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Having spent a couple days on exceptionally bad clothing, it’s time for a #TailorSnarkWars palette cleanser.

Well dressed men of size, a photo stream.

Big, tall, both, burly.
Not skinny bois.
Though we love our Chrises, not this thread.
Formal & casual.

Kristian Nairn (Hodor)
(#GoT has been great - they cast diverse body sizes & shapes. So...)

Kristian is 7’ tall. He favors bright plaids with tee shirts and jeans. (This is perfectly acceptable casual wear.)
Note shoulder seams (at top of arm): a little low on his arm, but that’s movement fabric.
Again, it’s the geometry of fabric: an arc is longer than a line.

Suit jacket, intentionally oversized because this is a casual look, with jeans & Converse. That jacket will button.
If this was formal? Might wanna pad the shoulders a bit, but it’s not. No cuffs, cuz tee.
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Day Fucking 2 of Speed State Visit (Like speed dating only even more dire), or the Clampetts Go To London.

But first, I want to this to be front & center:
This is a Marine.
This is a decorated Marine who guards an Embassy.
This is a woman.
Boo-yah, sister.
Not all presidents address the UK Parliament. They do tend to invite the ones who can be trusted not to step on their own tongue, so Obama & Bill Clinton & Kofi Annan & the Dali Llama.

So no, El Pendejo was not going to get that invite.

(Full list:…)
(That should have been Heads of State. Editing as I go.)

Instead, Theresa May spend one of her last days entertaining this clown, and he was too dumb to realize that she’s outta there at the end of the week. There was no point in him talking to her.

But it kept him distracted.
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Commentary on Police officers having a murderous, violent, theft-y week:

Stats will do that. There will be spikes and troughs.

However: we are training cops to use violence as their first response to everything. We don’t teach them to handle their feelings at all.

I note again: yes, cops die on the job. Half of those deaths are *traffic* related. The cop steps into the traffic path and they get hit. The flashing lights to the rear, especially the bright white/blue ones, make night vision impossible. Chain accidents happen.
I also note that 2018 was the worst line of duty deaths year for POs in the US.
There are 800K of them. 144 died on the job.

That is a rate of 18/100K.

Another ~50 died of non-work illness; 27 died of 9/11 related illness/injury.

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Here’s the stats on rape: 1 in 3 women report (to a survey, not the police) being raped. It’s higher. Look at the graphic: 10% or fewer go to the police. Less than 25% of those face trial, only 1/3 of THOSE are convicted.
Of those 1000? 2 false reports.
The graphic is from slate, by the way.

Those two false reports? They can be actually malicious, or they can be honest mistakes. Someone misidentifies their attacker.

But here’s the thing: in the vast majority (80+%) people who are raped know who raped them. It’s not a stranger.
It’s someone from a class, or the dorm, or a Tindr date. It’s an ex, or a current partner. It’s someone the victim had a crush on & the rapist took advantage.

It’s a crime where we know who was on top of us.

Yet, even when we do everything right, it’s only 1:10 for conviction.
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Oh, hey, I went down a #MoneyLaundry rabbit hole on this. The Kingston thread. There are TWO SBK Holdings, one based in Turkey (who are in the Kingston-Washakie Energy scam) and one based in UAE.
Gold Bank. 1/?

Gold worth billions smuggled out of Africa…
So... The UAE SBK is actually the personal property of the Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Kalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahan, the heir apparent to UAE. It’s extremely large, and diverse, and especially likes gold and real estate.

The gold matters because Dubai (in UAE) has direct flights to Iran.
Iran has been under sanction for a long time, which means they survive on hard currency. Reuters estimated $2 Billion a month in 2012. (I think Iran is more complicated than the people who yell about it admit, and dishonesty makes the situation worse.)…
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“Current conditions mirror what happened after the housing market collapsed. Prices tumbled and property was abundant, but the only people who could afford to buy were those who hadn’t been crippled by the financial crisis.”

Who has cash? Money Laundries.…
I know, I harp on money laundering, but behaviorally? It’s hoarding, and hoarding interests me as a symptom of anxiety & trauma.

Also, hoarding & money laundering are massive criminal crimes, and so should be treated, not as civil cases.

Nonapple link:…
Money Laundering 101 for those who don’t want to go watch 2 seasons of Burn Notice tonight:

Jason sells a lot of fake drugs to college students, making $100K in cash over 1 year. He pays his rent ($1000/mo in cash) & eats $35/day of fast food/beer. Rents dance hall: $500/mo
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