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The UK accuses #Iran's regime of launching Friday's drone attack on the Israeli-managed ship Mercer Street off the coast of Oman.

Considering this was an act of war, London should also be leveling sanctions against Tehran.
U.S. joins the UK in condemning the attack against Mercer Street, adding they are "confident that Iran conducted this attack" with suicide drones, "a lethal capability it is employing throughout the region."

Washington should walk out of the Vienna talks.

Images of the Mercer Street showing the damages caused by the multiple #Iran|ian suicide drones.

#OSINT experts are comparing this attack to the Aramco attack in Saudi Arabia.

See thread below for more info
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🚨70 years after the UN 1951 Refugee Convention was adopted, Europe now looks to profit from the displaced. Our new research reveals how the highly lucrative arms trade is fuelling displacement and migration.
👉Read the full report:
While the 1951 Convention set out to protect refugees, 70 years later they are being left to drown at sea. Using #OSINT we joined the dots between arms exports and displacement in five case studies, showing how #EUarms were instrumental in provoking forced displacement. Image
Case Study I: Italy exported T-129 helicopter components and production capacity to Turkey that were used in Northern Syria in 2018 and 2019, contributing to the displacement of 278,000 people. Image
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Let's talk essential Chrome extensions. What are your "must haves" ? I'll be sharing some of my new finds... #ChromeExtensions #OSINT #sourcing
Reader View

Strips away clutter like buttons, background images, and changes the page's text size, contrast, and layout for better readability…

#ChromeExtensions #OSINT #sourcing
Merge Windows

Click to merge all currently opened windows into single one…

#ChromeExtensions #OSINT #sourcing
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Sentinel-1 data suggests that #Russia has a new toy which has tested/activated somewhere near Rostov-on-Don.
Still hard to pinpoint the source, but the interferences recorded by the C-SAR satellites are among the strongest ever detected and have a unique pattern.
The rather unique pattern, the strength and a the interference affecting strongly both Sentinel-1 polarisations suggests something rather different than any previously detected assets (with this technique at least).
Could be many things, ranging from a Radar to a new EW asset.
Fast chart showing the value spikes starting on June 4, interestingly the first spike affected mostly VV (vertical vertical) polarisation, the following ones (July 10, 16, 22) have both polarisations affected more uniformly.
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Syria is seriously escalating its obstruction of @OPCW as newest progress report on elimination of Syrian CW reveals.…
3 very worrisome developments....
1. Syria has destroyed the two chlorine cylinders from the April 7 attack on Douma. This is clearly destruction of evidence. Syria prevented @OPCW from bringing the cylinders to The Hague last year for analysis and then destroyed them in secret. Not suspicious at all! Image
2. Syria has reported that one of its declared former chemical weapon production facilities has been subject to some kind of attack. This is one of the facility's that Syria claims never produced and/or weaponized CW even though @OPCW has forensic evidence to the contrary. Image
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Some incredible #OSINT from CMSI's @KennedyMaritime.

It appears the PLA has been testing modified ramps that could allow its large fleet of "civilian" car ferries to launch amphibious assault craft from offshore, reducing the need for captured ports.…
This matters at a strategic level, as many have taken comfort that the PLA lacks sufficient amphibious assault shipping to invade Taiwan, & doesn't appear to be building at the scale necessary to do so soon.

See for example this passage from the 2020 DoD China Military Report: Image
China does, however, have the world's largest merchant marine, including dozens of modern Ro-Ro vessels, many of which have been built to military specification since a 2015 law required doing so.…
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1/21 #Indigenous #ResidentialSchools #MassGraves #RCMP #CDNpoli

A smarter person might ignore it, but I want to show y'all the state of things with law enforcement, systemic racism, toxic politics, & media, as it unfolded surrounding this story (#thread)

2/21 #ResidentialSchools #MassGraves #RCMP #CDNpoli

Recently @APTNNews published an investigation by @brittany_guyot about @RCMPVetsGRC & anti-#Indigenous racism

What happened next reveals how deep that trouble runs & the risks some are willing to take
3/21 #Indigenous #ResidentialSchools #MassGraves #RCMP #CDNpoli

A flurry of activity occurred when @brittany_guyot enquired with @RCMPVetsGRC about the offensive op-ed by Iwona Mooney

