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[Jimin V LIVE] Meeting ARMYs the day before my birthday💜

Live (Rough) Translation Thread

#PCAs #TheGroup #BTS @BTS_twt
@BTS_twt Talking about the Riyadh Show

"During the medley when we sing Dope, I was going my way and when I turned around, Jungkook was there. He was having such a good time. I think because I was performing for the first time after while, I was calculating too many things,+
@BTS_twt like how strong/weak I should dance at some parts. But when I saw Jungkook enjoying himself and going all out, my view became a bit wider & I started having fun."
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Translation: @BTS_Trans

(Some possible references/citations that may give more depth to this song. I find this song quite meaty tbh A lot of possible metaphors &connections😅)+

#BTS #TheGroup #PCAs + @BTS_twt
+ 1ST VERSE: Opens about “lights of stars” and then associates them with the “blinking lights” on buildings. BTS soon talk about how these lights are shining in their “own rooms” and “own planets” which connects with what Carl Jung said about humans+

+, as found in the book, The Collected Works of C.G. Jung below:

#LoveYourselfSpeakYourself #TheConcertTour #PCAs + @BTS_twt
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Song: HOME
Translation: @BTS_Trans

(I was bored one day...😔Just a series of interpretations... I’ll do one song at a time. Excuse my word vomit/babbling.)

#BTS #TheGroup #PCAs + @BTS_twt
+ 1ST VERSE: This talks about being nervous or anxious to go out to the world. Seems like BTS being nervous about touring the world, yet they say “the whole world is my home.”

#LoveYourselfSpeakYourself #TheConcertTour #PCAs + @BTS_twt

+ 2ND VERSE: Even BTS thinks it’s “crazy for myself” or ridiculous almost. In this verse they talk about their disbelief in this somewhat illusory reality they’re living in. They talk about the pressures they experience, and thinking that it can’t go all in the way they want to+
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The Amazon the largest lung in our world is on fire😭.
It's time for humanity to stop & think seriously about what it is doing🤨.
Is this our legacy for future generations😠?
Is money more important than conserving nature😡?
🗣️We need the forests to survive.
🗣️Protect nature!
"The fires burning in the #Amazon rain forest are so large and widespread that smoke has wafted thousands of miles away to the Atlantic coast, according to the World Meteorological Organization"
Via @Miami_Rebelde
There is no "ngo" burning the #AmazonRainforest these are Cattle Ranchers, most of whom voted for #Bolsonaro. They're destroying the #Enviroment to steal #Indigenous land for themselves #NativeTwitter!#IndigenousRights #NativeLivesMatter
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.@BTS_twt rode rides at the Jeonju Zoo Amusement Park and went paragliding in Wonju.
-on the 22nd from 4-7:30, #BTS had a photo shoot at the Zoo‘a Dreamland and was filmed going on rides; the park was restricting public access
- they went paragliding at Mt. Gyonggak in Wonju
This isn’t the first time @BTS_twt came to the Jeonbuk area. Their Save Me MV was shot in Buan and Bang PD’s parents are from the Jeonbuk region. The region, especially Jeonju and Wonju, is looking forward to getting the #BTS marketing effect and bring more tourists. #MGMAVOTE
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Run! BTS Episode 80: The Opposite of Dramatic Irony
We begin with sprinting.
Jungkook is overly motivated, which... I honestly thought that’s how he lives his life 100% of the time, so watching Jungkook be overly motivated is going to be peak Ravenclaw.
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[Thread] The behind story of RM's 'forever rain' by Creative Director Choi Jaehoon at D Museum 'Drawing Workshop with Choi Jaehoon' - Video part 1

Video cr. 듀웅님 Purple_In_hye
The behind story of RM's 'forever rain' by Creative Director Choi Jaehoon at D Museum 'Drawing Workshop with Choi Jaehoon' - Video part 2

Video cr. 듀웅님 Purple_In_hye
Q.Why did you draw a person with a flower face in 'forever rain' MV?

