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Making distribute tracing easier with more sophisticated visualizations - @YuriShkuro

The first is color coded by service graph. The second is a heat map #QConNYC
Now @YuriShkuro is talking about a tool that compares traces.

[ ed- omg this: just yesterday I was talking to a vendor at QCon and was wondering if it’d be possible to compare traces. They said their product didn’t offer this. IMo this is the most important aspect of tracing]
And the diff tool deals with aggregate traces. You can then drill down into an individual trace. @YuriShkuro at #QConNYC

[ed - this. This so freaking much. Starting with a trace is like being in a hiding to nowhere. Need to begin with an aggregate view.]
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The final talk of my track

The state of Serverless computing - or fixing dysfunctionnad a service

Remember this paper? This talk is basically a gist of this paper. 🍿

There’s been a bunch of research on serverless recently - and Hacker News trashes all of it.

Yet, serverless use is on the rise. FaaS is good for embarrassingly parallel tasks as well as workflow orchestration
The limitations of current FaaS offerings. The first and last can be overcome, but the middle two are severe limitations.

what you really end up getting is dysfunction as a service.
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Now the talk I’m looking forward to the MOST - @colmmacc on PID loops (pronounces P-I-D loops, and not “pid” (like sid) loops as I’ve always been pronouncing it in my head.

This is going to be so good! I’ll try to live tweet.
Haha @colmmacc put my DM to him the slides - as an example of observations and feedback in practice! 😁 #QConNYC
Giving a shoutout to @vllry’s previous QCon talk.

The second book wasn’t written for a distributed systems audience per se, but it has a lot of patterns and lessons in it that applies to our field. @colmmacc at #qcon
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Closing out #QConNYC in the chaos track is @otterbook on "turning it off and on again". He's promised to make my life "interesting" as a livetweeter so let's see how this goes.
@otterbook .@otterbook also has the best pre-talk dramatic/heroic amp-up music, which I'm digging. #QConNYC
This is going to be a very high audience participation talk, and is an experimental talk, says @otterbook. #QConNYC
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I unfortunately have some @GCPcloud NEXT prep to do, so I need to duck out halfway through the next block of talks :/ livetweets will cut out halfway but I want to signal-boost as much of @eanakashima and @rachelmyers's talk on accidental distributed systems as I can. #QConNYC
@GCPcloud @eanakashima @rachelmyers They used to work together at GitHub and ModCloth. "So a cloud vendor and tool vendor walk onto a stage..." but they're not selling anything, they're talking about their worst work problems. #QConNYC
Turn the clocks back to 2012 at ModCloth. They were running a rails app with a mysql backend. More engineers writing more code, but deploying only once a week on Friday... more code going out every week and deployers less familiar with the code. #QConNYC
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Post-lunch, I'm still in the Chaos track, now with @tammybutow presenting on Chaos and Resiliency! #QConNYC
@tammybutow How you apply chaos engineering depends upon the scale of your infrastructure. #QConNYC
It's like riding a bicycle; you can't just hop on and ride at full speed.

"The hello world of chaos engineering is a CPU attack." --@tammybutow #QConNYC
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Onto the Chaos Engineering track with me, where I'll be livetweeting @rynchantress on Resilience and Human Interventions. #QConNYC
@rynchantress Finally, @rynchantress gets to tell their side of the story of nearly breaking and winning the three-armed sweater. #QConNYC
Once upon a time a few years ago, they were doing server provisioning for Etsy, who were operating own their datacenters and had a "lovingly hand-crafted set of tools to transform a server from a newly racked server into a webserver or database server." #QConNYC
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Next up is @micheletitolo on how to successfully operate microservices, continuing the theme @adam7mck and I started on microservice observability. #QConNYC
"What I noticed is that nobody really defined what a microservice is, yet we've been hearing about distributed systems... microservices are a distributed system." -- @micheletitolo #QConNYC
We do it for speed, safety, and to cut costs, even though there are sometimes costs associated with getting started. #QConNYC
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