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#seulrene tagalog socmed au

β€” Joohyun Siwa is an ordinary office worker, and she's been crushing on her boss, Seulgi Sorioso. One day, she got heavily scolded, so she decided to drink. Being a drunk mess, she began leaving comments, confessing her love, in one of Seulgi's posts. ImageImage
00. ImageImage
01. Yeri, Wendy, & Joy as Jojo's friends and officemates
Byul as Seulgi's bestie ImageImageImageImage
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Β» i'll never forget you Β«

a seulrene tagalog au where seulgi is a tiktoker who made a video trend in hopes of finding her airplane seatmate only for it to be irene, a 2nd year medical student.
Β» seulrene tagalog au
Β» don’t mind the timestamps
Β» quote to reply/react :D
Β» written in taglish
Β» fluff???
this is a work of fiction. names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. :)
🏷 #seulrene #seulgi #irene #au #redvelvet #aespa
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-SeulRene Tagalog AU (ft. 2yeon,WenJoy,JenLisa,MoonSun & ChaeSoo)

Nagsimula ang lahat nang ang dating with high honor student na si Seulgi Kale Suarez ay pinilit ng kaniyang magulang na magkaroon ng isang personal tutor, walang iba kundi si Irene Stella Perez
Don't based sa line up ng couple/characters, guys ha.. Lahat sila bida dito😁 Ship ko yang mga yan lahat. Sana mag enjoy kayo πŸ’œ

At abangan niyo nalang kung ano meron sa story na'toπŸ˜‚

Disclaimer: This is all fictional and all based in my imagination (sana all may imagination)
Huehue sana magustuhan niyo talaga 😭 Isang taon narin 'to sa draft ko 'yong kalahatiπŸ˜‚

No replies sa thread, guys ha? RT quotes are allowed for any reaction 😜 Hope you enjoy!

So, meet the characters by their squad:
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#seulrene tagalog socmed au

After going through a painful break-up, Irene Onse had enough of romance. She swears to never fall in love again, but one day, she accidentally lost her phone. Fate being playful as it always does, Seulgi Buo, the infamous flirt, found her phone. ImageImage
βž₯ short lang
βž₯ collab au with @rystans
00. ImageImage
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Β» go ustar Β«
a seulrene tagalog au where seulgi's ustar result got mismatched with irene's... the one she ghosted before ImageImage
special thanks to @//piapaat i asked for her permission for this it's just too funny πŸ˜†

so now imagine seulrene

(dont forget to stream like water!!) Image
Β» seulrene tagalog au
Β» don’t mind the timestamps
Β» quote to reply/react :D
Β» written in taglish
Β» idk if fluff or angst jk we'll see ;)
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#seulrene tagalog socmed au

β€” All of a sudden, a nobody student, Seulgi Dalisay, asks the branded 'perfect girl' of the school, Irene Arganda, to be her girlfriend for exactly 91 days. ImageImageImageImage
βž₯ short au
βž₯ many narrations
βž₯ wrote this a couple years ago. you can read it sa AFF or AO3, title is '91 days' 😊
βž₯ tw // contains sensitive contents; mentioning/thoughts of suicide, death
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#seulrene tagalog socmed au

β€” Irene Artique always go to Jollibee without a miss for her meal to the point that Jollibee employee, Seulgi AΓ±o, has already memorized her go-to order, 'C4 meal, large iced tea, chocolate sundae, and one regular fries'. ImageImage
00. ImageImage
Yeri as best friend ni Irene
Wendy & Joy as co-worker and friends ni Seulgi
Konyat as nanay ni Seulgi ImageImageImageImage
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κ’° hi, mahal! κ’±
a #seulrene filipino au

` in which joohyun has mistaken seulgi to be the fake girlfriend joy has sent to help her impress her balikbayan parents. Image

Β° taglish
Β° night mode
Β° lowercase
Β° characters/events are wholly imaginary. any resemblance to other people/events/stories is purely coincidental
Β° this will be my first au so please bear with my β€˜corniness’ βŠ™οΉβŠ™
β˜‡ HM0

seulgi kang - the chief operating officer of their family business

joohyun laurent - a fresh cpa passer working as a financial analyst ImageImage
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#seulrene tagalog socmed au

β€” Irene Alawin is the biggest fan of Seulgi Soledad, the vocalist and drummer of the rising band 'Kwatro Kantos'. ImageImage
00. ImageImage
01. Kwatro Kantos ImageImageImageImage
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Seulgi likes Irene , but when seulgi confess her feelings to her , Irene disappear from contact without any explanation at all. No phone call or email, not even a text.

After 2 years they met again when irene worked as seulgi's secretary.

#seulrene ImageImageImageImage
ONE ImageImage
TWO ImageImage
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Β» talk to strangers Β«
a seulrene tagalog au kung saan si seulgi kang ay mayroong online class kaya’t napag-isipan niyang mag-omegle dahil bored na siya only to match with irene bautista, isang iska, na hinihintay magload ang CRS website para makakuha na ng units. ImageImageImageImage
Β» seulrene tagalog au
Β» don’t mind the timestamps
Β» quote to reply
Β» written in taglish
Β» fluff lang :) Image
main characters:
seulgi kang - ust 2nd year bs pharma student
irene bautista - upd 3rd year bs chem eng
#seulrene #au ImageImage
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#seulrene tagalog socmed au

β€” Aling Pasing's surly daughter, Irene, who's studying in Manila went back home to spend the summer in their province. Good for nothing and jologs, Seulgi, thought that it will be a nice idea to have a Manila girl jowa for this summer. ImageImage
00. ImageImage
Byul as bestfriend ni Seulgi
Letitia as lola ni Seulgi
Pasing as nanay ni Irene ImageImageImage
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Love can be complicated, especially nung pumayag si Byul na ligawan si Irene sa text on behalf of Seulgi -- pero di niya alam na na-ffall na rin pala siya dito.

