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#IPetGoatII #TheReal911Report #TheSleeperMustAwaken
PART 1⃣ This video explains the girl with the apple. It is describing the inertial confinement fusion reaction that brought down the towers on 9/11.
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#TheReal911Report #TheSleeperMustAwaken
All of my research for 9/11 can be found in this thread and each section has a separate ThreadReader link. Many different weapons were involved. It was NOT "fire & jet fuel" nor was it "jews & thermite". Those are disinformation.
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Thread by @paulmuaddib61: " The map has push pins for where the Deep State has been responsible for attacks on Americans. 1) Oklahoma City Bor Katrina 4) Gulf of Mexico f […]" #IPetGoatII #TheReal911Report #DeepStateAttacksAmerica #californiafiresrevealed…
These are some revisions to my initial analysis of Pet Goat. The apple is the nuclear fission fuel for the towers.
the gold colored circle she is sitting inside is the beryllium chamber that houses the nuclear fuel to slow and diffuse the blast. this is all describing the mechanisms that brought down the world trade center towers.
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#IPetGoatII #TheReal911Report #DeepStateAttacksAmerica

The map has push pins for where the Deep State has been responsible for attacks on Americans.
1) Oklahoma City Bombing
2) New York on 9/11
3) New Orleans for Katrina
4) Gulf of Mexico for Deepwater Horizon
Its Deep State plans & shows 9/11 in detail and what caused the attack. You just need to know what to look for. This is the freedom of mankind (represented by the apple) and any wealth (the gold circle) about to be taken away. This is not a group of sad of children.
It is what depleted uranium looks like under a microscope. Its also been hiding in plain sight in front to the world trade center and again when it was repaired. the fist is crushing the atom. There were also depleted uranium tanks under the towers
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July 23: Real world vs #iPetGoatII a (9/)11 ton iceburg threatens a small town in Iceland, stunning shots that lineup nicely with the scene, that is likely symbolic of the pending Iran attack by Trump (who head might be first floating island)

#BigBen in title & in #Pg2

just playing the game of 'free association' what do I see, what does that remind me of, took me to an interesting possible tangle, the google doodle of today is similar to the woman in the 11 ton iceburg CNN article, which when I copied and pasted that (there was no other place)
made me also think of 9/(11 ton) and the odd stick the google doodle is holding looked like a microphone
so searched for 9/11 reporter cnn, 9/11 reporter cnn female, 911 reporter ->the guy on first page stuck out

Then realized arms were bare
house flipped closer
many beheads
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