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8) #QAnon No. 3182 cont...
The text completes with ==>
Be careful who you follow.
Follow the money.
Follow the expenses.
That's pretty straight forward... Time 2dig Anons. The top link is still down.
#Justice #Phase3
9) #QAnon No. 3183...
Link 2 #POLITICO ==> Judge overseeing key #JeffreyEpstein-related suit dies
"An elderly federal judge presiding over a key lawsuit relating to financier pedophile Jeffrey Epstein died Sunday..."…
Coincidences are like unicorns...
10) #QAnon No. 3184...
Link 2 @B_Rush1776 Tweet ==> @foxnews just put up a #Q image. The Tweet asks if #FoxNews is QAnon?
Well, we can be sure it's not, but they are sure enough tuned into & watching #QDrops [ ! ]

It's a "handpicked" talking point...
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#QAlert 3/25/19 This will be my Thread for Monday, March 25, 2019. There is a reason why a sword is held. and more!

Let’s Go!

@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy
#QAlert 3/25/19
PEOPLE around the WORLD are 'WAKING UP' to the FACT (NOT FICTION) that the CORPORATE [[D] party politically controlled] [6 CORPORATIONS OWN 90%] MEDIA [FAKE NEWS] IS NOT unbiased journalism but POLITICALLY MOTIVATED AND CONTROLLED.

#QAlert 3/25/19 Q3177
Why didn't POTUS fire [RR] after reporting re: offer to wear wire?
Why did WHITAKER/BARR retain [RR] to the END?
Who signed off on the MUELLER summary report submitted by BARR yesterday?
Who signed fraudulent FISA warrants?

Full 👇🏻

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1) @realDonaldTrump @WgiteHouse @POTUS
#QAnon No. 3124...
Finally... Something 2negate #Hussein's rhetoric [ ! ]
@jsolomonReports Tweet ==> followed by link 2 #FoxNews ==> #HusseinWH counsel faces possible prosecution in #MuellerInitiatedProbe
2) #TheHill's #JohnSolomon Tweets re: #GregCraig's coming charges by the #DOJ 4engaging in illegal unregistered overseas lobbying. He never registered as a foreign agent under #FARA, a #USLaw (Think #Manafort).…
Craig was the former #Hussein #WHCounsel
3) & #ClintonLinkedAttorney.
Text: #Q's drops are frequently multilayered in their msgs. The #GeoPolitically ignorant, along w/the #FakeMAGA, #Shills, & host platform's working the #ObstructionistAgenda in this new push 2negate the msg of the movement, are proof of their #Panic.
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#QAnon #QArmy #DigitalPatriots The #Paytriots on Twitter and Youtube, that you trusted the most, have deceived you. They were only out for your money - it was all about greed while feeding their egos. They laughed at you instead of loving their fellow Patriots - worldwide. @POTUS
#QAnon #QArmy #DigitalPatriots They used you to buy their books, donate to their channels, and submit your information to data-mining programs. They've used and abused your contributions to their "digs" and stole your hard work to boost their following. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
#QAnon #QArmy #DigitalPatriots Don't believe me? That choice is yours. Use your digging skills that have been honed and developed - check your opinions and emotions, and PROVE ME WRONG. @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
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the great awakening book is the greatest awakening i have experienced in this movement so far... you'll see what i mean in the near future. i'm happy it was made and sold on amazon. blessings to all contributors, including @GenFlynn #futureprovespast #thegreatawakening #qanon
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1. Here is my 🧵 today about my observations on what’s going on here on Twativerse:

Most of us have been at this now for three years since @POTUS took office.

Things we could simply not talk about before suddenly became possible to discuss.

Still, we all know #ThisIsNotAGame
2. #FreeSpeech has been making a comeback! Remember when we couldn’t even TALK about the sick and evil crimes of the #DeepState ? The C_I had infiltrated (and has still) every aspect of society. NOT ANYMORE. It’s not going to change overnight as it takes time to drain the swamp.
3. Sadly, we have been been censored and mind controlled thru every aspect of society. Media, food, air, all of it has been “programmed” and designed to control us, the population. We are sheep to them. It’s a very small group of people, & we know who they are.
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All doubt removed. It is official. Ann Coulter is COMPROMISED, and added to the list of good-for-nuthin #FakeMAGA. She's been a neocon [Romney] agent all along.
And records will soon show that she received payments from [them] to further the agenda of the Deep State - NEVER was she on the side of Patriots. I AM SO SICK OF THESE LIARS. #GITMO
First, Ann Coulter's job was to provide the stereotype right-wing zealot persona who predicted the joke candidate would win. When he unexpectedly did, she was then reactivated to steer Patriots away from Trump and endorse Romney nearer 2020. EXPOSED!
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Anon :

Ann Coulter is Now a “Never Trump” Conservative.

thats funny

#QAnon :

Mitt Romney.
Mitt Romney.
Mitt Romney.
Wire transfers are a convenient way of transferring money.

