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1. Beloved Friends!

As Many Have Pondered The Questions,

"Is There A God?”, "Is There A Divine Intelligence?"

We Remind You Again That This Sacred Presence Is Life Itself!
2. As A Creation Of Origin, You Ventured Out To Understand The Multiverses!

Before Arriving, You Chose The Very Body And Personality That Would Best Serve You!

You Have Entered Millions Of Dream Stories!
3. In Each Story, You Have The Possibility To Fully Awaken!

To Those Not Yet Awake, Life Can Be Perceived As Fearful, Full Of Vengeance, Sorrow And Loneliness.

The Unawakened Can Also Feel Compassion, Wisdom And Love;

But These Sacred Experiences Are Soul Creations.
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1. #PLEIADIAN Collective

Friends Of Planet Earth!

These Are The Moments To Thrive!

The Great Awakening Is Before You And All You Perceive Will Change,

In The Twinkling Of An Eye!

We Are With You! ~~Pleiadian Collective
2. #IKAI

Brave Ones That Have Come To Be Light For Others!

I Am IKAI, Elder Of Taygeta And Leader With Many Of Galactic Light Forces!

You Are Part Of The Greatest Moment To Be Alive On Earth!

No Other Dream Story Will Compare!
3. I Do Not Speak To You Often But You Must Know I Am With You!

The Crafts Seen Are Increasing As Also The Great Love And Unity!

There Has Always Been Darkness On The Planet;

But The Light That You Are Covers This When You Unite In Love! ~~IKAI
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1. Beloved Friends!

As We Join You In Higher Frequencies Each Moment;

We Also Remind You To Detach Your Awareness From Circumstances That Seem To Engage You,

And Perhaps This Needs To Be Viewed In Your Best Interest!
2. This Is To Say That All Will Be Having Either A Positive Or Negative Result In Your Story!

If Something Is Not Serving You And Taking You To More Soul Depth;

Let It Go And Cultivate The Frequency That Is Heart Based!
3. For These Moments Will Grow More Chaotic;

But You Have The Power To Transcend All Of This!

Allow Yourself To Feel, In The Sanctity Of Stillness,

The Light Energy Of Sacred Love As It Fills You Completely!
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1. The Masses Have Been Told In Teachings That The Verse In The Holy Book And Other Writings;

Stating That, "What God Has Brought Together, Let No Man Put Asunder", Is About Marriage.
2. Or ~ "Since They Are No Longer Two But One, Let No One Split Apart What God Has Joined Together”,

No Indeed!

This Is Speaking Of The Forming Of A Life With Sperm And Egg.

Becoming One From Two.

Never To Be Aborted Or Killed!
3. This Should Be Spelled Out Clearly To Those Planning To Make Laws To Kill Those Brought Together To Be One.

A Human Being That Feels Pain,

With A Beating Heart And Complete Nervous System At Three Weeks Gestation.
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1. Beloved Friends!

As We Complete The Earth Cycle Of The Great Awakening Of Humanity;

We Stop To Bow To The Life Force Of One Sacred Love!
2. The Infinite One That Is Breathing And Caring For One,

Is The Same Force Holding The Multiverses In Place!

For The Quantum Reality Is As Much Of Importance And Purpose As The Very One That You See In The Mirror!
3. You Are Powerful Love And It Is The God Force Looking Out Your Eyes!

In The Final Moments Of Your Waking Dream,

You Are Seemingly Forced Into Conflicts And Many Chaotic Happenings Seem To Play Out Simultaneously Before You!

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1. Beloved Friends Of Earth!

We Greet You In Much Love And Light!

In These Moments Of Communication,

We Stress The Importance Of Intention In Each Aspect Of Life!
2. Set Your Intention On The Good Of The Planet,

On The Well-Being Of Self And Others!

When This Is Done From The Heart, You Will Discover That Absolute Plans Do Not Have To Be In Place;

Rather The Energy Of Your Intention Will Guide The Way!
3. It Is Worthy To Make Plans But The Variables Of Others And Free Will Have Shown You Many Times That Duality Is A Game Changer!

For Those With The Greatest Intention Of Good For All, Will Find The Path Again And Again;

Although Many Will Deter Them For A Moment!
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1.Beloved Friends!

