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#IASPR18 Session 12 is themed "Love in Other Worlds" chaired by @JodiMcA.
First paper is “Love in Outer Space: Science fiction romance—the ideal place to explore gender and love” by @DonnaMHanson (University of Canberra) #IASPR18
Donna is going through her definition and origins of SF romance. Two origins: SF (Bujold, Asaro, Spencer) and romance (Hackett, Sinclair and I missed the other one). #IASPR18
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First up in the final #IASPR18 session: @DonnaMHanson on science fiction romance.
Hanson argues that science fiction romance is romance with the "what if?" element of science fiction. #IASPR18
Hanson has one synopsis for both her books: a woman from a technologically advanced culture lands on an alien world and forms a relationship with an alien warrior/barbarian. #IASPR18
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#IASPR18 session 11 is themed "Subversions of Race, Culture and History" chaired by @AthenaBellas
First paper is “The Wild Heart of the Continent: Love and Place in Sherry Thomas’s Silk Road Romance Novels” - Eric Murphy Selinger (DePaul University) #IASPR18
Romance is the quintessential colonial in literary form. (Sorry, I missed the context!) #IASPR18
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First panel after lunch! First up, Eric Selinger, speaking about love and place in novels by Sherry Thomas. #IASPR18
Selinger: place (including fictive place) plays an important role in Thomas' backstory as well as her books. #IASPR18
Selinger: the setting of Thomas' first two novels were British and familiar, although it played with time via flashback. In her third book, she maintained the temporal experimentation, and set it in what is now Pakistan. #IASPR18
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The #IASPR18 presentation of @minavesguerra and @BookThingo about #romanceclass and English-language romance in the Philippines is about to start. I will be live-tweeting it as best I can in this thread. Kat will be asking Mina questions...and there will be videos!
Kat is explaining why she felt #romanceclass should be represented at this conference: "a unique and relevant case study...with the pioneer of #romanceclass" that should launch inquiry into the achievements of this group #IASPR18
Showed a clip from #AprilFeelsDay2018 (readings, sales, fan art, & more!) and now Kat is handing it over to @minavesguerra to define the wide scope of #romanceclass and the rules it operates under in PH, including lack of divorce, English as language of privilege, and Manila-set.
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#IASPR18 session 10 is themed around South/South-East Asian Romance Communities and chaired by Jayashree Kamblé @jayu77
The first paper is “Negotiating Romantic Love in India: Family, Public Space, and Popular Cinema” by Meghna Bohidar (University of Delhi) #IASPR18
Methodology: Interviews with couples aged 20-30yrs on their lived experiences in the city and ideas of romance based on popular cinema. Many considered cinema of the 90s as the ideal romantic movies. #IASPR18
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Time for Day 3 of #IASPR18! First up, Fang-mei Lin on the topography of romantic love in Taiwanese literature (specifically, the literary novel Orphan of Asia by Wu Zhuoliu).
Lin: Orphan of Asia is concerned with deep questions of national identity, but there has been little work done on how this quest for identity intersects with erotic longing. #IASPR18
Lin: romantic longing and disillusionment are the drivers of the protagonist's constant journeys between Taiwan, Japan, and China. #IASPR18
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#IASPR18 session 8 is on "Muslim and Middle Eastern Romances" chaired by @kecia_ali
First paper is “Muslims Reading Romance: Bruneian considerations of “halal” and romance novels” by Kathrina Daud (University of Brunei) #IASPR18
Kathrina talked to non-Muslims about halal romances and their perceptions of these stories. #IASPR18
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#IASPR18 session 7 is on 19th Century Legacies, chaired by Erin S. Young.
First paper is on “House, Home, and Husband in Historical Romance Fiction” - by Sarah Ficke @DameMystery (Marymount University) #IASPR18
Sarah is talking about coverture. Mentions Untamed by Anna Cowan, where the neighbour has to ignore than an illegal transaction has taken place. #IASPR18
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#IASPR18 session 6 is on "Power and Patriarchy" chaired by @dramyburge
The first paper is on “The Soft Power of Popular Romance” by Heather Schell (George Washington University) #IASPR18
Hard power refers to familiar modes of military and economic might. Soft power refers to the ability to persuade rather than compel. Heather doesn't think there's anything inherently soft or insidious about soft power. But it's a useful lens. #IASPR18
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Day 2 of #IASPR18 is kicking off with @DrStephR, speaking about Georgette Heyer and her unruly eighteenth century.
Russo: Heyer, via Austen, virtually created the image of the Regency which is now the setting for so much historical romance. However, she also wrote eighteenth century novels (long 18thc = 1660-1838). #IASPR18
Russo: the close association of Heyer and the Regency might suggest that there's something about that period that suited her style more than the 18th century. Perhaps Regency nostalgia was part of post-war domestic homefront culture. #IASPR18
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Last session for the day is chaired by @JPRStudies and the topic is “Romancing Popular Fiction Studies: A Theory of Genre Worlds” by @Beth_driscoll (University of Melbourne), @lmfletcher72 (University of Tasmania) and @KimberleyTweets (University of Queensland) #IASPR18
Scholars of romance fiction limit the impact of their research when they don't recognise commonalities with other branches of fiction and other disciplines. #IASPR18
GenreWorlds allows for close reading as well as broader networks in which popular fiction exists. #IASPR18
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Last panel today at #IASPR18: the keynote, feat. the @PopFicDoctors (@lmfletcher72, @Beth_driscoll, @KimberleyTweets)!
Fletcher: studies of romance often begin from a defensive crouch, defending the genre's ideological and literary merits. #IASPR18
Fletcher: romance has more in common with other popular genres that has hitherto been emphasised in scholarship. #IASPR18
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Session 3 theme is "Places and Spaces of Love" chaired by Amy T Matthews. #IASPR18
The first paper is “Finding One’s Place, Making a Home in Nora Roberts’ Divine Evil (1992) and The Obsession (2016)” by @kecia_ali (Boston University) #IASPR18
Sorry, I've started a bit late for this paper due to technical issues. But Kecia is talking about home spaces that reflect the characters. #IASPR18
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#IASPR18 Session 2 theme is "Gender and Sexuality" chaired by @lmfletcher72
The first paper is “Asexual romance in an allosexual world: how asexual characters (and authors) create space for romantic love” by Ellen Carter (University of Strasbourg) #IASPR18
"An asexual is someone who does not experience sexual attraction" Ellen summarises some of the incorrect and damaging stereotypes of asexual people, and how they're perceived. #IASPR18
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.@katydidinoz is talking rural romance covers or ‘Women in Akubras’ 👩🏼‍🌾 which are published by (primarily) Australians, for Australians #IASPR18
@katydidinoz Covers act as a kind of code. Though they do not necessarily inscribe the plot, they communicate a promise of readerly enjoyment. #IASPR18
Digital publishing had an impact on romance covers: that of price. ‘Gone are the days of the cover shoot; in are the days of the stock photos.’ #IASPR18
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#IASPR18 Session 1 topic is "Romancing Australia" chaired by Kim Wilkins.
First presenter is Amy T. Matthews on “Colonial Reinscription and Imperial Nostalgia in Tricia Stringer’s Flinders Ranges Series” by Amy T. Matthews and Amy Mead (Flinders University). #iaspr18
Amy writes as @TessLesue and gave acknowledgment of country. She's looking at her work in American western romance against Australian historical romance. #iaspr18
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