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Para ARMY que no podrá asistir al evento presencial celebrando los 10 años de @BTS_twt, se ha actualizado la página de BTS oficial con fotos y videos interactivos de Bangtan

Abajo les dejo todas las fotos de cada miembro +

-★ ·… ImageImageImageImage
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— Hilo con todas las fotos de @BTS_twt para el Live Clip de Take Two compartidas en Weverse.

Más fotos abajo + #BTS10thYearAnniversary #BTS ImageImageImage
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Namjoon’s instagram story
Hollywood Baby by 100 gecs released Feb 16th, 2023

“Are you looking down a mountain?
What you crying 'bout, crying 'bout, crying 'bout now?
Do you buckle under pressure?
Go tumbling, tumbling, tumbling down”
#RM #rkiveplaylist Image
It seems to be a satirical commentary on the
shallow and superficial lifestyle of
Hollywood, as well as the pressure and
expectations that come with trying to make it
in the entertainment industry. The chorus,
"You'll never make it in Hollywood, baby"
may be mocking the idea of
the "Hollywood
dream" and the expense and effort people
put into trying to achieve it.
The lyrics also touch on the theme of societal
pressure and expectations, particularly in the
lines "Do you buckle under pressure? / Go
tumbling, tumbling, tumbling down."
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these photos are so homey and cozy and just exudes warmth

#BTSFesta2023 #BTS10thAnniversary
#RM ImageImageImageImage
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📢| Bom dia, ami! Entrem nos comentários para votar! ☀️

• Lembrando que o @secawards acaba hoje, às 23:59! Então vamos com tudo!

▪️De um a dez, por extenso (ex: um, dois...
▪️5 frutas
▪️5 cores Image
Não se esqueçam de seguir a @secawards para o seu voto contabilizar!
Lembrando que no site, o voto tem peso dois!
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<10 Years on Twitter - Special Question>
항상 함께해준 고마운 아미들에게 트윗을 쓴다면?
What would you say in a tweet to dear ARMY, who have been with you all this time?

Tweeted by #RM ImageImage
<10 Years on Twitter - Special Question>
항상 함께해준 고마운 아미들에게 트윗을 쓴다면?
What would you say in a tweet to dear ARMY, who have been with you all this time?

Tweeted by #Jin #진 ImageImage
<10 Years on Twitter - Special Question>
항상 함께해준 고마운 아미들에게 트윗을 쓴다면?
What would you say in a tweet to dear ARMY, who have been with you all this time?

Tweeted by #SUGA #슈가 ImageImage
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Army, a votação do seca acaba AMANHÃ, todos os votos são necessários!!!!

Comentem com as tags abaixo 👇:
- Fanchant
- A a Z
- Um a Dez (POR EXTENSO) Image
Sigam @secawards para os votos contarem!

I vote #RM for #ArtistaAsiatico at #SECAwards + RT
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"namjoon hyung is more innocent than you think" : jimin
— a thread; ImageImage
soft :(
joonie pretending to be a home
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Bora participar da votação do @secawards que termina amanhã!!!

— usem as tags+ o fanchant — Image
I vote #RM for #ArtistaAsiatico at #SECAwards + RT
I’m voting #Jimin for #ArtistaAsiatico at the #SECAwards! + RT
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Jungkook vendo vc passar por esse tweet sem votar nos meninos!!!!!! Image
I vote #RM for #ArtistaAsiatico at #SECAwards + RT
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Army, qual a melhor forma após o stream para agradecer aos nossos meninos pela música perfeita que foi lançada hoje? Isso mesmo, VOTANDO‼️

Comentem com as tags abaixo 👇:
- Fanchant
- A a Z
- 7 músicas do BTS Image
Sigam @secawards para os votos contarem!

Votem pelo site, o voto tem peso dois ‼️
I vote #RM for #ArtistaAsiatico at #SECAwards + RT
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Bom dia army!! E que forma melhor de começar o dia do que votando nos meninos.

❗️Lembrando que a votação no SECA termina em 2 DIAS, e todo voto é necessário.

Comente as tags abaixo com:

- números de um a vinte, por extenso (um, dois..)
- cinco cores. Image
É importante seguir o @secawards para os votos serem contabilizados!!

