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Ancient Coin of the Day: A Flavian kick today, in particular the association that Domitian fostered between himself and the goddess Minerva, starting with this aureus of AD 82. #ACOTD #Domitian

Image: RIC 2.1 Domitian 138; British Museum (R.10756). Link -…
Domitian's association with Minerva is well known, with Dio (67.1.2) noting almost immediately that "of the gods, it was Athena (Minerva) that he most honoured". Indeed, Philostratos (Life of Apollonius of Tyre 7.24) goes so far as to note that Domitian suggested that he was...
...the son of Athena. Similarly, Martial (Epigram 14.179 - published ca AD 84/5) speaks of the fact that both Minerva and Domitian sport an aegis - the Gorgon's head - on their armour. As a goddess of wisdom and warfare, Minerva was a fine choice for a close affinity.
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Ancient History Quote of the Day: "When Domitian... was lashing the world half to death while Rome cringed before this bald-headed Nero, by chance... a turbot of wondrous proportions fell right into a fisherman's net" (Juvenal, Satire 4.37-41 [with omissions]). #AHQOTD #Domitian
One of my favourite sources, a scathing critique of the consilium of Domitian and its members, the Emperor's 'privy council' and the most overt sign of the autocracy Domitian brought to the role of emperor.

Image: Bust of Domitian (Uffizi)
Far from discussing the enormities of state, Domitian gathers his consilium to discuss what to do with the fish of gargantuan proportions. Juvenal describes the the gathering of the consilium, a group he assesses as "noblemen all, and all of them hated" (4.73).
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Ancient Coin of the Day: A dupondius of AD 88, showing Domitian offering sacrifice to the Moirae on the first night of the Saecular Games of AD 88. #ACOTD #Domitian

Image: RIC 2.1 Domitian 619
Domitian's Saecular Games were a major set-piece of his reign, celebrating them in AD 88, the 841st year after Rome was founded (Censorinus, On the Birthday 17). The Seacular Games had already been celebrated by both Augustus (in 17 BC) and Claudius (in AD 47).
Although meant to be celebrated once in a lifetime, the emperors could reinvent the calculations for the dating of the games in order to serve political and propagandic expediency.
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