1st they deleted the entry, but Google cache still has original copy
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Two good guys have a nice day... Image
...when suddenly a black smoking thing is thrown into the picture at a shallow angle from behind the column. Image
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A possible suspect of the attack of @PeterRdeV is a 21-year-old rapper, some media say. Here is a photo, unverified, of him as a 14-year-old boy, watching So you Think You Can Dance, RTL 5. RTL is the same station as the victim is working for. (1/...)
His former company was into dancing, to be precise, into "singing, giving performances, dancing, and production". The company was only dissolved recently, on May 27 of 2021 (2/...)
I found this, not yet published picture, by cross-referencing his e-mail address, found in the chamber of commerce in NL, with known databases. He used this photo for a Gmail account (3/...)
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The next few tweets are about one of the suspects of the attack of @PeterRdeV. I will not mention the suspect's full name, and I am not implying that the person tried to kill him. Let's start with how to find the full picture of the Polish suspect. (1/...)…
For that, you need to find a cell phone number first. I found that number in the database of a local chamber of commerce. Now how do you get the full picture of the person behind that number? (2/...)
The suspect from Poland uses his number in Whats App. It's maybe the person in the middle (blurred). Now, this picture is not in the highest resolution. So how do you get the best possible photo? (3/...)
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1/24 This is the second #thread in a controlled #leak of my #CAF/#DND investigation. The reason I've chosen to release these details early is to neutralize #disinformation in #CDNmedia during the pre-writ phase

This one is RE Conservative Party Leader Erin O'Toole #CDNpoli
2/24 #CAF #DND #CDNpoli

As my first #thread about Deputy Minister Jody Thomas identified, there's an issue with "torqued" #CDNmedia at Global News (Mercedes Stephenson) + Globe & Mail (Robert Fife) surrounding the Canadian Armed Forces

For reference:
3/24 #CAF #DND #CDNpoli

Most readers are unaware of Mercedes Stephenson's (Global News) undisclosed conflict of interest pertaining to her husband, Dan Mader. Widely described as an on-again/off-again union, Canadian Forces & #CDNmedia were invited to the wedding in 2015
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In the nearly six months since the Jan. 6 attack, the FBI’s unprecedented manhunt for Capitol insurrectionists has been aided by a motley crew of online sleuths keeping the feds on their toes.

Here’s my look inside the #SeditionHunters network. #OSINT…
“You can get really deep in there and addicted. You can spend hours going down this rabbit hole.”…
The Domino’s Tracker, but for FBI tips.…
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- No RC-135s in the air over the Black Sea that I know of.
- There could be a U-2 (because there could always be a U-2, they show up seldomly when they're taking off / landing / in transit)
🇺🇸 #USNavy Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Ross (MMSI:338822000|CS:NGWB), doing 13kn, is being tailed by another vessel labelled "U153" with an MMSI of 45678458 (invalid)
#USSRoss #DDG71 #6thFleet…

📸 2020-11-15
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International Union of Virtual Media (IUVM), an Iranian political influence & disinformation operation, is linked to Seraj Cyberspace Organization, one of IRGC's media cartels.

Last Thursday the JC published an exclusive on Iran’s shadowy propaganda network. We looked into this.
WHOIS records show that the iuvm[.]net, iuvm[.]org and iuvm[.]info domain were registered on 16 June 2013. A search against saved pages on the Internet Archive Website show that IUVM was initially launched as a "discussion" forum for members.
The names of some of the first forum members should be familiar to those who'd followed previous reporting on Iran's disinformation operation and linked domain name seizures by the US government.…
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Les dirigeants d'Amesys et Nexa sont poursuivis pour « complicité de tortures », 10 ans après nos révélations au sujet du système de « surveillance de masse » qu'ils avaient vendus à des dictateurs
#Thread /1…
Tout est parti de ce petite guide de sécurité IT, écrit après que des journalistes @LePoint & @Mediapart se soient fait voler leurs ordinateurs, où je mentionnais notamment Globull, un disque dur chiffré recommandé par les services de renseignement /2…
En réponse, un lanceur d'alerte me contacta pour m'expliquer qu'une filiale de Bull, Amesys, avait également conçu un système de surveillance de masse à la demande de Kadhafi...
Mais je n'avais aucun moyen de le vérifier, et ça nous a pris plus de 9 mois... /3
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Missed information: Gaps in online research with @AlyssaKann, @lageneralista, @dann_acosta, @LouMarieHSD, @yoyoel, and Joanna Rohozińska. #360OS…
What we consume online can be just as impactful as the things we experience IRL. @dann_acosta says it ”can affect researchers’ mental health. We see terrible content in the darkest corners of the Internet, and that also has an effect on the people doing this research.” #360OS
"There's a lack of research standards. There are no universal standards for how investigations are conducted and much of the investigative work happens outside the peer-review process." #360OS

