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Here are a few simple life hacks to improve your everyday routine

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#thursdaymorning #thursdayvibes #thursdaymood #ThursdayThought #Business #Entrepreneurship #DailyWisdom Image
1) Prioritize Health

Your health is vital for giving your best at work. Prioritize physical and mental well-being through activities like meditation, yoga, or treadmill workouts. Your health fuels your success.

#SelfCare #wellness #WellnessJourney
2) Don't Skip Morning Routine

Entrepreneurs know the value of good health. Dedicate a few minutes each morning to prioritize your well-being. Don't skip it—those minutes can set the tone for a productive day.

#EntrepreneurLife #MorningRoutine #MorningLive #Entrepreneurship
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1/ 🚀 The Power of Saying NO 🚀

One of the things I learnt off late is that you have to say NO to a lot of things as a leader which you would have done in your early professional life! This is imperative for your company's growth and prioritization. A 🧵

#timemanagement Image
2/ Ever felt overwhelmed with countless tasks and projects piling up? 😰 You're not alone. A recent study revealed that majority , >70% of us struggle with time management 😱.

#PowerOfNo #TimeManagement Image
3/ But, fear not! There's a secret weapon that can help you regain control: the power of saying NO! 🙅‍♀️

Curious? Let's dive in! 🤔

#SayNo #Productivity
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🌈 Thread: Exploring the Vibrant Colors of LGBTQ+ Pride 🏳️‍🌈

🟥 🟧 🟨 🟩 🟦 🟪 🟣

LGBTQ Flag Colors meaning Image
$Pride Month is a celebration of love, diversity, and equality. As we adorn ourselves with the beautiful colors of the rainbow, let's dive into the significance of each hue and what they represent for the LGBTQ+ community. #PrideMonth #LGBTQ
🟥 Red: Red symbolizes life and the passion that fuels our fight for equality. It represents the resilience and strength of the LGBTQ+ community, reminding us of the progress we've made and the battles we continue to face. #Red #Passion
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Market Regime Update

1. Assets rebounded this week, with stocks, bonds, and gold all up on the week. Commodities showed mixed performance, with significant losses during the start of the week weighing on performance. Image
2. Recent #treasury strength continued the recent chop in the market, i.e., moving counter to the recent one-month trend. Below, we show the composition of total treasury market returns over the last month: Image
3. As we can see above, treasuries across the curve continue to show weakness as nominal #GDP continues to show resilience. At the same time, #equity markets continue to show lopsided performance over the past month, primarily driven by valuations rising: Image
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0/n Since the onset of 2023, LSD has emerged as one of the most significant trends in the DeFi space. This report offers an overview of LSD, highlighting the 5 drivers of growth, indicating a potential 7-fold increase over the next 5 years.…
1/n There are four primary ways to stake ETH, solo staking, stSaaS, pool staking, and CEX staking. Among these four, pool staking, capturing 36.6% of total ETH staked market share, has emerged as the most popular way due to LSD’s accessibility, versatility, and unique advantages ImageImage
2/n Within pool staking, Lido Finance leads the sector by holding a significant 73% share, contributing to a near-monopoly in the liquid staking market where nearly 97% is controlled by the top five protocols. Image
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7 trucos #ASO / #Growth de "canallita" para indies / appreneurs / "gente que hace experimentos" en Google Play:

1️⃣ Usa keywords en el developer name. Pero, cuidado... Cada vez que cambias el dev. name se resetean todas las keywords de la ficha y tardan un tiempo en volver... 🥹
2️⃣ Usa keywords en las imágenes; usa MUCHAS keywords usando textos muy (MUY) pequeños en las imágenes... No pasa nada si necesitas gafas para leerlos, no son para ti 😜
3️⃣ Haz muchos AB testing de icono (uno detrás de otro...), tests "radicales". Usa la #IA para crear decenas / cientos de iconos.