As Your Energies Continue To Accelerate,

Your World Will Continue To Reveal To You Layers Of Reality From Which Your Awareness Has Been Shielded.

For In These Moments Of Change, 

We Remind You That Each Being Is Shifting At Their Own Pace!
2. As You Realize This Momentum, It Is Possible To Relax And Allow!

For This Is Not A Competition And One's Awakening To Truth Is Their's To Experience!

Each Being Has Flashes And Pinpoints Of Awakening From The Moment Of Entering The Dream.
3. As An Infant Is Born, They Are Fully Awake And In Consciousness May Hear Telepathically.

They May Look Into The Air Seemingly At Nothing But In Truth They Are Perceiving Family Or Guides Around Them.
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1. Beloved Friends!

We Speak As One In Light;

As LAKA, I Seldom Speak Alone Unless I Want To Teach A Certain Aspect.

In These Moments Of Humans In Agreement And Disagreement Continually,
2. We Smile In Amusement Somewhat Because Soon The Same Ones Agree On Another Perspective And Find Something More To Disagree About!

Beloved Ones!

Just Smile And Breathe!

Do You Really Need To Engage In Negative Energy To Feed Your Dream Self?

No Indeed!
3. Realize That Each Being Is Only Able To Perceive From Their Current Level Of Awareness!

This Is Never Stationary As All Frequencies Are In Constant Motion And Change!

We Remind You Of The Waking Dream You Share And This Is Precisely What I Wish To Address!
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1. Beloved Friends Of Earth!

How Much We Long To Greet You In Great EEKE! (Love!)

We Want You To Remember That Our Family Of Light Has Lived Multiple Times On Your Planet In Dreams That We Would Never Have Chosen Once Entering Each Reality!
2. Perhaps You Feel The Same In Your Story Now!

This Could Not Possibly Be What You Chose!

Beloved Ones! We Remind You The Soul Is Perfect And Not Flawed.
3. There Are Depths Of Choices And Perceptions, Of Love And Loss Beyond Measure;

But Your Higher Self Has Lived In Multiple Ways, In Many Galaxies!

Earth Is A Tiny Point In The Cosmos Of Trillions Of Stars And Inhabited Planets!
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1. Beloved Friends!

We Are With You Now In Great Love!

In Each Precious Moment That You Breathe In The Majesty Of Life;

We Remind You That Intention Is Everything!

For Without A Precise Plan To Follow; Intention Is All That Is Needed!
2. Intention For The Good Of All Will Carry You All The Way Home!

Each Step, Your Path Will Open And You Will Find You Are Always Free!

Only The Mind And False Assumptions Can Cause You To Trip And Fall.

But There Is Never Harm In This!
3. We Always Rise And Look Up And Find The Light!

Your Intention Will Set Before You All That You Long For In Sacred Essence;

For You Are Powerful Multidimensional Beings And You Arrive At Your Planned Destination.
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1. Friends Of Planet Earth!

I Come To You In Powerful Love

Covered By The Light Of My Family!

I Do Not Speak Often As AKATU Prefers To Express;
2. As I Am The Watcher Of KABAMUR, Earth And The Plans Of IKAI.

In This Moment I Speak To Comfort You And Give You Hope!

The Planet Has Been Continually Attacked And Although You Long For Peace,

It Seems Just Beyond Your Grasp!
3. Beloved Ones! You Are Safe!

There Is Such A Presence Of Light Covering You That The Angels Bow!

The Reality You Experience Is Not Real.

Not In The Sense Of Your True Self And Origin.

You Chose To Forget And We Are Catalyst Of Reminders To Awaken!
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1. Greetings Beloved Ones!

In These Moments Left In The Waking Dream That You Call Your Life And Know As Reality, We Remind You Of The Many Addictions And Actions That Were Planned For You Before You Even Arrived.
2. Some Were Born To Caring Families And Some To Insanity And Evil.

Before You Become Upset At The Words, Remember The Higher Self Has Planned Your Experiences To Go Deeper Into A Matter Or To Live As An Opposite Aspect From Another Story,
3. Never For Punishment, But Rather To Balance Energy And Understanding.

This Is The Reason For So Much Chaos!

You Forgot Who You Are And You Do Not Like Your Choices As Human!

Who Would Choose This Planet? You Did!
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