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#Russian "robot-dog" story is getting better and better. Meet Alexey Aristov (left) and Alexandr Atamanov (right), the team behind the new Russian marvel of technology. Long 🧵 #ARMY2022 #Russia #OSINT @JimmySecUK @d0tslash @N_Waters89 @AricToler Image
Alexey is a typical "new Russian" businessman with lavish life on Instagram (aleksei.aristov). He claim to be financial lawyer from St. Petersburg. Wife is an Instagram influencer with more than 700k followers (ananovaa). Gosh... the ban on Instagram must have been painful... ImageImageImageImage
His partner has a similar profile. Alexandr (insta: aatamanov) is an entrepreneur fascinated by #drones. Owner of @HoversurfClub. Initial digging was done in July by @AbderRaoufAmir in this thread. ImageImageImage
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#Russian Navy warships resting in Tartus Syria. The SLAVA class cruiser, 1 of 2 in Med, has been in same spot since at least Aug 8 (likely before)

Both the KILO submarines have been in port for a while

This is deterrent against NATO involvement in #Ukraine #OSINT Russian Navy
To clarify, Russia increased Navy in Med during the build-up for the invasion and has maintained it at an increased level since

It is to deter NATO from intervening, keep the war contained in Black Sea, by threatening a cost on NATO

Further clarity. There are a few comments challenging whether it is a deterrent to NATO

From an analysis perspective these Ru forces are there to serve as part of the deterrent against direct NATO involvement. That’s RuN doctrine.

Nothing to do with how survivable they are
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*** #OSINT ***

Surprisingly, the Zubr class hovercraft in Feodosia, Crimea, Black Sea, has been moved since the start of the #Ukraine War

The Pr. 12322 Zubr is the largest type in the world

Thread/ Zubr Hovercraft, Crimea
It is at Feodosia 'More' shipyard. This was Ukrainian but was taken over by Russia gov 100% in 2014 when Crimea was annexed.

In 2014 it became part of Rostec. Now in March this year, after the invasion, it was transferred to United Shipbuilding Corporation. No fee Zubr hovercraft
In the past it built many of the Zubrs, including two for China. One of these was rushed off Crimea in 2014 moments before the annexation
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#OSINT #Resources #Research #Tools @ResearchBuzz Has Created 10 Helpful tools for research & investigations. This thread reviews each one.
#OSINT #Resources #Research #Tools
1. Politician Parade Twitter…
Easy to use. Can search Congress People by topic & state- Search of "Pizza" topic & "GA" state showed GA Congress People mentioning Pizza in Tweets.
#OSINT #Resources #Research #Tools
2. Search Time Slices-…
Easy to Use. Assists with time-restricted searches. & helpful for identifying when a particular topic trended first.
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Part two of my #cmo research into the #SakiAirBase attack, brief thread.

As suggested by @CommandDevTeam, Iskander is possibly the closest to the "Грім-2" by #ukraine . So I am using a 9M723 Iskander-M in this turn.

The intial #ATACMS was inconclusive

@CommandDevTeam The issue that we have is that the #ATACMS simulation shows that the "impact" type, "no warning, no pictures of missles, sudden explosion", can be explained by the hypersonic, vertical impact of SRBM.
What can not be explained is the flight time (too short) and "twin impact".
@CommandDevTeam This is the data of the missle used in this Test #2, and an overview of the "overall situation".
Exactly like yesterday, Launch at Odessa by #ukraine, Target #SakiAirBase , missle used Iskander M to "simulate" the Ukrainian HRIM-2.
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1/10 #Kherson western front update 🧵is finally here.Been working on checking info from local,#OSINT,sat & other sources to produce the most complete picture IMO while still keeping #Opsec.Let's go 🚀

@DefMon3 @neonhandrail @GeoConfirmed @EngstrT @AndrewPerpetua

2/10 First by popular req. a full overview map of the current(8 aug) frontlines west of the #Inhulets river. As we can see there have been some (small) shifts in the overall line. As you can see i have included known 🇷🇺 defensive pos. and some published 🇺🇦 pos. Some details ⬇️
3/10 First we look at the sit. around #Stanislav. 🇷🇺VDV reinforcements arrived 15-7,and started a push toward #Oleksandrivka pushing 🇺🇦 back across the coastal road W and N taking control of the town. 45th Spetnaz are active here. 🇺🇦 are using art. & tank fire to stop the advance
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In Image Search in Google, the Tools allow you only to search back one year. Let's fix that (1/3) #osint #google #verification
1. Type in your keywords in Google Images
2. Say you want to search between 2000 and 2009. Put at the end of the query after:2000 before:2009 (2/3)
To search for just one specific date range in months, do this.
1. Type in your keywords
2. Choose your period

You can also use this to search for a specific date (3/3).
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Goverment data in #OSINT

8 types of government open databases that many countries have and that will be useful to investigate.

