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Citizen Zero @DipswitchDan
1. Folks - we need to have a brief chat about 'Photoshopped' versus 'Modified'.
I am contending that the photograph supplied by Mrs. Tweeden as evidence Senator Franken committed a crime was staged by all participants in the photo.
2. Nothing in the photo Mrs. Tweeden presents seems to be altered. Al Franken is 'honking her breasts' while she feigns or fakes sleeping. I'm saying they were posing for a joke picture that she is cynically presenting as evidence in a crime.
3. She presented this photo (inadvertently, I'm guessing) as evidence in her article - attaching this file to it to 'prove' her allegations of sexual molestation. She literally states that 'Al Franken Groped Me'.

All other versions of this photo have that metadata stripped.
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It's chaos. Be kind. @DipswitchDan
Mini Thread
Here's what we know/can prove without a doubt.
1. Mrs. Tweeden submitted this file to her station and had it inserted into her article accusing Mr. Franken.
2. Her allegation about the photo is that it was taken without her knowledge on Christmas Eve 2006 during a 36 hour flight home at the end of the tour.
3. The photo has metadata stating it was a .jpg created with a Nikon D2H camera (the kind used by Combat Camera, USO photogs). The jpg was created on 12/21/06 at 17:19 PM (Assuming PST).
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