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🧵 #Colonization And #Slavery

While European colonialism is condemned, the crimes committed by other civilizations have either fallen to the wayside to be forgotten or even glorified

Let’s explore some of the examples:
#Native Slavery:

When Alaska was ceded to America, the Tlingit sued the US, over anti-slavery act.

#Native chiefs rejected it, stating the buying, selling, and holding of slaves is one of the rules & customs of their people; the civil authorities have no jurisdiction over them.
#Arab Slavery

You likely have heard of the Transatlantic slave trade, but have you heard of the Islamic Arab Slave trade? A trade that enslaved millions of Africans and Europeans, and easily rivaled the Transatlantic slave trade? Probably not.
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🧵Videos by popular artists, government officials, priests and Amhara elites advocating for the annihilation of Tigrayas.
1. #Debebe_Eshetu (Artist): Let us annihilate the day time hyenas and sanctify ourselves. We will be blessed if we exterminate the Tigrayans.
2. #Andargachew_Tsige: Ethiopian-Born UK citizen telling government forces: "I am telling you the truth; we must be really brutal to the Tigrayans; we must annihilate them entirely with cruelty."
@DavidAltonHL @helenhayes_ @10DowningStreet
3. Elias Wendimu, #Tsehay_printing CEO
Putting the #Tigrayans into concentration camps are acceptable act of responsible govt. For example, the US incarcerated Iraqis and Japanese throughout the US-Iraq war and the Second World War respectively.
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Dear #Amhara & #Afar.
Sephat Nega is a monster who master minded all the crisis in our region.
I know this is a very difficult times for you & I completely sympathise.
But be aware of the Digitalweyane. Their private chat reveals a nasty plan & I will share it.
From our 20yrs experience, TPLFites only strength is sowing discord & perpetuating conflict.
They split their group into 5 sub-groups & each assigned their own tasks.
They pose as:
1. #Oromo.
2. #Amhara.
3. #Eritreans.
4. Pro-Abiy
5. Anti-Abiy.
Task of those posing as Oromos are to attack Amhara relentlessly & exploit any historical misrepresentation to the maximum.
Those pose as Amhata will insult Oromos.
Those who pose as Eritreans, their task is to attack both Amhara & Oromo, & also lie about Eritrea's motives.
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: Incident date: December 20, 2021, #Oromo Region #WestShoa Zone Ambo Zuria area, 10 ethnic Amharas were killed by the OLF/OLA Shanee armed group. The incident happened at 1 o'clock in the morning 10KM from Ambo city, close to the Wodessa Menkaka peasant 1/
association. It was reported that the victims were murdered execution style, they were dragged out of their houses, lined up and gunned down. The residents reported that early December, the armed group has killed a resident by the name Amsal and told his compatriots that they 2/
need to be prepared to pay 200,000 ETB each. Other residents have reported that it is has been more than a year since the group has been sending ultimatums to Amhara residents to leave the woreda or face death. 3/
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Locating an atrocity in #Ethiopia.

As the Ethiopian army advances, upsetting images and videos have emerged of the alleged killing of prisoners outside Tinishu Rebi/Chefa Robit in Wello during December.

@Quen10Tarantino and I investigate ⬇️

#OSINT Image
The images and videos available on social media accounts have shown bodies in a pit on a roadside in #Ethiopia varying states of decomposition in December.

@Quen10Tarantino and I will not be sharing some parts of the images and videos as they are too graphic for @Twitter Image
According to a resident, the people in the pit were from prison. Their bodies were recognised by locals.

They were allegedly executed by #Ethiopia’s security forces who are in control of the nearby town. Image
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#Ethiopia: Ending the vicious cycle of violence and retribution. It was back in 2006. When the #TPLF was massacring Somalis in Mogadishu.
A conference was held in Minnesota for all opposition groups Including Oromos, Amharas, Gambelas and Somalis. I made an speech saying
We should stop demonising #Tigrays because we needed to break the historic cycle of violence. So that no community feels that they have to fight to survive. I would say the same now about the losing #Amhara. We need to acknowledge their humanity and make them feel safe and give
Them hope that they have right in live in peace and dignity. Thus dont have to start an armed resistance to the new dispensation after the fall of their 7th king. I believe we Somalis have a unique role to play as peace makers between these warring tribes. Who have zero trust in
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As Ethiopia's regime is about to collapse under the military pressure of the #Tigray & #Oromo resistance, Barkawi's & Laffey's writing comes to mind (again): awaiting liberation at the hands of the West is as pointless today as it's always been, in #Ethiopia as in #Myanmar 🧵 1/3 Image
All that the West, inc. Abyi Ahmed's US allies, did was talking about humanitarian aid & a few sanctions in the context of genocide. Tigrayans have chosen not to await this kind of "liberation" and have managed to fight back against what was said to be Africa's strongest army 2/3
Let's bear this in mind for next time when Western diplomats reflexively denounce the armed struggle of people against genocidal regimes for the sake of some international stability and order. 3/3
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The Archetype of #Oshun and the Divine Feminine

