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In honor of #NoNutNovember & by @LandsharkRides request: 1 RT = 1 commentary on #NOFAP's physical, mental AND spiritual GAINS
@LandsharkRides Must note #nofap is umbrella to Four Abstinences:
1. Abstinence of ejaculation: sexually active, but not to release
2. Abstinence of masturbation: sexually active, but only with partner
3. Abstinence of sex: sexually inactive, but lustful
4. Abstinence of lust: no sexual desire
@LandsharkRides 1. Nofap's broscience has partially converged on many truths known to eternal tradition, great precedence in power gains of sexual meditation. However, it misses two key aspects the ancients knew: semen retention, and SEX!
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A #NoNutNovember thread:

When I got to college in 1996, I was shocked that the guys on my floor talked about jerking off, because throughout my adolescence I'd been 100% ashamed and terrified of how much I was doing it.
I was doing it at most 3 times a day, which is your run-of-the-mill teen-boy number of times. But this just killed me some days. I hated myself and thought I was sick and unfixable.
Context: This was less than 2 years after Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders had to step down for recommending we teach schoolkids about masturbation. And a few years before #SomethingAboutMary and #AmericanPie, which I feel mainstreamed cinematic jerkoff humor.
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There’s a trend for FOB East Asians to adopt a western first name upon arrival. It certainly makes them more memorable. There was one lady who will forever remain in my mind and even till this day I often think about her...
... Her real name was Zhang Meihuan but when she moved to London she quickly took the name of Wendy.

I never asked her how and why she found herself in London, but it was obvious from her situation that she came from a poor background and had probably been smuggled into England.
A few of my friends on the massage circuit had recommended Wendy to me, promising me that a session with her was to be an unforgettable experience. They weren’t wrong.
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Some thoughts on #NoNutNovember (NSFW)

I started my NNN by feeding a beautiful 21 year old plan A (plan B before the fact) and hitting a home run 3 times. This was redundant as she was on standard b-control, but, better "safe" than sorry.
1. If you're in your 20s/30s and can't bust multiple times over the course of several hours/a night, you need to stop eating trash, start lifting weights, and get your T checked.

This level of vigor should be normal for several decades of your life.
Common is not normal. Common is mediocre.

Most women are shocked I can hit two in a row, never-mind 3 or 4. This is an honest testament to how fat, weak, and soy filled so many American men have become today.

Get your shit together. Make her wonder if you're on viagra.
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