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1/ Is there is any evidence that stay-home orders put into place in the past week or two have had a measurable impact on slowing the outbreak?

Where would we see it first? (We need better eyes!)

We *may* have some early signals in public data that infections in NYC slowed 🙏
2/ There are three sources of timely surveillance data we might look to, to understand the current dynamics of the outbreak, and all three are flawed right now. WE NEED TO FIX THESE FLAWS URGENTLY.

a) Case growth
b) Positivity rate
c) ED visits
3/ Case growth.

As you can see, it looks like the slope of the exponential line has slackened just a bit. That's actually a huge deal, if doubling time goes from 2 days to 5 days.

But to build a proper epi curve you need to plot cases by date of onset.…
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So I'm checking to see who our 3 fallen coalition heroes from Camp Taji were (still waiting for NOK) & I see this.

The US military does not have enough missile defense equipment in Iraq, where 5k soldiers are.

#FixIt please @realDonaldTrump, Sir. TY.…
The Pentagon has released the names of our heroes. The info was harder to find than usual. I will tweet the photos and details below. One Army, one Air Force, and the UK hero was Army. Also two Marine Raiders killed elsewhere this week. RIP.…
US Air Force Staff Sgt. Marshal D. Roberts, 28, of Owasso, Oklahoma.

US Army Spc. Juan Miquel Mendez Covarrubias, 27, of Hanford, California.

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There's a word @COsweda uses to describe how President Trump handles his obstacles & challenges as our President.
It is a word that his Opposition never seem to assign to him.
The word is AGENCY.
Carlos's definition of agency= Self determination/capability
When a person has agency they are not only responsible for their outcomes in life, work & pursuit of Goals but are CAPABLE of achieving them despite setbacks & reversals.
The Media & Left regard Trump as a person devoid of agency.
Indeed, their style of politics demand it
Trump not only has agency, defined here as amazing capability in overcoming obstacles & challenges, he, by being an #EXEMPLAR is showing Americans & the World WE have AGENCY as well.
Trump has been SHOWING US this from Day One in his run for the Presidency.
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One of the most important books of the last several years has just launched.

I encourage and implore all of you to buy a copy of "Why Meadow Died" and help @AndrewPollackFL & @PollackHunter #fixit before it's too late.…
@AndrewPollackFL @PollackHunter I read this book several weeks ago. Before I did, I could see how Andrew was possibly exaggerating when he says "The Parkland school shooting was the most avoidable mass murder in American history".

I discovered much to my horror that Andrew **is not exaggerating** at all.
@AndrewPollackFL @PollackHunter Parkland's school shooting **WAS** the most avoidable mass murder in American history.

It's no exaggeration to say that.

As you read the book you'll find yourself saying again & again "HOW in God's name did they let that go? Why didn't they DO SOMETHING??!!!"
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It's painful watching this now that I've been reading @AndrewPollackFL's forthcoming book "Why Meadow Died".

@AndrewPollackFL If just ONE adult in a position of responsibility had responded to the numerous red flags around Cruz's increasingly irrational & violent behavior in the years leading up to the Parkland shooting, Meadow would still be here.…
@AndrewPollackFL You will have to read Andrew's book to fully embrace the complete horror of what was allowed to unfold at MSD High School in February of 2018.

A dysfunctional system that placed students in mortal danger & was REWARDING itself for doing so.
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Preliminary 2018-2019 School Year School Shootings:

36 Incidents
10 Fatalities
46 Injuries
56 Total Casualties
Lethality Rate = 17.86%
Survivability Rate = 82.14%

Total School Shootings
July 26, 1764 - July 26, 2019

527 Incidents
616 Fatalities
972 Injuries
1,588 Total Casualties
Lethality Rate = 39.04%
Survivability Rate = 60.96%

Our new dataset is available at:…
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Three things Tweaker Pelosi and the foul four #Squad can do tomorrow to #FixIt

— Flores
— Asylum Laws
— Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act

What's TVPRA? The reason we have 51,000 more UAC's here just since November 2018…
#NervousNancy and #TheSquad need to get their dumbmasses in gear and #FixIt

#Flores Agreement — 9th circuit voted in favor of the #ACLU against the Obama administration ~ July 2016:
US must release child migrants held in family detention…
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Acting ICE Dir. Matthew Albence says 3 out of every 10 families at the border made false family claims. Out of 256 families interviewed 65 were not family.

