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221011 (EST) #HAECHAN’s Instagram AMA


“I searched for a while how I can do AMA… anyway I succeeded let’s goooo” Image
Q: Did you have a good day?
A: I’m still having a good time

#HAECHAN #해찬 Image
Q: So this is why I’ve been up not sleeping… it’s because I’m (meant to) catch this
A: I almost ended this just receiving questions because I couldn’t find the way to answer…

#HAECHAN #해찬 Image
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NCT 127 게시판 백업 #해찬 #HAECHAN
Only ACE
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도영 리슨 FROM. NCT 127 게시판 백업 📂

도영입니당 @.@

GMA 를 마치고 ㅎㅎㅎ
앞으루 자주자주 만나용 힣

시즈니들 굿모닝@.@

날아 저 하늘로 ㅎㅎㅎ
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love thy enemy
markhyuck / mahae filo au

wherein total opposites, sol (hc) and kael (mk) try to survive living together under the same roof without actually murdering each other-- well, almost ImageImageImageImage
-enemies to friends to lovers
-gender bender
-rated 18 🔞 (profanities, sexual innuendos)
-attempt at romcom

*will add more tags and tw as story progresses
-advance sorry for the typos/grammatical errors
-no affiliation to any schools/institutions/establishments that will be mentioned in the au
-the characters portrayed are in no way, reflect the people/artists irl
-for entertainment purposes only
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they named haechan “haerry” now 😭
the explained that it came from “haechan radio” 😆
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still haven’t moved on from this haechan
cr. 6it6h
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this is a repost coz it got c worded 😢
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37.5 everywhere he goes 🥳
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so obsessed with haechan’s casual and attractive looks in every live 😵‍💫 Image
i want him for myself .. everybody pls leave him to me
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HAECHAN in #NCT127 JP OFFICIAL BOOK VOL.5 Translation Thread

© pic & jp→kr trans by cocolate6ix


HAECHAN’s Café Life

“I’m the type to buy a drink then leave immed. so there’s not much memory of me spending time in a café.”

#HAECHAN #해찬 #nct해찬
“I always drink Iced Americano at cafés. If not that then I also drink Chamomile Tea, & Iced English Breakfast tea.“

“I quite enjoy chocolate cake as dessert. When my blood sugar is low because of exhaustion, having some chocolate cake ups my mood instantly.“

*pic as reference
“The first time I had dalgona was when I was a trainee. I went there often when I was a trainee...”

“For me, it seems like "cafe" is defined as iced americano. If there's a drink that can beat that definition, I might order that too.”

*pic as reference
#HAECHAN #해찬 #nct해찬
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HAECHAN in #NCT127 JP OFFICIAL BOOK VOL.5 Translation Thread

© pics & jp → kr trans from goodgameuser


Cafe 127 Job Designation Chart

- Waiter

#HAECHAN #해찬 #nct해찬
Assigning fruits to each other!

Haechan chose <Cherry Tomato> for himself!

The reason: Because that’s how how he was called when he dyed his hair red.

(t/n: that’s what fans call Limitless era HC ☺️)

#HAECHAN #해찬 #nct해찬
HAECHAN: I think I tend to behave childishly quite a lot. (There’s also instances where) I rely mentally on the older members and since i’m the maknae, even though I act childishly and joke around they let me off well (laughs).

© goodgameuser
#HAECHAN #해찬 #nct해찬
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2022 Vol.5 [ ENG TRANS ]

2022 Vol.5 [ ENG TRANS ]

《 127’s Jobs at Cafe127 》

#NCT #태일 #TAEIL #テイル Image
2022 Vol.5 [ ENG TRANS ]

《 127’s Jobs at Cafe127 》

#NCT  #자니 #JOHNNY #ジャニ Image
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#세상에서_최고아빠_천러 #CHENLE bbl update!!

the fast breathing at the ending

i was really tired

i almost d!ed


i tried to pretend that it isn't but it really is very tiring

when i sang the high note in hello future

manager below

said that even down there he +
#세상에서_최고아빠_천러 #CHENLE bbl update!!

