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If you are grappling with the stark implications of the new study on the insufficiency of current climate pledges to the UN, I can offer up a little bit of my own journey, in my TEDx talk, from my own dark moments after the Copenhagen negotiations
That's when I came to the personal conclusion that the framing of the problem that is used in that process doesn't create the conditions for the full extent of deep fast change we need.
Do not read this a lack of gratitude for the thousands of diplomats, scientists and civil society members who have dedicated so much to this process. Whenever I am at a COP I am so moved by the sensation of a whole planet coming together to discuss a common issue.
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When most everyone is managing symptoms and no one feels it’s their job to address root causes, guess what happens to the symptoms?
And when the elite who have the most power to address root cause are also the most protected from symptoms……well
Covid or climate or whatever other problem generated by systems that don’t respect interconnection , it doesn’t really matter.
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My new "hobby" is watching supply chains do weird stuff. I don't think most of us are fully seeing what's happening yet, and I think many are dismissing things that we do see as one-offs of a weird year rather than looking for the patterns underneath.
Like..husband comes home from grocery shopping - "the juice aisle had all these gaps on the shelves, never seen that before" and I just think hmm....
Like...we asked our mechanic to look out for a certain used car we are in the market for and he said, "we aren't buying/selling used cars right now 'cause they are so expensive, because the supply of new cars is so low, because of that chip thing."
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#multisolving is both a way to make problems easier to solve by connecting them and way for people to come together that disrupts the oppressive structures and habits of the dominant system.
In both ways multisolving acknowledges an underlying truth, the world and we are interconnected in what Dr. King called an inescapable network of mutuality.
In this sense multisolving (1) addresses problems created by dividing the world into parts and treating some parts as if they matter more than others, and (2)creates a little bubble in which people can practice and build their strength to act within networks of mutuality.
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There are numerous outflows from the extraction, refining, transport, and combustion of fossil fuels and to the best of my understanding, when we say net zero we refer to only one of them-greenhouse gases.
We aren’t saying net zero PM 2.5 or net zero resulting health issues and deaths. Not net zero polluted water. Not net zero benzene releases.
(And of course even if we were that’s no comfort to someone living in the sacrifice zone where the air and water are allowed to be polluted.)
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The intention to work together across silos to solve more than one problem at the same time is actually a radical act. #multisolving
It meets problems created by a worldview of disconnection by insisting on connection and partnership.
It heals little rifts and divisions as a needed step towards healing bigger ones.
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If every dollar invested in change could solve 2 problems (let alone 3, 4, or 5) wouldn't that be a stunning victory? #multisolving
With the possibility of that level of return on investment, wouldn't you expect donors to provide ample resources for cross-silo connecting, growing relationships, and designing for collaboration?
With the possibility of that level of return on investment, wouldn't you expect donors to be patient and allow work to move at the speed of trust?
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"But dealing with one crisis at a time is over." @MaryHeglar nails it. #multisolving…
One of the privileges of my work is to meet and learn from people who embody this truth, and who are showing how to act on multiple crises at once.
Just doing that is counter-cultural (to the dominant culture that got us in this trouble). Just committing to tackle crises together leads to next steps --introspection, collaboration, and examination and dismantling of supremacist habits and structures.
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One more reason to multisolve (as if you need more).....#multisolving
As crises escalate the time constant of people's attention shrinks. If you are fleeing a fire or sandbagging for a coming flood its hard (and not adaptive!) to have your attention on the long-term climate picture.
It won't always be possible (or appropriate) to do more than try to survive the immediate crisis, but sometimes its possible to have your response to a crisis also bend the long-term the curve.
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True: With care, the way we address climate change can help undo structural racism.

Also true: Undoing structural racism can help make progress on climate change.

Some examples in a hasty and undoubtably partial list of actions that can help make progress on both fronts at once. Add to the list, improve it, challenge it, make it better.
Secure voting rights. Free and fair elections w/o gerrymandering and other distortions. With actual democracy many other inequities can be addressed, and, since polls show Black people and Latino people are strong climate advocates, climate policy would advance as well.
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Right now some societies are experimenting with integrated responses to #ClimateCrisis, #pandemic, #inequity, #biodiversity and I am so curious about them all. Starting a thread to collect what I know of and to solicit more. #multisolving
Amsterdam is experimenting with 'doughnut economics'…
In Australia, 70+ farming, conservation and land management organizations have proposed a $4 billion combined federal and state economic stimulus package in the conservation and land management sector.…
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Today feels like a good time to announce that I have been working on a book I'm calling Systems Thinking for Tumultuous Times. And I need some input. (long-thread, you could just skip down to a poll at the end.)
The content will be more of the same that you see in my tweets - spelled out a little more clearly, and organized in a progression rather than me working out in a thread whatever has me stirred up at the moment.
The audience is anyone trying to steer systems towards sustainability and justice against a back drop of increasing disruption. #multisolving, coherence, fractals, feedback, stocks, flows, delays, visions, love, fear, hope, networks and more.
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In light of #coronavirus, re-sharing this thread about the thoughts of Donella Meadows and co-authors on the systems variable they called the ability to cope.
I believe that this dynamic - the interplay of quickly growing problems and stagnant, falling, or, at best, slowly growing ability to cope - will define this and coming decades. We need to learn to see, understand, and work with this systems archetype.
The strategies are the same ones the Limits to Growth authors laid out for us all so long ago.
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#multisolving "We are always looking for strategies that both protect against climate impacts and have other co-benefits for city residents."…
"For instance, improving social cohesion is a critical strategy because we know the more closely-knit a community is, the better its members will do in the face of a disaster."
"So we aren't just solving for one set of issues, we're solving for a shifting climate."
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Shocks - flooded streets, supply chain disruptions, market 'corrections, etc - are here and likely intensifying. I think there's a lot to learn (quickly!) about how to work with, even 'dance' with shocks.
When is it best try to hold against shocks and when to try to transmute them into something better? How best to guard against reactionary agendas transmuting shocks for their own purposes?
I've wondering about this in of our work on #multisolving where we are studying 'bright spots' where people come together for solutions that benefit many needs at once. I'm learning that crises and emergencies can (but don't always or even usually) stimulate multisolving.
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Let's play a 'game'. How many ways can we name to help people be safe and comfortable during heat waves in the present while also reducing GHG emissions & thus the severity of heat waves in the future? Bonus points for increasing health, wellbeing or equity too. #multisolving
Energy efficiency. Homes stay cool longer, with less AC. Also reduces energy use and thus GHG emissions all year, not just during extreme events. Done right can provide good local jobs that build wealth in communities currently excluded from economic opportunity.
Trees, green roofs & gardens. Provide cooling & shade. Thus reduce contributions to climate change from buildings' energy use. Designed with equity in mind these investments can provide economic opportunities in local communities. Green space also benefits mental health.
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