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amazing how many #fakemaga morons are crying over the amazon deal... this is @AOC's best work. capitalism is great, but not that great. #maga #qanon
you should ask your alexa if amazon spies on you... #qanon
there is #americafirst nationalism and then there is globalism.
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"Be careful who you follow. " Q
🛑#FakeMaga Shill alert 🛑@fuctupmind
You can see by title he is spreading disinfo. At 44:30 he bashes Q and mocks people
"who are falling for this Q BS .

Many Q Patriots repost @Fuctupmike tweets.
He needs to be called out and blocked.
I was wrong for suggesting to fans of Mike be blocked. For that I apologize.
I never intend to be divisive. But does ANYONE here see a problem with his/his host's comments at 44:30 as being blatantly belittling/divisive??
When someone ( like the MSM) bashes Q followers
I see 3 reasons:
1) They are intellectually dishonest/uninformed about Qanon.
2}They know Q is true and see it as a threat.
3.) They are controlled opposition and paid to infiltrate divide #MAGA

Seems odd to not have fair-minded responses.
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The #Qanon attempt to hijack the #YellowVest #YellowJacket #GiletsJeunes austerity protests, to spread #infeQtion and #infeKtion is pissing me off.
Time for #CounterMeasures. Let's call this... #OpAllTheKingsMen. 1/
For those who don't know what #Qanon is: Dude(s) claiming #Q-clearance (which doesn't exist) post coded messages on stoopid/chan/; Dude(s) claiming critical-thinking super powers decode those messages; Gov secrets (The Plan) revealed about Trump killing the Deep State Cabal. 2/
I have to rewind just a bit, cuz it didn't start out that way. Initially, the Q Operative(s) would ask a series of questions, which I like to call a "socratic circle jerk". The questions were designed, IMO, to establish what the target was willing to believe. 3/
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Now you’re taking shit about @prayingmedic 🧐 you’ve been really attacking us over the last few days...You still a wanted Hungarian fugitive??
Do you think you could piss us off and we wouldn’t dig on you?
🧐 When did the leaks stop from the WH?? I wonder..Arrr yer after they fired your ass...
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Followers of #Qanon are
non-violent, and our ideology

If anyone condones/engages in violence or criminal acts: THEY ARE NOT PART OF OUR MOVEMENT.
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1. Here is my take on the reporting. I maybe NOBODY, but I am everybody! I represent an audiance, the consumer of information. I am an America, I am a voter! I am MAGA, I am deplorable, I love the truth NO matter were it leads!
2. This weekend was full of, well, CRAZY! Some of the Independent Journalist, whom, we love and respect, left there critical thinking parts of the brain and launched into the emoitional side! SO WHAT!! They are human, we all do it sometimes.
3. Before we start BLOCKING, UNFOLLOWING and accusing everyone of something nepherius, take a moment, people are motivated by other factors than money and greed! It is hard to let go of beliefs. Even with facts glaring us in the face.
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I am shadowbanned (as per usual) so please RT this short thread if you agree.


Twitter has used our fueds against us.

Let me begin by saying I AM AT FAULT!
I admit to feuding & reporting accounts that I deemed #FakeMAGA & whether or not I was right is irrelevant. It has harmed us all.

Twitter used all of our reporting to locate accounts evading suspension and users with multiple accounts.
By reporting “enemies” or people harassing I helped Twitter locate many of you, and vice versa.

In the last 48 hours several factions of #MAGA have seen the error in this and have come together to try and unify our Grand Old Party.
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@rowanwcroft @412Anon87 @PatriotsSoapbox @Scavino45 @parscale
💥Today's QAnon coverage from NBC
Targeting three specific individuals, two in USA, one in South Africa. Is NBC targeting them to heat things up and to flush out the real Q?…
Jack Posobiec seems very intent - suspiciously so - on "exposing the Q fraud", as he puts it. "I'm the only one with the truth. I know more than NBC; I had it first. There are two parts to this."
#1 Two ppl who claim they started it have come forward
#2 The 3 ppl named by NBC
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