Votar pelo site conta por dois votos!!…
I vote #RM for #ArtistaAsiatico at the #SECAwards + RT
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Cade as armys pra votar nos meninos?? 👇🏼 Image
I’m voting #RM for #ArtistaAsiatico at the #SECAwards!
I’m voting #JHope for #ArtistaAsiatico at the #SECAwards!
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#BTS members in 'Seven Phases', by James Jean comparing the each member to the spirit of flowers 🧶

1) KIM NAMJOON (Moonchild #RM) the Guardian of the Night.
Crescent moon at the top of the canvas refers to “night/moon". The child is sitting under the moonlight, namjoon’s dragon ImageImageImage
eyes are zoomed in his wings. He is the symbol of “guardian angel" who is assigned to protect and guide a group (방탄소년단). Namjoon being their guardian angel always want to remind them of the importance of love, to relax and surrender to their feelings, because they are good.
2) KIM SEOKJIN (Narcissus Jin) ㅡ the Fundamental Beauty

the ancient Greek myth about a beautiful young man who was in love with his own beauty, so much that it cost him his life as a human being. Narcissus symbolizes a) hidden talents and business success, Image
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230607 #rkive instagram story

Namjoon seems to be reading an art book on Korean art, we are not sure which at the moment. The page he shared is about this painted fan by Yi Insang called "Songbyeon Cheongbokdo" 📖

Here is a quick translation of the text.
#RM #namjoon #김남준 ImageImageImage
Lee Ijin is not the writer of the poem, it was written by Park Eun, a literary man who is considered the greatest genius poet of Joseon, who was executed at the age of 26. These words were written in defiance of the king at the time. 📖 Image
The painting's name can translate to "Gazing at a waterfall under a Pine Tree" and it also features in a set of 6 fan paintings issued as stamps in South Korea in 2021 Image
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230603 #rkive instagram story

We spot on Namjoon's shelf the book "Anyone can cook" from Disney! 📖

This is actually a journal prop version of the iconic cookbook from the movie Ratatouille

#RM #NAMJOON #방탄소년단알엠 #김남준 #BTS @BTS_twt ImageImage
The book in question being a journal, it doesn't have much content, but in the movie this was Remy's favorite book and inspired him to cook! 📖 ImageImage
A review of the journal can be found here…
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(1. J*soo — 3.318M /+22.2K)
(2. #RM — 3.316M /+15.2K) -

—Ponga 10 frutas y 20 nombres 🚨📢

I vote #RM for #ArtistaAsiatico at #SECAwards

I vote #RM for #ArtistaAsiatico at #SECAwards

I vote #RM for #ArtistaAsiatico at #SECAwards
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📌: discurso de #RM

Hola, Este es RM de BTS.
En primer lugar, le pido sinceramente que sirva como embajador de relaciones públicas para el equipo de excavación de torpedos con personas realmente geniales... Image
Este año marca el décimo aniversario del debut de BTS. En los últimos 10 años, hemos entregado varios mensajes a través de varias canciones y campañas.
Ah, en realidad, hemos hecho mucho sobre la forma en que devolvemos el amor que recibimos de los fans coreanos y la gente..
Comenzó con un interés en lo que podía hacer para amar y representar a Corea y su cultura. Era parte de ese trabajo dar a conocer las antigüedades coreanas y el arte moderno y contemporáneo visitando galerías de arte y museos.
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- me seguir (sdv)
- dar fav e rt
- ser only army ot7
- comentar as tags abaixo…
Eu voto #Jhope para #ArtistaAsiatico no #SECAwards 2023!
Eu voto #RM para #ArtistaAsiatico no #SECAwards 2023!
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quem quiser votar comigo eh so copiar e colar as tag abaixo qm nao quiser se exploda
Eu voto #Face para #AlbumInternacional no #SECAwards 2023!
Eu voto #RM para #ArtistaAsiatico no #SECAwards 2023!
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bom dia armys vamo votar no bts pq prêmio nao cai do céu cada um com sua consciencia Image
sigam a @secawards @thenreport e @TOP100KPOP pra os votos serem contabilizados
Eu voto #Face para #AlbumInternacional no #SECAwards 2023!
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I've really enjoyed my time so I thought I'd put together a little Namjooning guide to Florence, Italy! 🧵

There's a few spots Namjoon has been to in his 2017 trip that I went to visit!
#RM #namjoon #방탄소년단알엠 #김남준 #BTSARMY ImageImage
📍 Colonna di San Zanobi
We start at the most famous location in Florence, the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore! The column next to the baptistery is where Namjoon snapped this photo! ImageImage
📍 terrace of Move On record store/pub
Around the cathedral again, this spot is not easy to find but it's right next to the outdoor tables of this pub/store! ImageImage
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