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#SadarPranam . You have got “Ashwamedha” completely wrong. “Medha” doesn’t mean “Sacrifice” anywhere except in works of Indologists like #Wendy .

#Medha simply means “Intelligent” & “Sharp”. Let me give you some references of names to imply. Read on👇🏼1/n
2/n Medhā —One of the 24 daughters born to Dakṣaprajāpati of his wife Prasūti. (Chapter 7, Viṣṇu Purāṇa).

Medha (मेध).—One of the ten sons of Svāyambhuva Manu.
One of the ten sons of Kardama
A god of the Sumedhasa group

Look for more examples below for Medha as name👇🏼
3/n A son of Priyavrata: given to Yoga as he had no inclination for kingship.
A pupil of Devadarśa.

Medhā (मेधा).—
A kalā of Brahmā.
A Śakti;1 the goddess enshrined at Kāśmīramaṇḍala.
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#MaggieNixon, aka #Wendy #MKUltra. #WellHellsBells

Lots of confusion re: girl pictured w/Obama.
-She's not Maggie Haberman.
-She's not the blonde in the Standard Hotel helicopter accident.

Thread w/ pictures and Q posts in one place.

Refer to April Qposts - Best IMO.
Article in Q drop link #AgnesNixon Maggie's grandmother

Q posts mention AS THE WORLD TURNS - 13 times.…
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170808 KBS Cool FM Moon Hee-Joon's Music Show - Starring #RedVelvet's #Seulgi, #Wendy, #Yeri
Intro Music: #RedVelvet's #RedFlavor
MC: They're Summer Queens who are loved by people. We'll meet #RedVelvet right after the ad break!
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1. The fanlight's official nickname is Kim Man-Bong (short for Kimchi Mandu(dumpling) and bong (stick))
2. The name of the broken robot is Rêve, and #RedVelvet #Seulgi was in charge of the initial design.
During the talk time, #RedVelvet asked #Wendy to do the broken robot dance again because she was so good at it.
W: I couldn't figure out how to express a robot.
RV: But you were so good at it.
W: Really?
#Seulgi: We found your dance genre! Try doing poppin!
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#QAlert 4/22/18 This will be my THREAD for all #QanonPosts for Sunday, April 22, 2018. Civilization Jihadist, Salon article Michelle Bachmann "Witch Hunt", MB Connections and More! Check back for updates! Let's Go!
@POTUS #MAGA #QAnon #KAG #WitchHunt #Treason #WWG1WGA #redpilled
#QAlert 4/22/18 Post 1235…
Good article.
Don’t forget about Huma.
America for sale.
No name.
Inside out destruction.
HUMA & Hussein.
Who paid?
SA [vital].
#QAlert 4/22/18 Post 1236…
OHHHHH!! This is one of the reasons why POTUS keeps bringing up witch hunt! Link to 16 page letter by Bachman regarding the infiltration of MB in US GOV…
@POTUS #MAGA #QAnon #KAG #WitchHunt #Treason #WWG1WGA
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The girl in this photo is Maggie Nixon the daughter of Robert (Bob) and Sarah Nixon who own a bed & breakfast at Matha's Vinyard.
Bob actually is pretty famous and comes from a famous family (not Richard Nixon)


Bob has made many films including one featuring George Bush. You may remember one called "Gorillas in the Mist"

Here's his wiki:…
Bob's mother basically created TV Soaps operas...
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