Con IA hasta puedes crear iconos "parecidos" o "similares" a los iconos de otras apps... 🙊
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FY23 for #KrsnaaDiagnostics 🎯

Yes YoY will not look exciting , but we all know the reason.

Some observations on this #Diagnostics SMALL Co. which is growing at 35% CAGR 😅( Not just REVENUE but also EBITDA 😀)

No Recommendation. 🙏 Image
You get a sense of the SCALE UP , with just one glance of this data .

31 Mn. in 5 Years Vs. 10Mn. In just FY23 .

Looks like India’s RURAL is getting more DIAGNOSIS done ( Funded by Govt. ) .

#Growth #KrsnaaDiagnostics #FY23 Image
March 2023 will be special for #KrsnaaDiagnostics .

It was a 1200 Cr. Co. then and had bagged a 450 Cr. Deal . That much awaited RAJASTHAN deal ⚡️⚡️

The RAJAasthan deal did turn the Stock Price trajectory too 🍀

Today it’s almost a 1600 Cr. Co. ImageImageImage
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1/6🚀 My first airplane ride at 24 wasn't just a trip; it was a life-changing journey that shaped my perspective on success and happiness in the tech industry. Here's how it all began... #startup #agile #success
2/6✈️ I won a contest for a trip to Macworld in California, where the iPhone was launched! I had to get my first passport! Growing up poor, I never imagined attending such an event. But this trip exceeded my wildest expectations. #grateful #resilience
3/6🔥 I got fired shortly after my return. But, despite the setback, my newfound sense of possibility propelled me forward. Within a year, I started my first startup. #embracetheunexpected #techfounder
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#China's GDP (in nominal terms) will never surpass the #US GDP.

For a long time, I have been sceptical of the forecasts that have predicted otherwise. I have been open to the possibility of a short-term situation in the mid-2030s, where it was temporarily higher.

#macro Image
Now, I do not even believe that anymore.

Some months ago, the Japan Center for Economic Research (JCER) predicted that it will not happen at all. Why? Simply because nothing grows forever.

#china #us #macro Image
#China has at least three major issues that will slow down its growth to a very low level. Two of these are domestic, but only one is "possible" to address properly. The last one is more international.

#macro #growth Image
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1/ 🌌🧬 Delving deeper into the realms of AI, consciousness, and the cosmos, we'll explore emerging technologies, theories, and insights shaping the future of our understanding. Get ready for the next chapter in this exhilarating adventure! #AI #Consciousness #Cosmology
2/ 🔮📡 As technology advances, we're witnessing the rise of quantum computing, neuroprosthetics, and brain-computer interfaces, expanding the horizons of AI and consciousness research. #QuantumComputing #Neuroprosthetics #BrainComputerInterfaces
3/ 🧠💡 Cognitive science and neuroscience have made strides in understanding the mind's inner workings, contributing to our grasp on consciousness and its connection to AI. #CognitiveScience #Neuroscience #Mind
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Effective engineering leadership goes beyond technical skills. Here are some key insights to guide you on this transformative journey and cultivate a winning team environment:
1. Embrace a Growth Mindset
Promote continuous learning, risk-taking, and resilience. Recognize failure as a growth opportunity.
2. Enhance Communication
Foster open dialogue, active listening, and constructive feedback. Encourage team members to share ideas and concerns.
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Al igual que Bruce Willis en El Sexto Sentido, el rebote de las bolsas desde octubre está muerto solo que él aún no lo sabe.

Veamos por qué.

Va 🧵 Image
Para mí ésta es una realidad tan claramente observable que no es necesario recurrir a ningún tipo de dato exotérico. Lo voy a demostrar con herramientas tan sencillas que hasta están al alcance del operador más torpe.
Para empezar, el 27 de agosto pasado comenté que las opciones alcistas pasaban por superar el 4330 en el #sp500 y que por debajo había mucho que perder y casi nada a ganar.