could hear my live voice i was so shy

tired to de*ath tired to de*ath

dreamies have worked hard


the hot sauce bridge originally after my part is with #JENO hyung


while singing

real almost d!ed kkkk
#세상에서_최고아빠_천러 #CHENLE bbl update!!

my breath

i almost fainted

if you rewatched the stage again you will see on my facial expression that it was very difficult

(in chinese) in the bridge originally i have a part and after that i have to sing with #JENO after that +
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#세상에서_최고아빠_천러 #CHENLE bbl update!!

chenle said that if anyone bullies mark he would bully that person back. he also said that he would sit silently and watch #HAECHAN get beaten because he bullied #MARK HAHA
#세상에서_최고아빠_천러 #CHENLE bbl update!!

i feel like #HAECHAN really enjoys getting beaten by #MARK

know that he would get beaten yet he still bullies him

it's really fun to sit at the side and watch
#세상에서_최고아빠_천러 #CHENLE bbl update!!

lee #HAECHAN really gets beaten up no matter who he bullies but he still bullies them

take turns to bully then take turns to beat

#MARK never hits me how could he hit me

can a son hit his dad?
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#NCT127 Spoiler Night at 8PM KST

We’ll be doing live translations with a focus on HAECHAN parts so please tune in together! ☀️

#HAECHAN #해찬 #nct해찬
Hello everyone, Haechannie is here again!
DY: What's the most memorable spoiler?
JHNY: For me, it's when Haechan mentioned lemonade
HC: Of course, the sense!
Hyungs: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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210822 fullsun_ncit IG LIVE Translation Thread

Haechan said he ended up having an IG for the promotions and it was hard.. even just doing the ig story was hard... He also said he can't do the live for long because he has to practice(?)

#해찬 #HAECHAN #nct해찬
Comments said it feels weird that he's doing insta (live or in general) and he said he finds it weird too (unused to) He also said it does feel different than VLive

Talking about this feeling its interesting it's hard and he said he was gonna post a selca but his selcas are...
more like bubble feel and for insta feel lol

He's trying out flters (t/n: im cryinggg hes so cute)
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#DOYOUNG: Nós participamos do projeto de Ryan Jhun com a música 'Maniac'!
#HAECHAN: Sim, NCT e Ryan Jhun-nim têm um bom relacionamento, então estamos felizes por poder estarmos juntos desta vez
DY: Especialmente porque Ryan Jhun-nim disse que é uma +
+ música feita pensando em nossas vozes e imagem, então eu acho que é muito significativo.
HC: A música é muito, muito boa! Já que todos nós trabalhamos duro nos preparando para isso, por favor, dê muito amor~
DY&HC: Obrigado!
cr.: captainuwu
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proof that kim mingyu and lee haechan could pass as brothers — a thread ImageImage
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#2NE1 Image
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markhyuck au ♡

it’s no secret that up-and-coming MUA haechan and lifestyle blogger mark hate eachother; though no one’s quite sure why. so when they’re shipped off to a private island for a brand trip and forced to play nice, surly nothing can go well. ImageImage
• usual au rules apply (no replying ect)
• tw// mentions of alcohol and being drunk
• tw// mentions of sex but i will NOT be writing that explicitly
• misunderstandings and stupid big fat ugly crushes :))
• i’ll tag any other tws when (if) they appear
okkk i will now begin so if u see this then plz retweet :]
#HAECHAN #MARK #markhyuck
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💌 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐃𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐲 𝟏𝟐𝟕 : 𝟐𝟎𝟎𝟔𝟏𝟐 💌
@NCTsmtown_127 #NCT127

1. SBSNOW Twitter | #JAEHYUN Inkigayo MC Cut (Thread)

2. SBSNOW Youtube | #JAEHYUN Inkigayo MC Cut

(cont’d) @NCTsmtown_127 #NCT127

3. Nature Republic Instagram | #TAEIL Birthday Wishes from NR

4. SMTOWN &STORE Twitter | #TAEIL Birthday Necklace

(cont’d) @NCTsmtown_127 #NCT127

5. SBS KPOP Twitter | #JOHNNY 사심인가 Teaser

6. Nature Republic Instagram | #MARK #JOHNNY #YUTA

7. Nature Republic Youtube | #MARK #JOHNNY #YUTA

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