Luisah Teish on the archetype of Oshun. This is an outtake from an interview with Luisah Teish for the film "Changing of the Gods."


Before the slave trade, Before Islam or Christianity -- we worshipped Black Gods. And, there are a lot of them.

These African Deities Are The Best Gods You've Never Heard Of

Move over Zeus, there's an old pantheon in town.… Image
Ibeji — Spirit Of The Twins 👯

Ibeji (known as Ibejí, Ibeyí, or #Jimaguas in Latin America) is the name of an Orisha representing a pair of twins in the Yoruba religion of the Yoruba people ( present-day Nigeria).


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#GPE_RedAlert: May 9, 2021

#GPE has reviewed photographs of property destruction targeting homes & assets belonging to ethnic #Amhara civilians in Mender 24, #Welgay & #Debis kebeles (wards) of #Abe_Dengoro woreda (district), #Horo_Guduru_Welega zone, #Oromia region.

[1/5] Image
In addition, homes of recently displaced ethnic #Amhara civilians have reportedly been looted by Oromo militias allegedly part of the #Oromo Liberation Army (#OLA) but residents have also accused local authorities namely the Oromo Special Forces of participating in the...

...injustice as well.

Local sources revealed between May 6 to 7, 2021 alone, more than 20 homes belonging to ethnic #Amhara residents were broken into & looted. Similar incidents have been reported in #Welgay kebele. In some instances, residents have also reported...

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#GPE_AtrocityReport: April 23, 2021 (Miyazia 15, 2013 EC).

#GPE has received reports of startling atrocities targeting ethnic #Amhara civilians in #Gorete kebele (ward), #Abi_Dengoro woreda (district), #Horo_Guduru_Welega zone, #Oromia region. Local witnesses said on...

...April 22, 2021 (Miyazia 14, 2013 EC) at approximately 4 am local time, three people including a man, his child daughter and another child were killed as local militias locked them in their home and set it on fire burning all three inside under gruesome circumstances.

#GPE has obtained disturbing photographic evidence of their burned remains.

Names of the decedents are as follows:

1. Mr. Adam Hassen (father)
2. Hawa Adam (daughter)
3. Zewdia Fetene (neighbor’s child)

Residents also reported the militias opened fire on civilians...

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@NAMA_AMHARA #Ethiopia states:

«PM of our country & #Oromo Prosperity Party led by him have intensified their atrocities against #Amhara people by deploying z state machinery & national resources & abetting, supporting & even commandeering state terror.»…
With this statement it seems #NAMA suspends its ‘collaborative’ relations with #Amhara PP, and turns into a ‘hostile opposition’. This has been expected for some time. It is thus likely that the state machinery will be turned against them with full force.
#NAMA posed the only genuine threat to #Amhara PP in the upcoming #election. With this statement it seems that they are disenfranchising from election participation (needs confirmation).
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This 2019 article, written a year before the ethnofascist #TPLF launched war on #Ethiopia, exposes the rampant #rape &sexual violence that #women of #Tigray suffered from the rapist TPLF gang. The defeated criminal TPLF "men" are continuing their rape now!…
2) In this video clip from 2018 brodacast of #Tigray's DW-TV, a #Tigrayan woman recounts the horrible mysogynistic culture in Tigray under #TPLF, where #rape & sexual violence against Tigray's #women is a commonplace occurence, & 60% of Tigrayan womem are victims of rape.
3) #Tigrayan feminist @meazaG_, speaking to #TigrayMediaHouse in 2019, over a year before the war, explained the horrific level of #rape in #Tigray's society. She said men regularly kick & oppress women every night.Tigray ppl were victims of #TPLF. #TPLFcrimes
#Eritrea #Ethiopia
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: April 10, 2021 (Miyazia 2, 2013 EC).

