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#ESAJuice will carry 10 instruments, comprising the most powerful payload complement ever flown to the outer Solar System 🦾

✅A remote sensing package
✅A geophysical package
✅An in situ package

+ an experiment.

Here's what they will explore 🧵👇 Infographic showing ESA's Juice instruments: their location
The remote package of #ESAJuice includes camera and spectrometers from the ultraviolet to the sub-millimetre wavelengths to study #Jupiter's clouds and explore the moons' geological features & icy surfaces.

It includes 4 instruments: JANUS, MAJIS, UVS and SWI
👉 JANUS will study global, regional & local features and processes on #Ganymede, as well as map the clouds of #Jupiter.

👉 MAJIS will observe cloud features and atmospheric constituents on Jupiter & will characterise ices and minerals on the icy moon surfaces.
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Hi! we are @InafOact and we're happy to join the #CataniaResearchShow. We'll present the latest results of our projects.
Follow the whole show, we'll then pass the baton to @lottabiolab next!
#SharperNight #EuropeanResearchersNight #ERN21 #MSCANight #ERNItaly #SharperNightCatania
#SolarPhysics These images show the latest Hα and continuum image of the Sun acquired at @InafOact with a quality index equal to 1 (1 =good, 3 = bad). They provide a view of the solar chromosphere and photosphere. The observations are carried out between 8:00 and 14:00 CET/CEST.

Unpacking #Juice, the world's first mission to orbit an icy moon. @ESA_JUICE
On board of the payload will be #JANUS, an optical Italian-led camera to study the largest Jupiter moons: #Ganymede, #Callisto and #Europa.
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#LunarWarming: Jupiter’s Icy Moons Are Heating Each Other Up, New Research Finds…

(📸: NASA) Image
Despite being so far away from the #Sun, #Jupiter’s moons are hot—hotter than they should be! The beautiful, icy moons are known to contain interiors warm enough to host oceans of liquid water.

Previously, researchers believed that #Jupiter was the sole reason behind most of the heating associated with Io's internal ocean of magma as well as the liquid interiors of its three icy Galilean moons: #Europa, #Ganymede, and #Callisto.
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