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Just a periodic reminder to #Ethiopia Twitter of @zborkena ( disclaimer that they’re not responsible for mis/disinformation. There is no editorial transparency or disclosure of their funding. Home»Archives»Disclaimer Di...
-@ZekuZelalem recently explained how Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are leveraged to develop realistic looking avatars on social media. It’s also important to note, the SM algorithm prioritizes engagement over objectivity. This incentivizes emotionally charged language
Ethiopian politics is polarized, and in the context of shrunken civic space-social media platforms that distort what you see and how you experience it-have an outsized impact. Meaning, it’s not merely censorship or amplifying fake news.… In other words, platforms d...
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The Dissonance of War

As much as I am resolved in my feeling that the TPLF needs to be dealt with and that @AbiyAhmedAli's decision is justified given TPLF’s menace, I admit that I am equally distressed by the thought of #Ethiopia|ns killing each other.
I am no supporter of war, I do not revel in what is taking place back home. Though I am cognizant that terrorists who attack unprovoked and massacre countless civilians cannot be allowed to act with impunity,
the fact that innocent civilians, Tigrayans, Amharas, Oromos and all Ethiopians alike, are the ones dying and bearing the brunt of this conflict creates an constant dissonance in my mind. When it comes to war, the price of old men’s egos is paid for by the graves of the people.
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International coverage on Ethiopia is the result of generating a narrative on surveillance capitalism omitting the Global South. Civil unrest from long marginalized ethnic groups under a Nobel prize winning PM was complicated by mis/disinfo on social media…
This is what you get when you come in on the 3rd quarter: She also cited “the lapse in judgement” from Abiy “to sideline TPLF from being a genuine part of the peace deal between Ethiopia and Eritrea from the get-go”.
Author of the Oromo protest soundtrack, Haacaalu Hundeessaa was assassinated in June. His death became a flashpoint for marginalized ethnic groups in the country w/ a constitutional right for ethnic autonomy up to the point of secession…
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Jawar spoke in court today*Thread*

Explained the situation leading up to his arrest.

"We accompanied the body of Haacaaluu to Burayu en route to Ambo. From there we were blocked by security forces so we returned to Finfinne and were in communication with authorities.
At the Oromo Cultural Centre Mayor Takele Uma instructed guards to let us in. They mayor arrived shortly after and we met with him (Jawar was with Bekele Gerba and Hamza Borana, along with security). Our meeting was friendly and brotherly. We agreed on the burial....
Mayor said they would provide an ambulance, fridge, and coffin for the burial. He left to gather these items and within 15 minutes of him leaving, we were surrounded by heavily armed soldiers. We instructed our security to comply/disarm and we went with them peacefully.
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1. Jawar&Bekele left home to accompany #HaacaaluHundeessaa’s body to Ambo.
2. They joined the convoy & continued accompanying the crowd. In OMN video you can hear “Jawarfaa dhufaniiruu”- Jawar and them are here
3. While the conviy is en route to Ambo, Shimelis (Oromia President) &Takele (Addis Mayor) made phone calls to the Convoy announcing that #HaacaaluHundeessaa is gonna be buried in Finfinnee.
4. They wanted all including Jawar to return to the Oromo Cultural Center in Laghar
5. #HaacaaluuHundeessaa’s body was temporarily held in the Oromo Cultural Center. At this point, I have have chance to talk to Hacaaluu’s friend who was at the center. He confirmed that Shimelis & Takele made decision to return to Addis Ababa.
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