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[Translation thread] EXOL🇯🇵 Planet #16
#CHEN’s on and off
As usual, do not repost without credits. Apologize in advice for the lack of photos since many jfans still haven’t got their copies yet🥺🥺
Q: Are you the type that can completely separate on and off? Or are you the type that thinks about work often during holidays?
A: I am the type that can completely separate the both. Tbh, it is completely impossible to forget about work during private time…
Since it is always in my head. Which is why I try to think about what should I do tmr; what are some aspects I could have improved today, I think of things (like these) that can connect to my future work even at home, to get rid of any negativity I have.
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[Translation thread] #CHEN's One Summer Day

Photo credits: @/quinsehun has kindly shared the pics so I can translate right away but the pics wont be shared since many haven't received their copies yet!
👤: What do you think of once you heard the word summer?
⚡️: Hot! I can only think of this in the first place (laughs) I actually dislike summer the most. I would want to run away from the heat.
Also, watermelon! It is the most tasty fruit in the summer. I don't really eat fruits normally but I really watermelons. Summer = watermelon.
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A fundraising charity in China has made an interview with chenbar and wrote a long article about soondingies and #CHEN🥺🥺🥺

Even just the introduction written here is very touching😭

Translation in the replies:
"He is a bright little ray of sunshine melting many's hearts with his warm smile; he is a kind dandelion, that stayed true to himself and shine; he is a romantic machine, kind and bright, creating lots of surprises;
he spreads love around the world, without bragging, dedicated to charity work. His name is, Kim Jongdae.

He guides soondingies to become better people and soondingies will always support him behind his back!"
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Ok, I realized that my answer is going to be somewhat long. So here is a solid threat of what to do/explore first as a babywol!

Also, for further info, definitely look to this thread by @mimikoko525. She's done a fantastic job!

So definitely, start with the debut, but I would look at 2 different vids bc both hold special places in Shawol hearts.
(replay debut stage - look at that hair)
(Rapper Taemin & the pastel clothes moments.)
From there, I recommend watching a run-through of some of their famous stages just to get a feel for all the different types of songs you will encounter, and to get you hyped for this epic journey!

MBCKpop actually has a pretty good compilation 😅
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#CHEN 190403 MBC radio
KSY: SM mustve proposed releasing a solo album to u, right?

JONGDAE: No, actually I approached the company 1st -that I want to release an album & they agreed & quickly started preparing the album for me
(pleasantly surprised w/SM🙀)
CHEN: Honestly the result was something that I had not even imagined! I was just happy with the album coming out, but seeing the great result, made me very surprised and happy
*KSY had said previously that JONGDAE was the first to go solo in EXO but corrected herself after*
CHEN: Yes, the first EXO solo was our LAY hyung <3
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[TRANS] #첸 Mention on 160110 Kim Shinyoung’s radio + Singer Yoo Jaehwan

Topic: 2015 KBS Song Festival; mentions #EXO having powerful skills & performing well

👧🏻 I was surprised! I was aware that BH sings well~ but #CHEN~!
👦🏻 Chen is amazing at singing!
👧🏻 He sings really well
👦🏻 He sings very well~
👧🏻 I liked his perf the best
👦🏻 He’s also main vocal
👧🏻 His voice was really good
👦🏻 Right, his voice has that laser feeling that pierces through, very cool & imposing
👧🏻 I liked it~ I hope he comes (to this show) once by himself

Longer/less condensed translation with full audio here:…
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[TRANS] #EXO #첸 mentioned on 190227 Kim Shinyoung’s radio w/ Lim Hanbyul

🧒🏻 Which songs did you direct (vocally)?
👦🏻 Tempo, Love Shot, CBX Blooming Day
🧒🏻 CBX.. I really like #Chen’s vocals
👦🏻 Me too. I really like Jongdae—Chen’s vocals
🧒🏻 “Jongdae” 😜

(t/n: they’re laughing because LHB addressed Chen by his real name, suggesting they have a personal/close relationship)
@marialovesEXO_ done! thank you!! 💝
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