@lageneralista explains how this affects our understanding of data.
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We were alerted to antisemitic tweets that have been made in 2014 by Twitter account @sarahjoe93 allegedly owned by Mia Khalifa. We decided to investigate and we can say with certainty that we can link @sarahjoe93 to Mia Khalifa who is now tweeting from @miakhalifa
A thread on online #OSINT investigation

Sarah Joe appears to be Mia Khalifa's birth name and 93 refers to the year she was born in.

WHOIS records show that the Website miakhalifa[.]com was registered to a Sarah Obrien.

"Mia Khalifa" trademark is owned by a Sarah Joe Obrien
The account @sarahjoe93 is now protected and its profile information and tweets have been deleted. A search on the Internet Archive Website suggest that this took place any time between Sat, 15 Aug 2020 00:09:13 GMT and Fri, 02 Oct 2020 10:11:17 GMT.*/https://…
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#Phone Find out who called. Some free data for registered users. @SyncME #OSINT Image
@SyncME #Phone Personal identifying information available through the people search feature on Yellow Pages. No login required.… @YP #OSINT Image
@SyncME @YP #Phone Free Carrier Lookup Service. No login required. #captcha #OSINT Image
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Alright time for another @hunchly thread. This will show you how to setup a YouTube downloading data forwarder on your local machine with just a little #Python

Here we go #OSINT and #cybersecurity folks!

First you need Python 3.x and then install pytube and flask from the commandline:

#pip install pytube3 flask

Now you can download my little test script from here:…

Drop it into a folder where you can find it, and easily edit it.

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This video, which has been shared 1000s of times as an example of Israel’s human rights violations is fake.

We located the source by using #OSINT research techniques. It was filmed & edited in Gaza by Abdalkarim Abureweida (أبو سليمان), to support Burmese Muslims & "in solidarity with our Muslim brothers”
The video actually states at the end that the scene is not real, but it is being used as a real example of alleged Israeli brutality.

Example of false offensive Facebook post…
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👋@quiztime! It is time for #TuesdayQuiz!

Where did I meet this friendly guy? 👮🏻‍♀️

🔁Want help: Retweet!
🏆Solutions: reply to/DM me!
🤝Collaborate: reply below!
🧐More #OSINT #verification: @quiztime! Image
+x+x+x Spoiler Barrier +x+x+x

Don't destroy the #TuesdayQuiz-magic for others. Reply only to me or send a DM.
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"Journalist" CJ Werleman is biased and his translation of the video segment is inaccurate and a manipulative lie.

The question was "what happens when you meet an Arab kid, what do you feel?"

To which one Jewish kid answered: "that he wants to murder me"

We were alerted to this tweet and asked to verify whether the embedded video is authentic.

We located the source video, here is what we found:

#OSINT #Online_Research Image
The embedded video is an edited segment from a Dana Weiss @danawt June 2016 investigative report for @N12News titled "Special Project: Jerusalem the next generation'".

The report highlighted the situation at the time in both Arab and Jewish schools.… ImageImage
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So #OSINT folks also wanted to see a streaming sample, which is not great for @zapier so we need to get a little creative with Google Sheets and a bit of code.

Goal: Multiple journalists working together with @hunchly in automatic capture mode.

Today we'll cover how to stream multiple Hunchly users into a single Google Sheet. In another thread I'll cover how to get reaaaaaal fancy! No servers or software to install but some code to copy and paste.

Create a new Google Sheet, name it ADVANCED_JOURNALISM_TEMPLATE and create two sheets: URL History and Selectors as shown:

2/n Image
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