Por debajo de ese nivel solo habrá ruido hasta que se vea una verdadera capitulación de mercado. Image
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@EU_Commission It's #Climate - The #FourSeasons nothing else.
#CO2 0.04% #carbondioxide, have never affected the earth's #Temperature, at least since 600 million years. #Atmosphere of Earth… Image
@EU_Commission Global #Temperature and Atmospheric #CO2 over Geologic Time - Late #Carboniferous to Early #Permian time (315-270 M yrs ago) is the only time period in the last 600 million years when both atmospheric #CO2 and #temperatures were as LOW as they are today
@EU_Commission #PragerUniversity is a 5013 non-profit conservative digital media organization. PragerU@prageru:
- What They Haven't Told You about #ClimateChange

- #Climate - The only constant is change Image
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@MarinSanna Voisiko 7666 '#InTheNameOfAllah', #Jauhojengi-totuutta paeta...
#MKUltra-#CIACoup In #Finland 2019 - #Finns have had to realize that their #enemy is not #Russia or President #Putin, but their own treacherous #Satan-worshiping #GreatReset #WEF govt.
@MarinSanna #MSM admitted the #hidden #NATO agenda: the merger of the #FinnishAirForce with the "Nordic Air Force", which has been prepared for 15 years | Mar 29 - When #Finland's NATO #membership is nearing, the result of decades of planning,.. was revealed.
@MarinSanna THREAD 30
FROM: #NATO poll. The #Finnish people (92%) #REJECTED joining NATO.
TO: #Eduskuntavaalit2019 [3:33:05] - 93.9% of votes have been counted (2893919 pcs). SDP won with 7,666 votes and appointed a girl as PM who pleaded that she was against #NATO
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Saviez-vous que le #mindmapping peut augmenter votre productivité jusqu'à 20 % ? 🧠💪 Cet outil aide à organiser vos pensées, stimule la créativité, favorise la mémorisation des informations #productivitytips #projectmanagement #Growth… #mindmappingdecision
Le #mindmapping est un outil idéal pour la résolution de problèmes ! En reliant les idées et les concepts, il permet de changer de regard, de détecter des #patterns, combler les trous d'informations. 🤔💭 #problemsolving #innovation #km…
Vous êtes un apprenant visuel ? Le #mindmapping est un outil parfait pour vous ! Des recherches ont montré que le canal visuel aide à mieux retenir les informations. Pour ancrer des concepts complexes, ça marche ! 📚👀 #studytips #visuallearning #learning…
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💎@BanklessHQ’s podcast with @cburniske is a gem.

I’ve summarized the key points and added a suggestion for Chris at the end.


🧵From a 22k word transcript → 1.6k word thread
🎙️Chris Burniske talks about his conviction in #Ethereum during 2018-2019 bear market. Despite negativity & loss of faith, he & @placeholdervc continued investing in $ETH & its ecosystem.

#Crypto #Investing
🚀Projects backed by Placeholder include zkSync, Balancer, and Uma. Chris highlights that they found amazing valuations and top-notch teams in the #Ethereum space, with less competition from VCs during that time.

#DeFi #CryptoProjects
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$DAG Nodes are the workhorse of the entire @Conste11ation HGTP ecosystem from L1 networks (dApps) to Global validation nodes.
Next few days I'll cover each different type:
L1 nodes
Hybrid nodes
Validator nodes