Each link is just an example. In the last tweet I will tell how to find government resources for a particular country.

(1/10) 🧵🧵🧵
Business Registries

On these sites you can find out by person's name the companies that belong to him, addresses, phone numbers, occupation, etc (data set varies by country).

Ex (Czech Republic):…

(2/10) 🧵🧵🧵
Cadastral maps

Such maps show the boundaries of the land plot, information about its owners (individual, legal entity, state) and cadastral number (for which you can find additional information about target in other sources).

Ex (Finland):

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Provisional single-view geolocation of explosion at #Russian Navy Saki air base, Crimea, supports suggestion that at least one of the ammunition storage areas has explosions

Caveats apply, hope better efforts of geolocation can confirm/disprove Image
Calm before the storm, satellite image from 08:47 UTC today Image
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Ukraina on oman ilmoituksensa mukaan vapauttanut kymmeniä kyliä Hersonin alueella. Myös Suomen mediassa lukua on toisteltu melko tiuhaan. Paljon puhuttu vastahyökkäys ei ole kuitenkaan tosiasiassa edennyt juuri lainkaan.

Eli mikä homma? Ketju Hersonin vastahyökkäyksestä 1/🧵
Viime kuukausien aikana Hersonissa on taisteltu aktiivisesti. Ukraina on hiljalleen vapauttanut kyliä toisensa jälkeen pysäytettyään Venähän hyökkäyksen. Venäjä on työnnetty hitaasti kauemmas Kryvyi Rihistä ja Mykolaivista, ja rintaman keskiosa on vakiintunut Inhulets-joelle 2/
Ukrainalaiset ovat siis vapauttaneet kyliä pitkällä aikavälillä. Ukraina on myös viime viikkoina implikoinut, että uusi, suurempi vastahyökkäys olisi toteutumassa. Villeimmät näkemykset Ukrainasta kertovat, että Herson olisi vapaa syyskuuhun mennessä, eli tämän kuun lopussa. 3/
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Videos of another important naval action(s) off Crimea today.

Possibly #Ukraine hit a #Russian ship in north of Crimea (dark smoke).

Then Russian patrol ship near Sevastopol in second images, unclear what is going on

Awaiting further clarity Crimea Black SeaImageImage
This is very likely same Pr. 22160 class patrol ship seen firing decoys, also today off Sevastopol. #OSINT ImageImage
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#Chinese missile destroyer operating East of #Taiwan this morning. Likely Type-055 Renhai class, described as a cruiser

ID not 100% but agreed probable among multiple experienced #OSINT analysts watching situation ImageImageImage
The #Chinese type-055 can carry a range of missiles including a new hypersonic missile provisionally identified as the YJ-21. See… Image
General info on type-055…
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1/7 #OSINT geolocation of drone strike that killed Al Qaeda leader Al Zawahiri in #Kabul, a #thread:

2 images posted shortly after the incident provide different perspectives, allowing us to get a strong idea of the area (Photo 1; Photo 2).