They’re trafficking kids to gain entry or worse. Congress can fix this! Tell @SpeakerPelosi to stop child trafficking!
“The industry of smuggling children & trafficking has been allowed to flourish. Our goal is to protect the security of these children. We’re trying to tell Congress there’s a humanitarian crisis. Children are being trafficked & abused along the way.”
- Acting @ICEgov Director
Acting @ICEgov Dir. Matthew Albence says today that statistics show kids are more likely to be sexually or physically abused during the trip to/across the border than they are to not experience abuse during it.

This is the heartbreaking reality of illegal immigration.
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I appreciate @SecNielsen service as well ~ The democrats in Congress put her in an untenable position. I wish her the very best ❤️🇺🇸 Thank you!
Gear up and good luck Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan. We're pulling for you.
Well there's money we could be spending on American's health care. I wonder if anyone realizes how many man hours CBP puts into taking people to the Dr and babysitting children? 40% and you know democrats will blame them for this:…
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.@dwatkins1 made demonstrably false characterizations of the school safety meetings in Parkland. Mr. Watkins owes all Broward residents an explanation for his email. He owes the Parkland community an apology. He owes the families of the MSD victims his resignation. thread* 1/
Mr. Watkins cannot represent the diverse Broward community if he is willing to hurl unsubstantiated allegations at a part of our community-especially a grieving community fighting for ALL students & teachers in @browardschools

The text of the original email follows. 2/
Mr. Runcie is inviting you to come to our next town hall meeting to speak and respond to school safety concerns. If you are not aware there have been several private meetings with MSD parents and stakeholders. This meetings have been loud, aggressive and hostile. 3/
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It takes courage to do the right thing. The Broward County Chiefs of Police Association took an important step today, rejecting the failed @browardschools Promise Program. There are good diversionary programs out there and ALL kids in Broward deserve better. #FixIt
A special thank you to Chief Constance Stanley of the Lauderhill PD. Chief Stanley recognizes the need to give our kids options when they make mistakes. The Lauderhill PD has an excellent diversion program and they are helping kids everyday. cc: @LPDPIO
Thanks to the @CoralSpringsPD Chief Parry and Deputy Chief Backer and @CoconutCreekPD Chief Arenal for their commitment to the safety and the youth of their cities.
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THREAD: Two weeks after my daughter Meadow was murdered in Parkland, I stood in the White House and called on President Trump to #FixIt

I asked the country to come together for the victims on something we could all agree on: school safety.
2) A lot of people wanted to use the tragedy to divide us, and for a while I feared that my daughter’s only legacy would be a country more divided.

Today changed everything.
3) When I met with the President I had one request: a school safety commission.

Within 24 hours it was created and they’ve worked tirelessly for months on solutions.

Today the findings of that report were released.…
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(1) #TeamTrump #PhotoThread starting November 18, 2018.

🇺🇸Previous thread from October 28:

🇺🇸40+ other threads like these:…

🇺🇸Unrolled versions:

Below: FLOTUS at the spouses event at #WWI100 in Paris.
(2) A family near Paradise, CA brought their US flag to wave as the President's motorcade passes. Today he is visiting some of the areas hit by wildfires.

A reminder of what's important at the moment: Helping the innocent Americans affected. POTUS will sort out the politicians.
(3) POTUS with Gov-Elect Newsom & Gov Brown at Paradise, CA. There is a lot of work to be done in getting through this crisis, then the time for accountability will come. I have no doubt that POTUS is fighting on behalf of the whole country to get things changed. #FixIt
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(20) Not only have wildfires struck CA just 3 months after the last major episode of fires in August 2018, one of the communities at risk, Thousand Oaks in Ventura Co., had the #BorderlineBarShooting only 24 hours ago, where 12 innocents died.

