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Schiff, Pelosi, & Nadler are panicking. They have invested YEARS into tearing #Trump apart to the exclusion of OTHERS who are investigating the treachery all around THEM. Nadler has spent 30yrs trying (at one point with McCain) to close down Trump when he was about to build in
2/ NYC. He had plans laid out to build NY’s tallest skyscraper on the upper West side. It would have included shopping, housing for low-level as well as high income penthouses & views of the Hudson River. Trump was even looking to move the drive to improve views. Nadler realized
3/ after seeing mock ups it would change the demographic of his voting district. He hurried to Congress to consult with his buddy McCain. Together, the got government funding stalled/stopped. This was funding open to ANY developer. Trump turned to another project. The entire time
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The “fight” #FatJerry has with Trump goes back to their days in NYC. Trump wanted to build the highest skyscraper in a tract of land near the railroad on the Lower West Side. It was going to have upper class housing as well as high-end shopping & low-end housing on the
2/ first floors. DJT even planned to alter the parkway for better views of the East River. Trump applied for gov’t funding & had architectural renderings for display. The problem? It was Nadler’s voting bloc. He was afraid it would change his low end demographics. Nadler rushed
3/ to DC & met his buddy, John McCain. Gov’t funding was STOPPED. Trump merely took on another project. But his nickname for Jerry stuck. Nadler was 5’3” & 300lbs. Trump is 6’4”. Nadler had lap-band surgery. His grudge lives to this day. Trump shrugged when asked about #FatJerry
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'More unlikeable' than Schiff: Trump allies eagerly await expected Nadler belly-flop

(Geez... can Nadler pull his pants up any higher?)
“We’ve been anxiously awaiting the moment that Nadler takes over the impeachment inquiry,” said a Republican close to Trump. “After Schiff, he’s the most incompetent and unlikable Democrat member. Pelosi was unhappy with Schiff’s performance. Wait until she sees Nadler in action.
Nadler has clashed with Trump since the 1980s and '90s, when Trump nicknamed a then-overweight @RepJerryNadler “Fat Jerry." The men fought particularly over Trump’s efforts to develop land on the West Side of Manhattan along the Hudson River.
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Not quite. This is #FatJerry ‘s swan song. He has had a 20 yr vendetta against Trump & sees these hearings as his last chance to “stick it to #Trump “ Fat Jerry & Trump go back to when Trump wanted to build the tallest skyscraper in NYC. He located property near the West side
2/ highway. It had the old railroad tracks on it & was essentially slum lord owned buildings. He drew up plans to adjust the highway for better views. Trump owned the land, had shown the plans for it at town halls & was in the process of getting government loans. It was
3/ spectacular, but changes in future buyers & demograhics could cost Jerry his seat. So he went to a friend in the Senate. He & John McCain devised a plan to block Trump from his skyscraper. Trump had given the 5’4” Nadler a nickname due to the more than 300lbs he carried, & it
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Go back in time. Nadler has a YUGE chip on his shoulder. #FatJerry had his life saved by Trump, whose constant needling led 300 lb. 5’4” Nadler to get bariatric surgery. “I probably saved his life,” laughed our 6’3” President. Research the project Trump had planned for Jerry’s
3/ This gives you an idea of how Trump wanted to expand the 10th district in NYC from slum lord buildings & rent controlled housing to a 76 acre series of 6 skyscrapers 76 ft high to include a skyscraper twice that size to include upscale stores & a redo of the West Side Drive.
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#FatJerry has had it out for Trump since Trump wanted to build the tallest skyscraper in the world. He would have built it in Nadler’s predominantly Jewish district, on Manhattan’s upper West Side, and included low income housing as well as penthouse suites overlooking the river
2/ In fact he wanted to redo the West Side Highway to give the project phenomenal views. The building would have impacted his demographic substantially, a concoction of rent-controlled, slum lord owned ancient buildings.
3/ Trump’s vision would have been in the 76 acres of the old Penn station, & would have included did 76 ft. skyscrapers, and one mammoth tower twice that height. It would have included new housing for 20K, 10K parking spaces, 3.6M square feet of television & movie studio space
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