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AO3: https://t.co/bfJNFkZpOH… 🔞content dm friendly dni antis/ minors Shen Jiu x Everyone 😭 pfp @Aubergrin 2nd acc @ArentTrix
Nov 17, 2022 9 tweets 3 min read
#QiuQiu thoughts. We know that airplane couldn't allow LBH any competition as the protagnist. So i think that QJL dying even off screen means he was really just that good looking, and it makes sense because it would def help hide the fact he's a trashcan person. #QiuQiu the type of develish handsome that just gazing at him to long can make someone go a bit mad.What if he was a love bound demon that fed off the strong emotions of their beloved&QJL slowly realized that his eyes became brighter,his hunger grew when he 1st saw SJ in despair
Nov 16, 2022 10 tweets 3 min read
@akasooju They would be the time of ppl to act like teling other teachers outside of work they're dating is a big a secret. Expecting them to be shocked because they're so proffesional! They don't even give each other goodbye kissies at work 😔! The sacrifices they do to be proffesional @akasooju Even before they started dating everyone thought they were dating. Shen Yuan called Shen Jiu his work wife ,to progressively more unhinged nicknames and since no one wanted to be work spouses w/Shen Jiu before😿 he was extra happy to see his junior being so sweet to him
Nov 16, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
Jiuyuan teacher AU. Enough discourse today i promise. These two are the proffesors who everyone knows are fucking, but have a sense of proffesionalism that wont allow them to say theyre dating but than do stuff like this in the breakroom and are constantly flirting w/each other. Shen Yuan, a physics proffessor casually using the circumfrance of Shen Jiu's ass as an example equations and Shen Jiu the classic bitchy english proffessor who has a stern face but melts when they glance at their phone for a second. They share one lunch box and bicker
Nov 15, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
Cw//incest. Mama jiu who was picked up by OPM from the streets and turned into his hidden forgotten concubine. Shen Jiu knew being an omega would cause him nothing buy grief, after finally escaping the Qius and travelling to every cultivation sect to look for YGY's remains, He was simply too sweet, when OPM heard thhe desperate little moans and smelt the divine plum peppermint scent calling to him, how would he deny giving this omega what they needed? Afterwards, Shen Jiu didn't have a choice, he was claimed by OPM and could only grit his teeth
Nov 9, 2022 7 tweets 2 min read
This might be controversial but-
SHL &LPM are bottom on bottom supremacy.Whiny bratty hellian bottoms who just need to be fucked quiet.All pouty while setting fire to youre belongings until theyre tied up and have an automated vibrator teasing them to overstimulation
#svsss QQQ should take one for the sect use a firm hand on these 2.SHL being her pretty little slut since SHL invaded the sect.Mouthing on ayi's tits w/out permission since she just wants to be brought over her lap and have her pussy spanked till it's twitching, nice &warm 4 QQQ's strap
Nov 8, 2022 11 tweets 3 min read
Buff Shen Jiu is 😩💦💦💦.
Personal trainer Shen Jiu and Geek Yuan #Jiuyuan AU. Shen Jiu takes his time massaging the muscle they'll target. Shen Yuan blushes as his PT lightly digs his pretty hands into his shoulders squeezing on his pecs,whispering
"Ur doing so ℊℴℴ𝒹 ." Shen Yuan is blushing pushing himself to complete the reps because pretty hands and dainty wrist connected to veiny forearms are caressing him so sweetly. His PT never yells, only coaxes him to work harder.
"Ah~ Shen- Shaoye can you do one it once more for me?" 😽
Nov 8, 2022 9 tweets 2 min read
#QiuQiu modern au.
QJL is a rampant narcissist who jerks off to himself in the mirror. He's never found anyone attractive until he met Shen Jiu. When they meet again in the next life, naturally the first thing Shen Jiu does is stab him. 😌, unbeknownst to Shen Jiu- QJL spends his days tracing the pretty little scar A-Jiu left him. He's a little sad tho, there was a beauty mark right underneath his eye that was his fatal blow in his last life. QJL smiled imaging have tiny little 💘 love marks from lifetimes of ruin at Xiao Jiu's hands
Nov 5, 2022 12 tweets 3 min read
#NoNutNovember #Shencest AU 😩. Shen Yuan is all smug nearly elevating because he hasnt pp touched himself in 5 days and Shen Jiu sneers at his triffling little brother. He "innocently" brings in a limited edition gigatit hentai girl body pillow Shen Yuan was eyeing a week ago Shen Jiu thought it was the dumbest thing because it looked uncomfortable to sleep on. The boobs were 3d and made of water bed material for maxiumum fap effectivity. At that point just buy a blow up doll! Otherwise SY might pop it in his sleep
Nov 1, 2022 12 tweets 3 min read
Liujiu halloween angzt😨: Teen Shen Jiu never got to trick or treat because the harsh f*stercare Qiu didnt let him out on halloween. So, ever since running away,he's never experienced trick or treating even once. Now he's all dressed up, but wants someone else to go w/him
#Liujiu LQG didnt really care much for holidays, as is he's dreading having to take time off sports practice for New years. Now, Shen Jiu wanted him to dress up in a silly costume and take that day off as well?He didnt even take Mingyan trickertreating as a kid, is this a bit ridiculous?
