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"Ukuran #LEGO minifigures lebih besar dari ANT-MAN yang mengecil seukuran lubang kunci"

Ini adalah 15+ fun lego facts yang perlu diketahui oleh semua penggemar LEGO di Indonesia.

- A Thread -

kang rival sarapan pagi ganjar ganteng #AntManAndTheWasp #FunFacts #NCTDREAM #NCT…
1. Sebuah kolom dengan sekitar 40 miliar #LEGO dapat disusun mencapai bulan.

2. Cetakan yang digunakan untuk menghasilkan elemen LEGO memiliki akurasi hingga 0,004mm – kurang dari lebar sehelai rambut.
3. Balok #LEGO yang terjual dalam satu tahun dapat ditata untuk mengelilingi Bumi lima kali.

4. Kata “LEGO” adalah gabungan dari dua kata Denmark:
- LEg (play)
- GOdt (good)
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220618 드림콘서트 현장 MC 기사사진 도영

#도영 #DOYOUNG #NCT #NCT127   #NCT도영
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0/ Part of our thesis at @regen_network is that #ReFi needs its own dedicated layer1 app chain with a dev team that builds tools and tech for the use-case of ecological accounting, commons and climate markets. Who and what does the core team maintain your blockchain work for? 🧵
1/ Interesting fact: the refi use case and @regen_network’s emphasis on land stewards as a core user has generated much of the innovation in the @cosmossdk that the #ibcgang is enjoying now. Authz and cosmwasm being two prime examples.
2/ Good tech follows commitment to clear uses cases and a solid ethical foundation. The challenges of building a native web3 ecological asset origination system creates the crucible for the most battle tested fasted growing crypto ecosystem: @cosmos.
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love thy enemy
markhyuck / mahae filo au

wherein total opposites, sol (hc) and kael (mk) try to survive living together under the same roof without actually murdering each other-- well, almost ImageImageImageImage
-enemies to friends to lovers
-gender bender
-rated 18 🔞 (profanities, sexual innuendos)
-attempt at romcom

*will add more tags and tw as story progresses
-advance sorry for the typos/grammatical errors
-no affiliation to any schools/institutions/establishments that will be mentioned in the au
-the characters portrayed are in no way, reflect the people/artists irl
-for entertainment purposes only
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2022 Vol.5 [ ENG TRANS ]

2022 Vol.5 [ ENG TRANS ]

《 127’s Jobs at Cafe127 》

#NCT #태일 #TAEIL #テイル Image
2022 Vol.5 [ ENG TRANS ]

《 127’s Jobs at Cafe127 》

#NCT  #자니 #JOHNNY #ジャニ Image
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Lucas Antis needto stopspreading lies aboutLucas usingthe shutdown ofhis China fansite tosupportyour claim ofhim being guiltyofthose allegations.Hisfan site's current administrators have been under investigation for stealing money evenbeforethe shut down.@SMTOWNGLOBAL #NCT #LUCAS
There are more than 2 administrators Luxor and Yourhighness. It's a group of around 8 people. One of them China lumis referred using pronoun "He"
This is for you antis. These are the evidence provided by a Lumis who worked with these administrators when the fansite was running. She claimed some of them were there not to support Lucas but for POWER and money. They never did any work.
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Luxor is a sasaeng fan of Lucas since 2018 & stalked him everywhere to different countries.The investigation team found out she got herself a job & worked for Keep Running 2019 behind screen.This is the photo she took with Lucas on the set of KR before July 2019 #nct #lucas
Luxor also since 2018, had taken countless photos of Lucas stalking him around. She was selling his photos to make money from Lucas fans. So Luxor had made tons of money using Lucas. Image
Luxor posted on her account on May 2019, her work ID for Keep Running and a comment "Macau" Lucas was filming Keep Running during the Spring in 2019. Macau was one of KR filming location. She was a Lucas' stalker who got a job so she could get close to her idol. Image
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Lucas grew up in Hong Kong.His parents used to own a Thai food shop(more than 10 years)in the mall.When he was young,he usedto goto his parents shop after school to help out.The people who have been working in the mall all know him,said Lucas is very well liked. #nct #lucas #WayV ImageImageImageImage
Do you all see Lucas is very familiar with working in the kitchen. He followed the orders given by the old man. Yes, yes, yes..said Lucas. His familiar because he used to work in his parents food shop and helped out preparing the cooking ingredients. #Nct #wayv #lucas
Lucas gave money to his parents to move and renovate their shop. The newly renovated shop opened only for a short while. China Lumis believe Lucas had his parents closed the shop due to antis continued to go and bother his parents' business. #nct #wayv #lucas ImageImageImage
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(Bukan) Cinta Pertama
— an #NCT Jaemin x OC au.

“...ternyata gue sukanya sama lo”
Naoki Lesmana

“Hazelnut Chocolate, yang hot kan?” Image
Felicia Anantara.

“Thanks, gue bisa sendiri tapi.” Image
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jaeyong filo au kung saan every week, may pinupuntahan sila jaehyun at taeyong na bagong restaurant. wag kayo mag-assume, hindi daw date yung ginagawa nila —

— nung una.

