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Let's see how much foreign travel the House has done on our dime since the #PerfectPhoneCall @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @themarketswork @TheLastRefuge2 @almostjingo @Conscience_Abe @DawsonSField @BabeReflex_8 @RevisitedRick #ImpeachmentSham
I do report these's important for us to look at the body of traveling....
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This is how dumb Shifty thinks we all are. Nellie's testimony confirms Ukraine meddled in the election. #ImpeachmentSham #SchiffShow #ReadingMatters…
Servers? There are missing servers alright just not the ones the Dims have been crying about and the Republicans have said NOTHING about...
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Lt. Col. Vindman + Ms. Williams Re Bribery
Minus the #HearsayMafia leaves us with what?
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“The server, they say Ukraine has it," Trump told Zelensky. ... officially expelled him from the State Rada for proposing to rent Crimea to Russia.…
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There is a big reason Congress as a whole has gotten the well deserved response from 45 to the so-called impeachment inquiry that is not under consideration. Think about it.
#SchiffShow #ImpeachmentSham @BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @KohanimKnew @almostjingo
@BenKTallmadge @CarrollQuigley1 @MadAddictSport @KohanimKnew @almostjingo Impeachment was on the table BEFORE the 2016 election
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Volker gave an honorable testimony. He is also no friend of President Trump #TrumpImpeachmentTrial
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Yermak completely disputes Sondland's version of events #SchiffShow #TrumpImpeachmentTrial…
Is Shifty calling President Zelensky a liar? #SchiffShow #ShamImpeachment
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The Davos congress hall is filling up with delegates waiting to listen to President Trump.… #Trump2020 #Trump2020Landslide #Davos2020
2. The White House on Monday announced these House Republicans will join President Trump's Senate impeachment team.… #TRUMP #NEWS
3. The New York Times SMEARED Trump supporter from Queens, New York, as a “white nativist” in the course of its endorsement of Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren… #TRUMP #NEWS
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New Q 1/19/2010 The Great Awakening
Senate impeachment begins 1/21/2020
What's happening this week?
Senate begins impeachment trial-GOP senators considering 'kill switch' option
Gen Flynn-“Friday Next Week Is going to be Phenomenal. It’s Going to Be EPIC!”-Sidney Powell
Trump Legal Defense Team ready
Socialists Agenda #Virginia2A is being exposed
THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD may refer to Q drop 659- FREEDOM DAY: When Abraham Lincoln signed a resolution for the U.S. Constitution's 13th amendment in order to abolish slavery
(Q) POTUS FREED those ‘good’ people who are currently being blackmailed, threatened & enslaved
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.@collinpeterson has more seniority than 95% of his colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives, yet he chose not to use it to take a stand against Nancy Pelosi’s partisan #ImpeachmentSham... #MN07
... It’s painfully obvious that @collinpeterson has been in Washington for too long, become complacent in its dysfunction, and at times aides it, like when he enabled this political witch hunt to continue by giving Speaker Pelosi the gavel... #MN07
... Quietly voting ‘no’ from your seat is a lot easier than taking a stand against the Trump-hating radicals in one's party, who are obsessed with undoing the will of the American people, and removing a duly-elected @POTUS from office... #MN07
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2. WATCH: Republican Rep. Doug Collins SLAMS Democrats For Being A “Clear And Present Danger” To America #Trump2020 #MAGA #KAG #PATRIOTS #FIGHT #PRAY #TRUMP #NEWS #impeachment
3. NEVER FORGET! Today 30 Democrats in Pro-Trump Districts Will Vote on Sham Pelosi Impeachment

– Today These Hacks Vote for Their Own Removal from Office… #Trump2020 #MAGA #KAG #PATRIOTS #FIGHT #PRAY #TRUMP #impeachment #NEWS #PayBackComing
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1. Former CIA, Charles S. (Sam) Faddis: "The ESSENCE OF A COUP, which some might refer to as covert action, is the HIDDEN HAND."

2. BREAKING: Supreme Court CRIPPLES 2nd House Impeachment Charge Against President Trump!
~ Harvard Lawyer Alan Dershowitz Explains

#TRUMP #NEWS #Trump2020 #MAGA #KAG #ImpeachmentInquiry #impeachment #ImpeachmentSham
3. Oklahoma Democrat Slammed By Voters Over Impeachment: “We’re Mad As Hell” #TRUMP #NEWS #Trump2020 #MAGA #KAG #ImpeachmentInquiry #impeachment #ImpeachmentSham
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Taylor Swift slammed music-Claims Soros & Carlyle Group Funded Underhanded Deal To Buy Her Music Rights
They made many current/former enslaved children famous
Hollywood is filled w/ them
What happens when 'BLACKMAIL' no longer works?
#ImpeachmentSham #FridayThoughts
Hidden Financial Ties between the Bush and the Bin Laden Families
Carlyle Group (Bush), Cheney-Halliburton Getting Rich Off Iraq War
Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, the Carlyle Group has reaped billions from U.S. government contracts
#FridayThoughts #ImpeachmentVote
They Lied
President Trump attacks George Bush on 9/11-Iraq
"The War in Iraqi was a BIG FAT MISTAKE..."
👉Why didn't Pelosi impeach Bush for lying about the Iraqi?
U.S. Spent TWO TRILLIONS of dollars
Carlyle Group-Bush-Bin Laden, Halliburton
#SaturdayMotivation #SandyHookPromise
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Gangsters will be gangsters, right @SpeakerPelosi ?
It’s all in the family...
Is your son a made man?…
This is funny - Twit won’t let me send this...I keep getting an error message. 🎯
The Feds backed off because it was making the Democrats look bad they were going to uncover too much dirt on the guy.

They had wanted him chair a committee.

Unelected bureaucrats put the hiatus on the investigation it seems. Doesn’t this remind you of Biden?
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1) Just to clear up some twitter jockey BS: The Senate Rs took the extraordinary step to circulate a resolution condemning the current House’s “Impeachment Inquiry” process. The Senate, as mandated by the US Constitution, must convene & sit as a jury, w/ CJ of SCOTUS presiding;
2) McConnell has no choice but to take up any articles passed by the House. He cannot dismiss them prior to convening the Chamber as prescribed. The Senate, having called out the House for ignoring precedents on impeachment, will NEVER attempt to change senate rules at this time;
3) Highlighting an arcane rules amendment adopted by Senate in the Iran-Contra era, only proves how ridiculous any attempt to do so now would be perceived. The Constitution requires 2/3 to convict. No sitting senator would dare skirt an impeachment vote. Leaders would delay vote;
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