So I'm RTing this thread.
(21) @BDP473 alerted me to it with this tweet: "Update: some geographical perspective and reference of where the #WoolseyFire and #HillFire are burning in Ventura County. Wouldn’t doubt this gets made into a complex soon."
(23) POTUS spoke about this in detail in August, as did several federal agency heads and GOP Congressmen, esp. those in the very smart @WesternCaucus. It's time for the nonsense to stop. #FixIt

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Cash being paid to protesters at #Kavanaugh hearing.

More dirty low #Democrats
being sneaky and dishonest.

#KavanaughConfirmation #qanon #MAGA #Protesta #WWG1WGA #Trump #WednesdayWisdom @realDonaldTrump #FakeNews #FixIt
IDENTIFIED : Person paying protesters is VINAY KRISHNAN

One of his jobs is for "of course" @georgesoros +
Center For Popular Democracy.

Arrest him for obstruction of justice.
#QAnon #PaidProtestors
#trump #Kavanaugh #SCOTUS
Search his name and George Soros even comes up.

Low lives.
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You're an absolute disgrace. Putting your face on anything to do with "school safety" is a slap in the face to my classmates and 17 families that are still mourning.

Resign in shame, you self aggrandizing coward.
With all of that it seems like somebody in their press department came up with that bright idea. That isn't even unreal, it is surreal.

It seems as if @browardsheriff is trying to poke fun at my classmates. Utterly abhorrent.
We need to #FixIt. We need to elect @lorialhadeff, @MendelsonBCPS6, and @rpetty to the school board so we can finally go to school feeling safe.
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I hope everyone is supporting @rpetty and @AndrewPollackFL so we can #FixIt.

Tragedy is the unfortunate reason I was given a platform. I will never forget my mission which is to make sure schools are secured.
It's my honor to endorse @rpetty and @MendelsonBCPS6 for School Board. We need to #FixIt and they're a large part of the solution. This isn't about party. This is about safety.

I know my endorsement doesn't mean much, but if I can get even 1 more vote, I'll be forever humbled.
I will do anything I can to make sure we flip the Broward School Board. With 2 weeks left until school, it's every student at Douglas' job to join in this mission to secure our schools.

Behind the leadership of @AndrewPollackFL, @PollackHunter, @TimWSternberg, and others,...
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I'm running for Broward County School Board District 8 At-large, to align the Broward County School District's priorities with those of our community. Here is what I have learned from our community. #FixIt 1/3
As I talk with students, parents and others in our community, I hear the following priorities. 1. We must ensure that our schools are safe. 2. Every student deserves a quality education. 3. We must have an transparent and accountable schools. #FixIt 2/3
If we are going to make the Broward County School District the best school district in the nation we will need all three. And I will need your help. #FixIt 3/3
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This week I spent 3 days, listening to over 22 hrs of testimony as a Commissioner on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Commission.
As Commissioners, we heard testimony on issues ranging from public safety radio technology to Florida’s mental health system.…
I was extremely impressed with presentations on threat assessment by the @SecretService… and by @DCJS_VCSS…
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Do not give up on a relationship unless you have exhausted all of your options.**

If you have harmed trust, do the work to rebuild it by sincerely asking the person/hearing how you can rebuild the trust; then do the work they asked of you.
If there is a breach of trust, it is on the person who has breached it to show care & respect in action to repair before their hurts can be addressed - most relationships can be saved.

**excluding domestic violence, sexual abuse, etc. (2/10)
There are many reasons you were attracted to this person, committed to them, (and they to you) honor it. Honor the precious time of your lives you have dedicated to one another. Understand how you experienced yourself with them in the beginning & use that as a source. (3/10)
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