Today I'm going to start with L1 or dApps building on the network 👇
🧵1/ (L1) Nodes 🌐💻: A deep dive into the unique nodes within individual L1 Networks, their role, and how they contribute to the overall Hypergraph ecosystem.
#L1Nodes #DecentralizedNetwork
2/ L1 nodes are specific to their respective Networks, allowing them to support a wide range of applications and use cases. They differ from Global Validator Nodes, which focus on maintaining the global network.
#Networks #Scalability
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1/ 🌐 The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is a key organization that develops internet standards & protocols. They're behind essential tech like HTTP, TLS, and more. They ensure our digital world runs smoothly, reliably, and securely. #IETF #internetstandards Image
2/ 💡 @Conste11ation is considering forming a working group with the IETF, focused on developing the Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP). This collaboration would bring together experts to drive HGTP's evolution as a robust, interoperable Web3 protocol. #HGTP #Constellation Image
3/ 🚀 Through this working group, we could see enhancements to HGTP that improve scalability, security, and efficiency. New features could enable more powerful, seamless Web3 experiences and drive greater adoption of decentralized technology. #Web3 #innovation Image
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📢🧐 How can we improve the quality of our relationships with ourselves and others? This article explores expert advice on relationship management.👥💕…

#relationships #selfimprovement
1/15 Our relationships with others reflect the quality of our relationship with ourselves. Can we change our behavior and chemistry to cultivate more positive relationships?🤔💭

#selfreflection #positivity
2/15 Building and nurturing a relationship requires being available for the other person, clear communication, and meeting your partner where they are.👫💬🤝

#relationshipadvice #communication
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1/10 🌐 Curious about why you would use @Conste11ation $DAG when there are specialized blockchain solutions like @energywebx $EWT and @MNWSupplyChain $MNW? Let's explore how Constellation can complement and enhance these networks! #Constellation #Interoperability
2/10 ⚡ @energywebx $EWT is focused on building a decentralized energy market, and @Conste11ation $DAG can provide secure data pipelines and validation for IoT devices in the energy sector, enhancing data integrity and performance. #EnergyWeb #IoT
3/10 🔄 By integrating with @Conste11ation, @energywebx can benefit from the scalable and secure HyperGraph network, allowing for seamless data exchange between different energy market players and fostering innovation. #HyperGraph #EnergyMarket
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The 3 most powerful (& liberating) words a #clinicianeducator can use…

“..I don’t know”

Most junior #MedEd faculty will be tempted to avoid them b/c of #impostersyndrome.

I went far too long resisting them but now am free. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Here’s why…👇
Saying “I don’t know” will…

-Normalize gaps in knowledge – “we can’t know it all” (say it with me 👏)
-Flatten the hierarchy to increase psychological safety
-Increase the collective curiosity on the team to increase dialogue and stimulate learning

-Model a #masteradaptivelearner framework of looking up the answer and asking for help when we don’t know
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#Scenarios: "we present a model that extrapolates observed growth in #millionaire numbers (1990–2020) and associated changes in #emissions to 2050. Our findings suggest that the share of US$2020-millionaires in the world population will grow ...…
... from 0.7% today to 3.3% in 2050, and cause accumulated emissions of 286 Gt CO2. This is equivalent to 72% of the remaining carbon budget, and significantly reduces the chance of stabilizing climate change at 1.5 °C."

#CarbonInequality #inequality
"most recent assessment indicates changes in distribution, with the top 1% now being responsible for 17% of total #emissions, the top 10% for 48%, and the bottom half of the world population for only 12% (in 2019). These numbers illustrate the role of the #wealthy in ...
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Whether you like it or not, we're in an #economic #reset & nothing can stop it

The #macro chart of the #USA #economy reveals a crucial insight everyone should pay attention to

US #GDP & M2 money supply in #USD tn

Read on...

#tradingview chart👉

1/🧵 Image
Untill 2011, money supply M2 consistently remained below 60% of #GDP

#Growth in M2 kept pace with GDP growth

Enabling low #inflation secular growth #economy

Despite popular #fintwit narrative, even GFC of 2008 did not upset M2 GDP⚖️balance

This is what GFC did...

2/🧵 Image
Average #GDP growth was 4% but M2 grew at 6%

Since 1960, this is the 1st time M2 increased faster than GDP

Still in 2011, M2 was less than historical average 60% of GDP

The story gets interesting for #investor #Traders #students #everyone

Then came the opportunity...

3/🧵 Image
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