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#CranstonFireDirectEnergyWeapon #CranstonFireDEW #CranstonFire

To the people of California affected by the Cranston Fire, you were attacked by a Direct Energy Weapon on July 25, 2018. This is based on scientific evidence and is not a conspiracy theory.
And don't fall for the disinformation tactics trying to lead you in the wrong direction. Direct Energy Weapons are in waves that can't be seen by the human eye, they are NOT visible light. Any pictures you see as "proof" like the ones below are photoshopped fakes!
This video shows the weapon heating the ground below, instantly setting ablaze the vegetation as the smoke rises from behind the hill. It also shows the flashes in due to the ionization of the atmosphere as the beam travels through that portion of the sky.
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This is a bit of knowledge for the people who claim the federal government owns the land at the national parks in California currently involved in the #HillFire #campfire and the #WhoolseyFire .
All the land in CA is actually managed BY CA PARKS AND REC! -continued-
See the federal government only protected the land with a presidential proclamation. The land still stays under the Management and control of the state. The fed does give the states money towards managing the parks but the states call the shots on how to spend that money
Now let's look at the #browndoggle high speed rail system. The fed gave CA $10Bil, CA raised $20Bil from bond sales, that's only $30Bil yet they spent $60Bil. So where do you think the other $30Bil came from? It didn't just appear from space now...
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(20) Not only have wildfires struck CA just 3 months after the last major episode of fires in August 2018, one of the communities at risk, Thousand Oaks in Ventura Co., had the #BorderlineBarShooting only 24 hours ago, where 12 innocents died.

So I'm RTing this thread.
(21) @BDP473 alerted me to it with this tweet: "Update: some geographical perspective and reference of where the #WoolseyFire and #HillFire are burning in Ventura County. Wouldn’t doubt this gets made into a complex soon."
(23) POTUS spoke about this in detail in August, as did several federal agency heads and GOP Congressmen, esp. those in the very smart @WesternCaucus. It's time for the nonsense to stop. #FixIt

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