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『Trans ID』
🐱 Beberapa orang mengatakan, "Kami berhasil hanya krn media sosial" tetapi sebenarnya kami sendiri memikirkan banyak cara untuk membuat diri kami bisa dikenal. sampai Orang lain bertanya "Mengapa melakukan itu?"

🐨 Banyak orang yg mencoba menghentikan kami
🐱 tapi kami masih berusaha dan bekerja keras.
🐱 Pada awalnya sih ada banyak pembicaraan kaya " kenapa ya mereka menggunakan platform tertentu?"


🐱tapi perbedaan ini berasal dari siapa yang menggunakannya dan bagaimana itu digunakan, bukan platform ini berarti lebih baik daripada yang lain.

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OP was at school when one of Jimin’s friends was the special lecturer for her class. He gave a lecture for first year students and it was so great. (She doesn’t specify what subject). #MGMAVOTE #BTS @BTS_twt
🐥 asked for his number when the 1st time they met & his friend said no since he was taken aback a little bc they had just met & guys don’t really call each other. But he met 🐥 again & 🐥 asked again so he said they had to meet at least 3x & said no.
The 3rd time they met, 🐥 did some research, finding out about his book & lectures! The lecturer told the class what 🐥 said.
🐥 Hyung, you were a teacher??
🐥 Hyung, you released a book?
🐥 Hyung, how do you live happily while doing what you like?
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Here’s an interview w/ Netmarble’s Head of NAmerica Shim Cheol-min about #BTSWorld. He said, “2.5 years ago, Netmarble paid attention to @BTS_twt's musicality, while #BTS’ agency BH paid attention to our company's ability to make games.“ [#TeenChoice #ChoiceInternationalArtist]
[contd] ”I'm very excited about releasing the results of this new experiment to capture @BTS_twt, who have become world-class singers, in the game soon." He said this in a confident yet cautious manner.

#BTSWorld is a game where you become their manager and take their journey+
[contd] into becoming world-class stars with them. “There is a lot of diverse content that we put a lot of work into; you can, of course, see pictures/videos of the members but also message and video chat with them and experience each member’s growth story.” @BTS_twt
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El alfabeto coreano (한글, hangeul) es patrimonio de la UNESCO y fue inventado por un rey muy majo en el s. XV. Hoy quiero contar su historia, con datos curiosos poco conocidos. Pero además quédate por este hilo y al final del mismo leerás 한글. Te lo prometo. Habrá dibujitos.
El motivo de este hilo es que quiero hablar de las grafías coreanas y he pensado que, aunque a veces pueda resultar básico hablar de algo como el hangeul, sé que hay gente que me sigue que no lo lee. Tiene una solución muy fácil. Voy a contaros el 한글 con cariño.
Pero antes, motivos para aprender 한글: Lo primero es que la relación coste/beneficio es inmejorable. Es una grafía que no requiere aprenderse ningún orden de los trazos y ni siquiera hace falta saberse el nombre de la letra. Solo son sonidos asociados a trazos muy simples.
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#TwitterPoll. So, am headed to #Macao for #BlackPink. @ygofficialblink

#블랙핑크: #Jisoo #Jennie #Rosé #Lisa. #Blinks, you might love them all but if you’ve a favorite to send best wishes to, just let me know with a vote below…

#BlackPink, #BTS, #EXO
Catch the wave. The Korean Wave. #hallyu. Some background here, in an #AsiaMinute. Watch. Like. Subscribe.

