
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«Jikook AU» — Popular boy Jimin gets paired with nerdy boy Jungkook for a school project, but Jungkook may not be such a nerdy boy and Jimin finds out the hard way #bts #jikook #btstextau #jikookau #jungkook #jimin
The project
Jimin is wittle and can’t hurt a fly
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Taekook AU—where Jungkook is a college student who orders pizza from his favorite pizza place.

Little did he know that they recently hired a new delivery guy.
“Remember Bangtan’s Pizzeria?”
“no worries i still love ur pizza bro”
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