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I can’t stress enough how important it is that @TheDemocrats retain the House of Representatives in 2022. Vote like your democracy depends on it because it absolutely does. The @January6thCmte and any investigation into overthrowing our government will end if they lose.🧵👇🏻
When I saw the list of people the @January6thCmte was interested in speaking to and getting information from, my hope was renewed because these are the droids we’re looking for.
Proudboys, Oathkeepers, Tarrio, Rhodes are no brainers (📌1). Let’s look at Robert Patrick Lewis and the First Amendment Praetorians.
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The @January6thCmte released a request for info regarding the attack on our Capitol. Many names appear in this request. Some we know, some not so much. The lesser known names, however need understanding too. Did they think they could just Walkaway? 🧵👇🏻…
I’ve said it before and it bears repeating. No matter how large you think this story is, double it. Now triple that. There are so many layers to Jan 6 and we need to understand them all. Let’s look at a group called the Walkaway campaign.
The Walkaway campaign is a group designed to offer democrats a reason to walk away from the Democratic Party. It was founded by a man named Brandon Straka. His name appears on the @January6thCmte request in the ‘Planning, Coordination and other Preparations for Rallies’ section. Image
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#SeditionHunters - let’s revisit the 1st Amendment Praetorian “security force”, now working July 4th rallies! We called this guy #ShadowFlynn because he’s always at Michael Flynn’s side; his 1AP nickname may be “Yoda”. Below is Dec. 12. On Jan 6, he was at the Capitol alone... 1/
...roaming widely & seeming to coordinate action. Will show 3 sightings that are pretty suspicious. First: around 1:15 PM on the East Plaza, #ShadowFlynn texts intently while the crowd talks about Congressional action: “Arizona is up for play!” (AZ challenge was at 1:12) 2/ ImageImage
#ShadowFlynn's sighting at 1:15 PM is also right as fighting stalled on the West Plaza. As #ShadowFlynn passes by, the inciter #CountResisto shouts on his bullhorn: “reinforcements around back!... They need some support around back!” For full context: 3/
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#SeditionHunters - in ancient Rome, the elite Praetorian Guard kept overthrowing the emperors they were assigned to protect. In DC this January, seems the “1st Amendment Praetorians” had similar ambitions - intrigue is timeless. Here’s a 1st thread on 1AP & the Willard Hotel 1/ ImageImage
#SeditionHunters have been tracking 1AP since Jan; the 1/5 Freedom Plaza rally permit says: “...1st Amendment Praetorian Group will” Founded 2020 by messianic Green Beret Robert Patrick Lewis who now hangs with the VIPs. They recruit from former military... 2/ ImageImage
...& now also police & intelligence officers. RPL is now on the speaker circuit. On Dec 12:…
On Jan 5 in DC, warned that U.S. kids may "grow up in a communist hellhole" "This is our chance...take back the country." Listen to it. 3/
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