#JAEYONG #NCT #NCT127 ImageImageImageImage
— main characters

taeyong and jaehyun have been friends since high school. they were also accepted in the same college/university but they have different courses. ImageImage
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#2NE1 Image
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JohnTen Tagalog/Filo AU
🌸 Quarreltine With You

— kung saan naabutan ng lockdown si Ten sa bahay ni Johnny matapos nilang magkita sa bar.

#NCT #Johnten #Luwoo #Doyu #Jaeyong #Markhyuck ImageImage
🔹 OG friends ni Ten ImageImage
🔹 OG friends ni Johnny ImageImage
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#SupremeCourt reproaches #Delhi Govt over treatment of patients in its hospitals & handling of dead bodies.

SC calls situation in #Delhi as horrendous, horrific & pathetic & rips into #Delhi Govt lawyer for patients being stacked with dead bodies everywhere in its hospitals.
SC notes down more than 2000 beds are vacant in #Delhi hospitals since there is nobody to take care of the patients there.

Court also cites videos where patients are crying with pain while nobody is there to attend them.

SC says it is pained by the state of affairs .
Court also questions #Delhi Govt over reducing the #COVID19 testing; asks if the #NCT is trying for an artificial figure.

"How can the tests go down? Increasing the testing capacity is the duty of a state," SC asks #Delhi Govt
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˚✧₊ jaeyong tagalog au ⁺˳✧

wherein Jaehyun joins a twitter game and Taeyong didn't expect his answer. ImageImageImage

彡socmed au
彡timestamps? idk her
彡quote rt don't reply
彡enjoy reading!
彡dm me for questions/feedbacks

#nct #nctau #jaehyun #taeyong #jaeyong #jaeyongtagalogau #jaeyongau #socmedau
彡characters ImageImage
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˚✧₊ jaeyong exes au ⁺˳✧nct au

college is near and their school is known to pick the couple of the year annually. jaehyun badly wants to win and his ex is the only thing on his mind.

"nothing's gonna happen if we pretend that we never broke up in front of everyone, right?"

彡lots of angst
彡socmed + narrations
彡timestamps are irrelevant
彡quote rt don't reply
彡do not read if you are uncomfortable w/ some heavy emotional scenes
彡dm me for questions/feedbacks

#nct #jaeyong #jaehyun #taeyong #jaeyongau #nctau
彡 characters
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˚✧₊ jaeyong prince au ⁺˳✧ nct au

Jaehyun and Taeyong had a memorable summer together. They didn't have to worry about anything else, that's what they thought, except the fact that the North and South are rivals—and they have no idea about each other's true identity.

彡socmed + few narrations
彡sideships included
彡timestamps don't matter
彡quote rt don't reply
彡setting: korea, 2020
彡enjoy reading!
彡dm me for questions/feedbacks

#nct #jaeyong #jaehyun #taeyong #jaeyongau #nctau #socmed
彡 characters | THE KINGS
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𝒯𝒽𝑒 ℋ𝒾𝓉𝓂𝒶𝓃 𝒸𝒶𝓈𝑒.
Yuwin AU.

Dong Sicheng, a FBI agent gets assigned to a new case called: The Hitman Case. He has to go undercover to become somewhat friends with the number one suspect; Nakamoto Yuta.

This is my first AU!
#au #nct #nctzen #yuta #winwin #yuwin ImageImageImageImage
Character profile.

Name: Dong Sicheng
Nationality: Chinese.
Age: 25 years old.

He was born in Shanghai, but him and his parents moved in the US when he was 5 yo, he is a single child and used to be the straight A student. He has been an FBI agent for a year. Image
Character profile.

Name: Nakamoto Yuta.
Nationality: Japanese.
Age: 28 years old.

Yuta left Osaka when he was 18, to study in the US to become a designer. He graduated a few years later and has been working as a designer as a cover up for his actual job; being a hitman. Image
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🎞: Ilford Delta 3200

by choi jiwoong

🎞: Fuji Pro400H & Kodak Portra 400
📷: Contax G2, Hasselblad 500C (probably) with Vivitar soft focus filter

The photographer who was in charge for NCT127’s Regular-Irregular album and WayV’s debut album just posted these pics 💚

#winwin #윈윈 #엔시티 #nct127_regular_irregular
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#luwoo!au #nct

/au в котором лукас — андеграундный репер и презирает все, что связано с кпопом, а чону —айдол, который вот-вот должен дебютировать./
◢ профиль лукаса ◣
—ебал кпоп культуру и отказался стать айдолом пять раз
—прелесть андеграунда в том, что ты можешь читать фанфики с собой и даже комментировать их
—именно поэтому в чс у своих поклонниц
—учавствует в баттлах, но чаще всего чисто по фану и только за бабки
◢ профиль чону ◣
—закрытый акк
—жизнь состоит из тренировок и мыслей о дебюте
—дайте ребёнку покушать
—кажется милым, но на самом деле может и въебать
—ангельский голос
—«через тернии к звёздам»
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