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@MixaanFaqih @murtadfitry @mujunaeem @JAkmedd @blu3Greenalgae @iruvayani @bodualee @allah6988 @mardoohkalaange @ZamZamFarish @AreyougoneMAD1 @noseculars @sirumeenaa @DhivehiOne Here i got then, with the famout #bunyeybunyey hashtag, against @mujunaeem .The athiest, agnostics and the mockers and the ignorants, the @MixaanFaqih @JAkmedd and the @sirumeenaa of maldivian athiests and agnotic community treat hadeeth as equal to #bunyeybunyey. Lets see here
@MixaanFaqih @murtadfitry @mujunaeem @JAkmedd @blu3Greenalgae @iruvayani @bodualee @allah6988 @mardoohkalaange @ZamZamFarish @AreyougoneMAD1 @noseculars @sirumeenaa @DhivehiOne With the busy timing these days, let me take sometime to rant this over here right now. i find it hard to comment everywhere , and hence i try to focus more on the awareness perspective. the paradigm shift that could be brought about with the awareness is far more greater on both
@MixaanFaqih @murtadfitry @mujunaeem @JAkmedd @blu3Greenalgae @iruvayani @bodualee @allah6988 @mardoohkalaange @ZamZamFarish @AreyougoneMAD1 @noseculars @sirumeenaa @DhivehiOne sides. back and forth rubbish is not helping anyone. it would be more beneficial that we spend more time on academic discourses than to mock and shout out at each other over useless things. hence, i wish to add my comments about hadeeth here, that i think @mujunaeem thinks is
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Maldives Mullah Hassan Moosa Fikury declares Face App haram. This thread isn't about the details of that, but rather a thread of Face App outputs of Fikury & some of his Mullah buddies in the #Maldives. Check it out.
#ExMuslim #Atheist #NormalizingDissent
This is the fatwa issuing prayer exercising fit human specimen Hassan Moosa Fikury himself. Give him a round of applause for inspiring this thread. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Next up is the always engaged, ”Prove it scientifically” Mullah ZamZam Farish!
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Muhammad the self proclaimed prophet was a disgusting man who made people drink his urine and made stories to justify the practice.

This is a #thread about this disgusting behavior of Islam’s founding conman.

A #BunyeyBunyey story!
Here he pisses in an obvious drinking bowl because he is too lazy to get out of bed or something. Then makes a story when his woman accidentally drinks it.
Another #BunyeyBunyey version of the story.
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