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Had some early Sunday morning thoughts on errors, corrections, conflict, resolution, faith and journalism.

This is applicable to #UNC and the #NikoleHannahJones story, of course. But honestly, these are things I think about as a reporter all the time -- and have for many years.
We all, whatever we do, make errors.

I struggle with them as much as anyone. But I come to them with what I consider two enormous advantages:

1) I was raised by Southern Women, the Catholic Church and the United States Marine Corps.

2) I'm a professional journalist.
Let's take these one at a time.

What my mother, a Southern woman, taught me about making errors: It's inevitable. If you can laugh at it, laugh at it. If it's more serious than that, correct it and make restitution early. If you can do both, you're golden.
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Some context in tge discussion over #NikoleHannahJones, #UNC and journalism values.

Walter Hussman was so committed to his core values of journalism, centering objectivity and the separation of news and opinion, that he touted them on...Tucker Carlson.…
Carlson has depended in court on the argument his reputation is such that reasonable people would not consider anything he says on his show to be a statement of fact.

Even when he *literally tells you* he is offering undisputed facts.…
Carlson also used to work for Hussman at the Democrat-Gazette, which is not disclosed in this clip.

That disclosure would have been standard for small town newspapers for which I worked as a matter of basic journalistic principle.

Or, if you would prefer, a "core value."
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NEW: In a response to a public records request I filed, #UNC just sent me a letter that Hussman School Dean Susan King sent to #NikoleHannahJones in February.

It highlights elements of Hannah-Jones' offer, responsibilities to which she agreed, and info about tenure.

In the letter, Dean King writes:

“…the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost has allocated a very generous start-up package of $100,000 to support your work and which may be used for research, professional activity, teaching support and student engagement.”
“You will receive a relocation compensation lump sum payment in the amount of $9,000 in consideration of the costs of transitioning to employment in Chapel Hill...”
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NOW: #UNC campus groups - Black Student Movement, Carolina Black Caucus, Black Graduate and Professional Student Association - are holding a news conference about “next steps for UNC’s Black community.” This comes after #NikoleHannahJones controversy and police chief resignation.
Speakers from BSM are talking about the 2021 priorities. They are under two umbrellas -- safety and equity.

Under safety, they are asking for anti-racist alerts, full-time Black counselors trained in racial trauma, increase of Black staff in Title IX & the Women's Center. #UNC
They are also asking for the immediate termination of Officer Rahsheem Holland, who we learned yesterday was promoted to interim Chief, since former Chief David Perry resigned. UNC did not give a reason for his resignation.

Background from @JoeFisherTV:…
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The #NikoleHannahJones story is an incredible example of the way white donors and big philanthropy use their money to try to silence and control. Our work is supported until it presses up against the systems that made them rich in the first place.
Here's an example on a smaller scale: We had applied for, received, and cashed a large check from a corporate donor. And then got a call because after cutting the check, they did due diligence 👀, and asked us to take the phrase 'white supremacy' off of our website.
When we refused, they asked us to return the money. We actually had to cut a paper check to give them back their cash, because they were cool with helping Black and Latinx people get jobs, but not with addressing the actual systems that make it hard for us to get those jobs.
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Meeting with #NikoleHannahJones for an interview this week made me reflect on my June interview with Walter Hussman, the conservative Arkansas media magnate and #UNC megadonor who lobbied against hiring her.

It's worth talking a bit about these two people and interviews.
When I interviewed Hussman last month, he projected an intense folksiness -- sort of Mr. Rogers meets Bill Clinton.

Given Hussman's history with the Clintons in Arkansas, he might not love that comparison. But it's apt.…
A part of this was Hussman saying to me, repeatedly, "Well, Joe, you and I are both reporters..." or "Well, since we're both journalists I think you understand..."

This is a common rhetorical device. Find an area of common ground, assert affinity, create a bond.
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Gang, we should talk about some of the things I saw at yesterday's #UNC BOT meeting on tenure for #NikoleHannahJones.

I should start by saying my observations are informed by 20 years of professional reporting - covering cops and courts, local and state government, higher ed.
Given the controversy over the Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure issue, #UNC had to know there was going to be a large crowd at this meeting and they would see protests.

I wish I was kidding when I tell you I've seen multiple small town boards of aldermen handle protests much better.
I've been to a number of BOT meetings at The Carolina Inn, where they're generally held in one or several large ball rooms. Pre-pandemic, chairs were provided for the public. In the pandemic, those chairs were eliminated. A 75 person cap was in place yesterday, everyone standing.
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