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Uma Devi Khatri, popularly known as Tun Tun, is the first female comedian in Hindi cinema.

Do you know it was #DilipKumar who coined this name for her?

On her birth anniversary, let's take a sneak peek in her life:

Uma Devi was born on July 11, 1923, in a small village in Uttar Pradesh.

Reportedly, her parents and a brother were murdered over land disputes.

She was left in the care of her uncle, who did not believe in educating a girl. The actress taught herself to read & write Hindi.
She used to sing along to songs on the radio, hoping that she would be heard on it one day.

During her struggle, she got in touch with Naushad. She asked him to hear her out, or she'd throw herself in the ocean.

Seeing her determination & stunned by her voice, he signed her on.
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Here's another thread for all those dhimmi Hindus bawling at the death of #DilipKumar:

1. During the Indo-Pak Kargil War, #yusufkhan refused to return the “Nishan-e-Pakistan”, the Civilian Award conferred on him by the Pakistani Govt.

2. During the whole course of the Indo-Pakistan Kargil war, he never even once criticised Pakistan 🇵🇰.

3. During the whole span of his Bollywood career, he never spoke a single word against Pakistan 🇵🇰 be it the 1965 War, the 1971 Indo-Pak war, or even the 1999 Kargil war.

4. #yusufkhan was caught spying for 🇵🇰 but released because of his connection to the then “Secular” regime.

6. Celebrated Pakistan Day every yr till 1995. He stopped only when Bala Saheb ji asked him to stop it be ready to face consequences.

To him I say "Good Riddance".

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#DilipKumar और उनका अपने कौम के प्रति प्यार।

ये उन हिन्दुओं के लिए है जो उनके निधन से कुछ ज्यादा ही प्रभावित हैं।

बाबरी मस्जिद को दोबारा बनाने के प्रयास में दिलीप कुमार ने भी अपना जी जान से योगदान दिया था। ये बात और है के वो सफल नहीं हो पाये।


बाबरी मस्जिद एक्शन कमेटी के वकील जफरयाब जिलानी चाहते थे कि उनकी ओर से नानी पालखीवाला सुप्रीम कोर्ट में खड़े हों।

नानी जी ने मना कर दिया।

किसी ने जिलानी को बताया कि अगर दिलीप कुमार नानी पालखीवाला से बात करेंगे तो शायद वो तैयार हो जाएं।

नानी और दिलीप कुमार अच्छे मित्र थे।

जफरयाब जिलानी ने दिलीप कुमार को संपर्क किया। पता चला कि वो दिल्ली में ही हैं। जफरयाब जिलानी जाकर मिले और अपना उद्देश्य बताया।

तत्काल दिलीप कुमार ने नानी पालखीवाला को फोन किया और निवेदन किया कि वो बाबरी मस्जिद केस के लिए अदालत में खड़े हों।

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A special thread 🧵 of 5 classical/bhajan/folk songs from Dilip Kumar’s films

all composed by Naushad, sung by Mohd Rafi & written by Shakeel Badayuni

#DilipKumar ImageImage
“..insaaf kaa mandir hai ye
bhagwaan ka ghar hai,
kehna hai jo keh de
tujhe kis baat ka darr hai,

hai khot tere man me
jo bhagwaan se hai door,
hain paanv tere phir bhi
tu aane se hai majboor..”

by Shakeel, Mohd Rafi, Naushad

(1954) Amar - Madhubala, #DilipKumar Image
“..nadiya me utha hai shor,
chhayi hai ghata ghanghor,
jaana dur hai..”

by Shakeel, Mohd Rafi, Naushad, Talat Mahmood

(1950) Babul - Munawar Sultana,
#DilipKumar Image
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Go well, Yusuf saab.

For me, he reinvented speech itself for Indian cinema. Taking it away from the distant theatrical orations of the likes of Sohrab Modi. Down to ordinary human speech, intimate whispers, mumbles, bringing a sense of nearness and interiority.

The classic clash of styles came in Mughal-e-Azam, where his soft, sensitive Salim faced off against the thunderous Prithviraj Kapoor with...yes, words...but also silences, and speaking eyes.

The scene that framed this the best is his very entry....
All the grandiose pageantry of the Mughal court comes to us first, nobles, palace maids and eunuchs running about, orchestras heralding his arrival....

All that magniloquence comes to a halt in anticipation of his first words.

And it's an intimate whisper: "Ma".
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The fount of Acting for all generations who came after him

The acme of grace, polish and sophistication

A reader and intellectual

The Social Activist, the anguished and vocal citizen, the relief worker

Aaj jo sarguzasht hai apni
Kal uski kahaniyan banengi

RIP #DilipKumar
As he had long promised Raj Kapur danced on his knees for his beloved 'Lalle's wedding. Friends since College, Raj Kapur would always be surrounded by girls and invite a very shy Dilip Kumar to join him, but when Raj Kapur had a heart attack, while receiving his Dada Phalke award
Dilip Kumar was away in Pakistan on a triumphant tour and so missed Raj Kapur's greatest moment of showmanship but went straight to the hospital on his return, and held Raj Kapur's hands and cried and cried and cried saying 'Tu Mujhe Chhor ke Nahi Ja Sakta Raj'
Life imitates Art
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Legendary actor Dilip Kumar, one of the finest Bollywood actors ever, passed away earlier this morning. He was 98. His original name was Yusuf Khan and was known as Tragedy King.
Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihe rajioon
#DilipKumar #RIPDilipKumar Image
He was a trendsetter in terms of acting style, and inspired generations of actors across the various streams of Indian cinema. His career spanned over 5 decades. He was considered a master of understatement, and eschewed the loud and theatrical elements of acting.
While he acted in dozens of memorable films over 5 decades, some of his best known films are Devdas, Mughal-e-Azam, Gunga Jamuna, Ram Aur Shyam, Naya Daur, Madhumati, Kranti, Vidhaata, Shakti and Mashaal, to name just a few.
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This is @BeingSalmanKhan's 33rd year in the industry. Let's go back to the history & analyse what the megastars of prior generation - Dilip kumar, Dharmendra & Amitabh did in their 3rd, 13th, 23rd, 33rd and 43rd year & then compare it to the modern day Greatest Salman. Image
#DilipKumar's 3rd year (1946): Rising with hit milan. Poised to be the no.1 star with HGOTY Jugnu in next year(1947) as the no.1 spot was vacant due to the sudden demise of K.L. Sehgal.

#Dharmendra's 3rd year(1962): Fast rising star with hits like Shola Aur Shabnam & Anpadh.
#AmitabhBachchan's 3rd Year(1971): Struggling for hits. Even the mild success came in the form of Anand which led by the then Boxoffice God Rajesh khanna.

#SalmanKhan's 3rd Year(1990): No.1 star with HGOTD ATBB MPK & Hit Baaghi. Poised for greater glory next year with 4 hits.
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