Oct 24, 2022 6 tweets 3 min read
Angsty Jiuyuan anyone 😩.
Shen Yuan first met Shen Jiu by accident. It was the last college class Shen Yuan took before he dropped out. He remember doing well on test, but hated doing homework and the guy in front of him always texted him his.
#svsss #jiuyuan Shen Yuan only gave him his study guide once since it wouldnt hurt to help someone out once in awhile and in return, he never had to do homework again. When he saw his friend-that-he-only-spoke-a-few-words-to one day just disappear he felt...off to say the least.
Oct 7, 2022 8 tweets 3 min read
Og SQH is so underrated. I see you my manz. #svsss
Shang Qinghau didnt have life easy growing up. He was born in a poor village to a humble home of 7 other children. There was never enough food to go around and all his other brothers were more outstanding than him Shang Wen, at the time found out that the richest farmer was making a big commotion about how his son is going to be a cultivator. CQM was holding its yearly event of accepting new students. He didnt think much about it at first, maybe 1 in 1,000 would have spiritual veins
Sep 18, 2022 66 tweets 15 min read
Shizun Yuan and disciple Shen Jiu would be such a gold mine of angst. Think about it, at first SY would probably still be under OOC mode and would have to ignore Shen Jiu's brothel visits right? 1/ #svss #shencest #shenjiu #ShenQingqiu #shenyuan #scumcum #danmei #dameitwt I already know his lil gremlin brain would be going thru leaps and jumps ranting how obvious SJ was in his scuminess. Meanwhile, Shen Jiu is already highly self-conscious know the all the small differences in his shizun means Shizun is displeased w/him. He just doesn't know why
Sep 16, 2022 30 tweets 8 min read
So, time for daily #ShowerThoughts i need bingge to accidentally transform into a dog and have no idea how to return into his human form.Shen Jiu being a fellow pet simp sees an adorable fluffy black dog who's hurt and takes him home #svsss #binggejiu #danmeitwt #ShenJiu #bingge LBG wakes up to gentle hands dressing his wounds and a pleasant voice humming a tune that sounds familiar.Another maiden saved him and wants to become his wife? He wondered what she looked like. LBH cracked open an eye and saw the daintiest hands he's since he was a disciple wai-
Sep 14, 2022 13 tweets 5 min read
Shen Jiu sighs laughing as tears fall down "are you done playing Luo Binghe?" he gives a sardonic smile "after all these decades, you're still calling me shizun? Just how long do you want to continue this dream?"
LBH looks up baffled. "Sh-shizun?What do you mean" Shen Jiu hummed, fiddling w/the tip of his sword watching LBH's blood pool on the floor.
"Im not sure LBH, emperor of 3 realms, harem owner of 3000,sole owner of Xin Mo, and my murder ."

Shen Jiu smiled, the 1st genuine smile he has in the past half decade, but it was all teeth
Sep 13, 2022 17 tweets 4 min read
Crack au but what if TLJ kidnapped Shen Jiu before bingge could get to him ?
#svsss #svss #ShenJiu #danmeitwt TLJ really just wanted revenge on YGY for being the only living person involved in his imprisonment. Unfortunately the sect master's current strength was still unknown. His second in command however... Would be easy enough to subdue. ZZL knows the man frequents brothels
Sep 11, 2022 8 tweets 3 min read
Shencest will never leave my mind. 😭 Its so underloved. I NEED Shen Yuan to do a world a favor and fuck his big bro.Fuck gege A-Yuan. In an AU Shen Yuan and his lanky ass fucks the scum villain to save the protagonist of course! #svsss #shenyuan #shenqingqiu #shenjiu #danmeitwt Its a fact that Shen Jiu is a morosexual. He probably pops a boner the MOMENT dumb men look defenseless and need him just to survive. Shen Yuan, this tall useless little dumbass clinging to him claiming to be his long lost didi, would ruin Shen Jiu.
Sep 9, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
Shecest Yall remember the early 2000s goth? SJ being the typical eldest goth sibling slutting it up in rebellion& his dweeb gamer lil bro trying to prove his masculinity by peeping in on his goth bro and his hot goth girl friends as a dare #svsss #ShenQingqiu #danmeitwt #shenjiu The only one changing in was his brother though,but for some reason Lil Yuan can't help but get hard.Shen Jiu's wearing a black hello kitty thong wiggling himself into mesh stockings and ass shaking as he's careful not to tear his Jiejie's stockings she bought over 4 him to try
Sep 6, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
a rare pair that i think would work well together is Mobei Jun x Shen Jiu. Both ice queens, but Shen Jiu is just so pointy w/his words but turns soft like snow w/his actions. MBJ is the opposite. 1/ #mobeijun #shenjiu #svsss #danmei AU where Bingge wants to humiliate MBJ by tossing his defeated shizun to him to bed. (he managed to piss off his harem and started noticing quit a few of his wives send calculating looks towards his general) What better way than to put MBJ in his place once again,