In #Gidy_Ayana Woreda (district), Misraq (East) #Wollega/#Wellega/#Welega zone, #Oromia region, we received reports of shootings at ethnic #Amhara residents starting from 1:00 am local time. Credible reports...

...reveal militamen of the #Oromo Liberation Front/Army (#OLF/#OLA) in collusion with regional officials & other collaborators have opened fire on ethnic #Amhara civilians in Village 10 of the district. Residents have stated that these groups who are bent on mayhem...

...& destruction, are destroying storehouses & private residences.
After the withdrawal of the #Ethiopia|n National Defense Force (#ENDF) on April 7, 2021 (Megabit 29, 2013 EC), there were reports of stoning of residences belonging to ethnic #Amhara beginning on the...

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#Primer on #Ethiopian Politics

#Unitarist Vs #Federlaist

- Has little to do with level of #decentralisation of power ordinarily associated with these notions

A critical mass of Ethiopians support #federalism-incl most, if not all, forces within ruling party - incl Abiy - 1
For #ethnonationalists, I believe, any politics based on individual #equality (citizenship or republican politics) is #Unitarist - so #Nigeria, #Kenya (which ban ethnic parties), #Germany and #UnitedStates are Unitary, regardless of their robust federal/devolved structures - 2
What ethnonatioanlists consider #federalist is actually politics based on #ethnicity - (which goes beyond ethnic federalism) - much like Arend Lijphart's prototypical #consociational system - so soemthing like #Belgium and #BosniaHerzegovina, but for 80+ ethnic groups – 3
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: March 30, 2021, #Babu Woreda, #Wellega, #Oromo Region #Ethiopia. A coordinated attack by OLF/OLA and Oromo regional forces against targeted ethnic Amharas left 70 Amhara farmers dead. No one has ever been made accountable for these heinous crimes against 1/E
humanity. Local reporters have stated that 27 buses full of fleeing Amharas left Wollega already. Such mass exodus out of an area just because they are targeted due to their identity is a horrible indicator to what is to come, as the fighters are more emboldened, organized 2/E
and coordinate even further with the regional security apparatus. The situation in #Wellega and #Metekel is extremely grave! We demand #access2metekel #access2Wellega 3/E
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There is a well funded, coordinated effort 2 destabilize #Ethiopia & de-legitimize its Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed @PMEthiopia @PMAbiy. BUT, here r the undisputed FACTS, all done apart from & in addition 2 his NOBLE actions 4 which he was awarded #NobelPeacePrize: #1 @PMAbiy made
half of all his TOP cabinet ministers WOMEN! Yes, unlike the USA and other "developed" western nations, #Ethiopia actually demands half its population actually RUN THE COUNTRY! and you can thank @PMAbiy for this courageous act! #2 After 27 yrs of tyrany under the TPLF, @PMAbiy
released ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS and unbanned all political parties AND news outlets. Sound like a failed despot to you??? NO! In fact when he was awarded the @NobelPrize none of this was mentioned because his heroism with regard to peace with #Eritrea was enough to earn it, #3
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Sunday thoughts!

One of the cascade of shocks the #Oromo nation continue to endure in the wake of the yet unsolved assassination of Haacaaluu Hundeessaa is the following crackdown on multiple individuals who represent a significant political agency of the Oromo in the 🇪🇹to come.
Among the consequential arrests is the likes of Bekele, Jawar & Hamza, seen here after 40 days of hunger strike for what they believed in. But it’s a mistake to think the crackdown was limited to them. Speak with any Oromo, you will learn that there is a pre & post Hacaaluu 🇪🇹.
That’s so not only b/s Hacee was assassinated, but also everything that the Oromo lost after that either to death, jail or disappearance (be it individuals of political parties), share one thing in common: they’re known among the Oromo as icons of a struggle for a pan Oromo cause
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: March 10, 2021

#HoroGuduru #Wellega (also spelt ‘Welega’ and ‘Wollega’), #JardigaJartee Woreda (District), #Horodaddi Kebele (Ward), #Dacheen area

We have received news from residents in Horo Guduru #Wellega that armed militias of the (1/E)
#Oromo Liberation Front (#OLF) have continued targeted killings of ethnic #Amhara across the region. Credible reports have emerged detailing a disturbing wedding massacre in which militiamen of the OLF converged onto a local wedding gathering killing all attendees except one(2/E)
elderly woman that survived the horrific incident by hiding under a family member’s dead body. All attendees including the bride, groom and 8 of their family members were all slaughtered in this horrific massacre.

