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"A Jnani's presence is the most powerful force, can do wonders: save souls, give peace of mind, even give liberation to ripe souls"

🧵A #MustRead which instantly energizes devotees..

‘One day when I was sitting by the side of #Bhagavan I felt so miserable that I put the
following question to him: "Is the sankalpa of the jnani not capable of warding off the destinies of the devotees?"
'Bhagavan smiled and said: "Does the jnani have a sankalpa at all? The jivanmukta [liberated being] can have no sankalpas whatsoever. It is just impossible.

'I continued: "Then what is the fate of all us who pray to you to have grace on us and save us? Will we not be benefited or saved by sitting in front of you, or by coming to you?..."

'Bhagavan turned graciously to me and said: "...a person's bad karma will be considerably

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#Chandrachud @KirenRijiju
I fail to understand that present #CJI #CHABDRACHUD or even his predecessor #Ramana are making wag arguments.l
made any CLAUSES

Chandrachud called for taking ‘woman’s point of view’… via @ThePrintIndia
#Chandrachud if you have courage say this " EVERY INDIAN WOMEN" has this Right.
शौहर की इजाजत के बैगर घर के बाहर पाव न रख सके, वहा तू चुप!!!
ऐसा कहे।
तेरे पहले जो था वो कान्हा के बारेमें अन्नबसानब बोले। तू केवल सनातनी महिला की बात करता। जहा 1% से कम प्रताड़ित हे। जहा१००%
प्रताड़ित हे, वहा तू चुप।
बात सत्य कही, कुछ नया नाही कहा,
हमारे शास्त्री वेदी वह पुराण में भी लिखा जहा स्त्री सुखी नाही वहा शांति नहीं।पर हमारे देश में पूरा एक तबका हे, जो पूरी तरह प्रताड़ित हे।
वहा चुप काहे!!!???
गर में गलत हु, तब आप केवल एक बात मीडिया ने कह दीजिए,
भारत की सभी
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#Belief_Faith_God_and_Me this is a subject , which to me is very personal and i do not dwell or share it with others; to me it is sacrosanct and it is not meant for a debate and/or a discussion; however a damn good tweet by @chittukuruvi4 got me thinking and hence this; this is
2. not going to be a long one and neither is it about religious practices as prescribed; i have always been a person who goes by what my heart says rather than the peanut brain of mine; my great grand parents/my grandparents and my parents had belief/faith and above all practised
3. what is said in our puranaas/ithihaasas; their belief and faith was impeccable, but they were also pragmatic - they have never imposed themselves on any of their siblings; my experience i have noticed - whether it be my grand uncles/aunts, my own aunts/uncles and my cousins..
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