And see you in #Macao: #BLACKPINKinMACAO @ygent_official @ygofficialblink #KPOPTwitter @macaousa @USAinHKMacau
#Blinks. Where is 🙋🏻‍♂️?!
From LA to here in #Macao, see ya! #BlackPink

A shoutout to @koreatourism for all their support at my recent #Kpop table at @MilkenInstitute #MIGlobal. >US$6m raised for @fastercures #GlobalGourmetGames…
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Дверь со скрипом распахивается, пуская внутрь уличный холод и троих людей. Старые половицы повизгивают под их ногами, но группа не обращает на это внимание и подходит к стойке.
-Мне нужна информация, - произносит один из них.
#BTS #vkook
Он выглядит молодо, но в глаза заглядывать страшно - там такая уверенность поселилась, что можно просто погибнуть.
Бармен прерывается от протирания пыльных стаканов и недовольно поглядывает на прибывших. В его глазах отсвечивает красный.
#BTS #vkook
"Мы такое не продаем", - тихо произносит он и тут же оказывается пригвозденным к стене. Насмешливый взгляд темных глаз напротив раздражает, а шею холодит близкое нахождение клинка. Чересчур близкое.
#BTS #vkook
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"The reason behind BTS' success. What's the difference between them and The Big 3? (by Professor Choi Jaeboong)" -1

#BTS #방탄소년단 #BTSSubs @BTS_twt
"The reason behind BTS' success. What's the difference between them and The Big 3? (by Professor Choi Jaeboong)" -2

#BTS #방탄소년단 #BTSSubs @BTS_twt
"The reason behind BTS' success. What's the difference between them and The Big 3? (by Professor Choi Jaeboong)" -3

#BTS #방탄소년단 #BTSSubs @BTS_twt
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Just a bunch of #BTS photos to get you through the day: a thread
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☁️ ¬ 𝓬𝓪𝓾𝓼𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓽𝔂 ¬ ☁️ #jikook au
Jimin is a shy boy and a very good student, he'll be new at Seoul University, everything will be fine until he meets the typical badboy, Gguk, captain of the rugby team

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⚡️ «BTS Persona Comeback» #BTS #방탄소년단 fashion…
Nigel Cabourn×Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO sneakers
VISVIM Jumbo Hoodie P.O. Collage (Beige)
VISVIM Iris Liner Jacket

Namjoon #BTS 190328 Persona comeback trailer #BTS #방탄소년단 #RM
VISVIM spring/summer 2015 kimono coat
LOUIS VUITTON patch graphic windbreaker

Namjoon #BTS 190328 Persona comeback trailer #BTS #방탄소년단 #RM
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THREAD : BTS BOOKS COMPILATION (PDF Files English ver) Free Download Link in Googledrive
Comeback Related
Demian (WINGS)…
The Owl Service (YNWA)…
The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas (YNWA)…
1Q84 (LY ‘HER’ track: Sea)…

Into The Magic Shop (LY ‘TEAR’)…
The Art of Loving (MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA)…
Jung’s Map of the Soul (MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA)…

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•[Jikook Au]—0,9•

#Jikook #jikookau #bts #kookminau
•[Jikook Au]—1,0•

#Jikook #jikookau #kookminau #bts
•[Jikook Au]—1,1•

#Jikook #jikookau #kookminau #bts
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The couple dated for 5 years, until they eventually had to break up because Jungkook moved to LA to achieve his life goal

While he was on the US Jimin was left in Korea alone and pregnant, even tho he was the only one who knew about that.

#jikookau #bts #jikook
•[Jikook Au]—0,1•

#jikook #jikookau #bts
•[Jikook au]—0,2•

#jikookau #jikook #bts
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「Jikook au」

—Jimin decided to write about how to loose a guy he’ll date for his finals. Jeongguk made a bet with his friends about being more than just sleeping around. One thing led to another & they’re each others’ toy.

rt when reading

- this one’s for the cliche enthusiasts
- insipred by that movie How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
- please let give me feedback when reading! i would appreciate it 🥺

#jikookau #jikook
jeon jeongguk
- goal keeper; engineering major
- fucks around + bi;
- step brothers with yoongi
- known for riding his motorbike a lot
- dumb and competitive wbk

#jikookau #jikook #parkjimin #jeonjungkook #bts #au
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