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I bet many of you were following along during the #CopyPasteCris fiasco, right? Well, during that time, I stumbled into something. A small group of readers pointed out a mess that many authors only recently discovered-- but these readers had been talking about it *FOR MONTHS*
What was IT?

I've been calling it book regurgitation. And if you're a lover of the Motorcyle Romance subgenre. or you dig 'bad boy romance'.. wow, are those infested. And I do mean infested.

Look at this shit. Nicole Fox & Naomi West on display here. side by side comparison of Built to Kill, Nicole Fox, identical to Bad Boy's Touch by Naomi West.
Now this is *not* plagiarism. These are folks who collectively sell the rights amongst themselves... as demonstrated here by @authorstarling on a site could Dirty Discourse. (they don't like it when you say bad things about them, from what I've heard. Hey, DD.) OR...
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I’ve had people ask me to refer people to Addison Cain’s GoFundMe over a lawsuit where she is being sued for DMCA abuse, saying it was similar to #CopyPasteCris.

I held off saying anything because federal lawsuits have public documents, and allegations may or may not be true.
I still don’t know the truth, but I want to say that I have some extremely serious doubts that Addison Cain properly filed DMCA requests in this case.
The complaint is here, and—unless this complaint is lying about this, which would bother me—the DMCA takedown Cain used is on page 44 of the PDF.…
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BTW... there are a LOT of readers who've commented about being frustrated regarding the #kindleunlimited #scamming issues that have come more into public focus thanks to #CopyPasteCris. It's an ongoing issue...much of my info came from Twitter user Nikki. She has screenshots. Isabella Fawn/Marci Fawn on Dirty Discourse posting about selling her backlist and opening stating it had been previously published.
Many go back for months. #KindleUnlimited #scammers @amazon @AmazonKDP Readers even noticed this problem themselves as far back as 2017, if you look at the #hottakes on my blog. They didn't realize it was a buy/sell thing, maybe, but they saw the copying.…
Some of the 'defenders' of this shitty practice, like my good friend, Bob, claim this is purely honest and ethical.

FYI, if you haven't Bob...this is Bob.

This comment was at KU. Bob has also defend his crappy crap at La Nora's blog & over @SuzanTisdale's blog. Bob Frost defending crap takes on misleading readers when books are repackaged and resold as new with no disclosure.
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A heads up to fellow #writers out there, regardless of genre.

You might have heard about #CopyPasteCris. Something that's come to light, or rather been finally spotlighted after some readers & others raised hell that we all need to be aware of AND ACT ON.…
Scammers are buying proliferating on the #KindleUnlimited platform which hurts all authors whether they use @AmazonKDP or not, whether you're traditionally published, with a small press or go the indie route.
These people are literally SELLING & RESELLING manuscripts & copyright only to repackage, recover & release as a brand new book under another author's name (with a shiny, new fake copyright, too). This is deceptive as hell. @AmazonKDP @Amazonhelp has been notified to no avail.
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I’m going to tweet a thread abt publishing. If you haven’t been following my timeline religiously the past week, and why would you, I’ll start by saying that we’ve had an illness and subsequent death in the family. It wasn’t exactly unexpected, but these things are always sad.
And as is the case with these things, it’s left me with a fair amount of downtime but little focus to do anything useful with it.
As I said the other day, I’ve got my sugar, tea, and serving spoons occupied and the one spoon left rattling in the drawer is the grapefruit spoon - stabby and made for tearing bitter things into digestible pieces. WOW, is twitter ever made for the grapefruit spoon.
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Imo, another casualty of authors using ghostwriters instead of writing their own books is reader expectation of how long it takes to write a book. Just had a reader tell me that publishing "several books a month" is totally doable if an author writes full-time. #Copypastecris
Again, this wasn't "several books a month" as a pre-planned publicity push, for a total of 4 or 5 books a year. This was the expected pace every month of the entire year.
To clarify, the reader wasn't being rude. She was genuinely confused why people accused those authors of using ghostwriters b/c "if it's your full-time career, you can do it."
More collateral damage of authors pretending to be prolific by using ghostwriters & not disclosing it.
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After #copypastecris, a lot of people are talking about what systems @AmazonKDP should have in place to clean up the Kindle Store.

I've been tracking this issue for years and I'm going to tell you a story which will explain why such talk is hasty. Because Amazon. Doesn't. Care.
I was the victim of piracy in 2012 - and I mean full-on piracy, where someone had ripped my entire book and published it on Amazon under their own publisher name. Using my name and cover, but under their own account so the royalties would go to them.
It was word-for-word the same book I had published myself on @AmazonKDP - so there was obviously zero plagiarism detection or anything like that. But that wasn't the biggest concern at all. This was far bigger than one author and one book, and Amazon's response was disturbing.
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Two separate people have told me things today. This is not definitive proof, but it is suggestive.

Thing number one is this comment here:…
The commenter claims to be a ghostwriter that #CopyPasteKris used, and says that she was given a handful of scenes to help flesh into a book. She claims those scenes were likely plagiarized.
The interesting thing is that I had another ghostwriter contact me privately about #CopyPasteCris (spelling hashtag correctly this time), in which that person detailed that exact same MO—giving her a bunch of scenes to make into a book—this morning.
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#CopyPasteCris I love writing, I always have since I first put pen to paper at 11 years old.

I will always love writing, but when the shit hits the fan like it did today in #Romancelandia, I wonder why the fvck I'm trying to make it as a writer for a career.

Ppl who plagiarise
& repackage books have tons of readers, reviews & they hit lists like the USA today...

and I can't get to 50 reviews on ANY of my work.

I doubt I'll ever stop writing, but days like this I wonder if I'll stop allowing my work to be published.

What's the point if OC writers
get shafted while people like that win?

I seriously would love to know the answer to that.

Anyway, I'm not there yet, so if you want a book written completely from the ground up by ME. I have that. This is my most recent. Review copies still available.
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In light of today's revelations/reminders about plagiarism, cheapjack ghostwriters pumping out substandard novels, KU click farms, genderswapping ripoffs, and all the other scammy, lazy $$-grubbing stuff, real writers may well right now be thinking "Why do I bother?"
I don't know why we bother. Let's go to the pub.

No, wait, that wasn't what I meant to say.
We bother because good books matter. And they matter all the more in a rising tide of substandard processed pink slime. People will see it, they will know your name, and they will appreciate that you cared. That you worked. That you did your best.
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Ok, I bought this #CopyPasteCris book, and perhaps her greatest crime is her own writing. This woman shouldn’t even be able to speak Courtney Milan’s name.
There are so many lines in this book that aren’t #CopyPasteCris’s — I don’t know who they belong to, but her bad writing makes the bits that aren’t hers all the more clear.
Hey @courtneymilan — shes plagiarizing @kresleycole’s If You Deceive here:
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