Many sources have also reported that #OLF militia have been(3/E)
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: February 8,2021, #Wollega in Village 2, a family was killed by #OLF militia, for no reason other than being ethnic #Amhara. Their names are as follows.
1)Temme Bayle
2)Abraw Bayle
3)Mitiku Gette
4)Four year old daughter Mittu Mitiku
In Village 3, Mr. Getnet was slaughtered by #OLF militia.

February 14, 2021 Limuh Woreda, Argunbi Kebelle, East #Wollega
5 ethnic #Amhara/s were killed by #OLF militia, along with an ethnic #Gumuz that was with the victims.
1)Abdu Arage
2)Priest Nigus Debas
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#GPE has been closely monitoring the unfolding situation in #Ethiopia.

The question of accountability for crimes committed is being posed not just by #Ethiopia/ns but also the world and with time, the truth will be revealed.
#GPE also believes sexual violence against women(1/E)
must be unequivocally opposed by all #Ethiopia/ns.
Local authorities and administration at all levels must take measures to immediately stop all forms of violence against women in #Tigray. Any suffering inflicted upon women and children is no indication of victory but rather(2/E)
of a country’s fall.
Protection of civilians must be a top priority as long as there is believed to be an active threat to their safety.
#Ethiopia has become a place where female students are kidnapped from their schools and murdered. Even now, under the cover of war, (3/E)
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#GPE Demands Accountability.

We are deeply troubled by the statements made by the Benishangul-Gumuz (BSG) division of #Ethiopia’s Prosperity Party (PP) on the morning of February 10, 2021. In the wake of the upcoming election this year (2021), PP of BSG released a statement(1/E)
“apologizing” for the ethnic cleansing and displacement of 400,000 civilians of ethnic #Amhara, #Agaw and #Shinasha background in the Metekel Zone. While the targeted killings against ethnic #Amhara and #Agaw has had a long history in Metekel, it is widely known that it has(2/E)
gotten progressively worse in the last two years. As a result, most of #Metekel today has been abandoned. There are reports of homes being burned, families massacred, children left orphaned and crops destroyed.
While we encourage any and all efforts made to restore (3/E)
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#GPE_AtrocityReport: January 2, 2021, East #Wollega Zone, Limu Woreda (District), Beko Kebele (Precinct) in Village 1 and Village 5.
A coordinated attack has been carried out against civilians in the aforementioned locations. Especially in Fiti Beko area the attacks begun(1/)
around 4:00 PM local time and continued until 9:17 PM local time. Ethnic #Amharas were killed in mass and their houses were burned. The number of people who have died is not known yet. The reports stated that there is no sight of law enforcement in the area. #StopAmharaGenocide
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2020 was an inconvenient year for the whole world but a very difficult one for my people in #Tigray. As I start my first day of 2021, I would like to put the following things out here.

1. After @AbiyAhmedAli declared a full-scale #WarOnTigray backed by the #Amhara (1/11)
militia and #Eritrean soldiers on the 4th of November 2020 after midnight, Hewan Hulet Shi was the first dearest #Ethiopian friend of mine who checked on me and the safety of my family back home at 00:53 AM through WhatsApp. Much love and respect to you Hewi ❤ . (2/11)
YeGetaneh Agegn Alemu, Dereje Tadesse, Gemechu Merera Fana, and Eyob Mihreteab Yohannes are also my other dear Ethiopian friends who have been continuously checking on me and asking about the safety of my relatives. Thank you ALL. (3/11)
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Thread: What do we know so far about the #war on #Tigray in #Ethiopia, which has been running for nearly 2 months now? In this thread I will sum up some of the key developments.
First, the so-called “law and order” operation, which @PMAbiyAhmed declared completed one month ago, has not yet reached its basic objectives, and it is doubtful that it ever will. Hence, the war in #Tigray will continue indefinitely, or until a political settlement is reached.
#Tigrayan forces, under the command of the elected reg. gov. of #TPLF, are still waging an active resistance war. Over the last few days, Tigray forces seem to be on the offensive, challenging #ENDF military control of the main routes (Mekelle-Wukro-Adigrat; Mekelle-Alamata).
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