#moonrene #seulrene #tagalogAu Image
Main Characters 🌈 ImageImageImage
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𝒔𝒆𝒖𝒍𝒓𝒆𝒏𝒆 𝒂𝒖:
"𝐨𝐟 𝐚π₯π₯ 𝐩π₯𝐚𝐜𝐞𝐬"

- an au where irene and seulgi came from two different schools, but fate lands them at the same destination from the least expected situations.

#pringles #necklace #seulrene ImageImageImageImage

β€” hihi,, hindi siya pure english
β€” taglish talaga hihi
β€” with a hint of taeny and wenjoy (konting wenrene?)
β€” slow updates?? (base sa sched)
β€” please get the point nalang po incase na may grammar mistakes πŸ₯΄
β€” dont mind the time stamps po!!
𝒄𝒉𝒂𝒓𝒂𝒄𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒔: 𝘡𝘳𝘰𝘱𝘒 𝘯π˜ͺ π˜ͺ𝘳𝘦𝘯𝘦 (architecture)

β€’ Irene Bae Young, grade 11
β€’ Tiffany Bae Young, grade 12
β€’ Yeri Katie Kim, grade 11
β€’ Joy Park, grade 11 ImageImageImageImage
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Irene Chua also known as a perfectionist and cold hearted person. She's the CEO of Marriott Hotel at kinatakutan ng lahat.

What happen if nagmeet yung masungit mong boss at ang pasaway na chef de partie na si Seulgi Madrigal .

#Seulrene #Romcom #RedVelvet ImageImageImageImage
PROFILE The PerfectionistThe Hottie Line Chef
Team Production Saucier ChefPastry Chef
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when i met you β˜‰ (tagalog)

a seulrene au where seulgi is in need of academic intervention and (un)fortunately, a kindhearted irene is there to lend a helping hand. however, it's not always rainbows and butterflies because apparently, they loathe each other. ImageImageImageImage
- if ever my au has similarities with other aus, please know that it's purely a coincidence
- ignore the time stamps
- don't reply and repost
- this is pure fiction and this does not reflect to the korean idols in real life
- a like and rt would be great uwu

irene's clique: ImageImageImageImage
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Irene and Seulgi are married but they're not close , kinasal sila ng walang nararamdam para sa isa't isa.

Pero pano yung asawa mo ay naging professor mo? Yung prof mo na lagi kang pinag iinitan sa klase ng walang dahilan .

#Arrangedmarriage #seulrene ImageImageImageImage
A 4th year college student major in BS Arki and secretly married to Professor Seulgi Esquivel ImageImage
A young hottie professor under Architecture Department and she's really cold to Irene for no reason and calling her attention in class . ImageImage
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Inutusan si seulgi ng kanyang kapatid na kidnappin ang anak ng presidente na si Irene para makarevenge sila sa ina na si Taeyeon dahil sa pagpatay ito sa mga magulang nila .

#Angst #seulrene #revenge #Taeyeon
- CAST -

Kang Seulgi and Kang Moonbyul are sisters . Bata palang si seulgi non nung namatay yung mga magulang nila sa ambushed at di nila nakamit yung hustisya na gusto nila kasi masyadong powerful yung kalaban nila na si Kim Taeyeon.
Kim Taeyeon is the president of PH at kasal siya sa isang businesswoman na si Tiffany Young . May dalawang anak sila na si Kim Jisoo at ang panganay na si Kim Joohyun na nasa California ngayon
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#seulrene #lovehaterelationship
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The Tragic Ship Part II
The most indemand and notable fil photographer named Kang Seulgi became Irene's personal photographer.

Pero pano kung nakatrabaho mo ay dating ex bestfriend mo na naging ex jowa mo na iniwan ka nalang bigla?

Ang Nakaraan ..
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Ang ma-fall sa taong gusto mo ay napaka kumplikado, paano pa kaya kung ang isang app ang tutulong upang makilala mo kung ang taong may gusto sayo.
Ready ka na bang makilala sila? πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Love Alarm: Main Characters
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#seulrene tagalog socmed au

β€” Irene Godes is a notorious narcissist social media queen and Seulgi Dimahalayas is her number one anti. Behind their mean tweets for each other is a past that never had closure. ImageImage
00. ImageImage
01. ImageImageImageImage
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Better- Seulrene/Tzugi AU inspired sa lahat ng nabasa kong funny tagalog AUs so please, no bashering me. Aside from Seulrene and Tzugi, there will be Jenlisa/Minalisa, 2yeon, Moonsun and Wenjoy/Joyri in this story so enjoy! Bentang-benta kasi talaga sakin yung mga murahan nila+
-so eto gumawa ako ng sariling akin pero kinuha ko nga yung idea sa mga AUs na nabasa ko hehe. This will never be as funny as those OG Seulrene tagalog AUs na we read before but please, at least try to appreciate my work hehe. Thank you!
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🚩#SeulRene Social Media AU 🚩 where Irene Bae is the hardworking mother of Bae Hyun-mi who is the star soccer player in her grade with the one and only Kang Seulgi as her coach. Will sparks fly? ImageImageImageImage
- Irene Bae
- 28 years old
- successful C.E.O. of self made company
- extremely proud single mother of Hyun-mi Image
- Kang Seulgi
- 25 years old
- soccer coach at Seoul elementary school
-very passionate about soccer Image
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