Images geolocated to Sherpur PD10:
2/7 Pinpointing the house is difficult. The only close up photos are all from the same angle, with limited clues besides the shape and facade of the building, and the fact there is no building behind it.
3/7 @obretix suggested a location (A, in last image in thread) which fits many of the parameters, but appears to possibly be too far East from Photo 2 perspective - it would be behind the red squared building.
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Cómo Investigar un número de teléfono con #OSINT
Comparto Tools y Tips para encontrar pistas de quien está detrás de un número...
Qué empiece el hilo 🧵⬇️
Es necesario decir algunas cosas:
1⃣ Centraré en herramientas gratuitas o con versiones trial. Investigar un número con una de botón gordo de $2.000 es fácil.
2⃣ La mayoría será para acceder desde un navegador (incluso del móvil) y for Windows.
3⃣ Usad para fines educativos
Aah, ya me olvidaba:
4⃣ Enfocado en números españoles.
Sí, amigo (que vive o investiga) en el extranjero...podrás adaptar la mayoría de las tools. 😏
Evitaré publicar webs que solo traen datos de EEUU
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Wow, @donie wasn't kidding. This really is a fascinating indictment from the DOJ. Russian FSB having proxy control and influence over three political groups in the US since at least 2014. This is going to be a fun one to watch play out. #disinfo #InfoOps…
Well US group 1 is rather obvious. I remember a number of yrs ago I was told they were infiltrated & a Kremlin proxy group and I didn't fully believe it at the time. Over the yrs its become obvious and really clear more recently with their propaganda around the Russian invasion.
If I am correct ... they are obnoxiously anti-war ... except when Russia is involved. Others appear to be naming and shaming ... like US Group 2 apparently IDed by @bellingcat
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Wie kann man so krass abstürzen? Ken Jepsen ca. 2011Ken Jepsen ca. 2022
Ich glaub' den muss ich mir archivieren...…
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A new video posted by @rudaw reveals new information on a possible weapon and firing location that killed nine Iraqi tourists in a tourist resort, north of Zakho, Iraqi Kurdistan. A small #OSINT thread with some findings 🧵1/…
First, one of the shots shows a wide-area view of this area where in the last years new Turkish/KRG military bases were set-up in the fight against the PKK, also featured in @SimonaFoltyn excellent piece for @NewsHour… h/t @obretix 2/ for geolocation
Then a first time image of a munition remnant, showing the fin of a mortar, identified by @CalibreObscura as a possible Turkish MKE MOD 214 81mm mortar. More images are needed to be sure. But was it there already or recently fired? That's unclear 3/x…
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Gathering information about a person by FIRST NAME and LAST NAME

general approach to the search process;
basic automation techniques;
examples of tools.

🧵🧵🧵 (1/15)

#osint #socmint

Let's start with the easiest and fastest option. Use NAMINT from @seint_pl.

It will generate possible name variants and links to search for them in various search engines (+ possible emails and document search + social media accounts)

If the options suggested by NAMINT do not bring results (or your goal is to collect the MAXIMUM info), then you need a list of all possible nicknames based on the first and last name.
Here's a guide on how to do it from @Sox0j:…
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EXCLUSIVE UPDATE - 251501Z - 261500Z JULY 22
Following thread will be a breakdown of all Russian Naval Combatants in the following seas


#OSINT #RussiaUkraineWar #RussiaUkraine #russiannavy
#ViceAdmiralZecharin908 and #ValentinPikul770 alongside the port

Single #PJ23040G class AGCR and #RFNYunarmeetsKryma remain in the port

#RFNKasimov remains in the Kerch strait.
#RFNTsikolon missing from IMINT

#AdmiralMakarov494 operating to the west of Crimea. Has line of sight on Odessa from her position.
#RFNGrayvoron operating south of Sevastopol.
#Bykov class vessel operating off Sevastopol.
#SB45 class seagoing tug at anchor off Sevastopol
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Good afternoon from [Redacted] #WeAreNAFO and #NAFO Fellas~

Every Tuesday and Saturday I hope to bring some support #OSINT threads on Network Analysis on what the Kremlin and Co. are doing/planning to do/and who is supporting the main target. (1/9)
Ever notice additional troll accounts to provide the Vatniks with relief? While these actions do not often work out, these threads may provide an idea of networks of support. While we have the main HIMARs coming, always make sure to check the flanks! (2/9)
#NAFO fellas, lets start today with a simple example from Na'Omi, a Kremlin puppet growing in popularity recently~
Every wonder what and where a puppet is tweeting from? Use (a free and easy tool) for a quick check! (3/9) Image
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#Russia #Research #Translation #Techniques #RU #OSINT
A Thread
When in a pinch here is one of several ways to pull & translate data off of some Russian sites w/out touching the domains from user system.
Example from SPBKIT EDU in RU.
#Russia #Research #Techniques #RU #OSINT #NoTouch
A Thread
-Save page in Archive or PDF. This page would not work w/Internet Archive WayBack, or PDF My URL- but worked with a save in @acfou PageXRay that also provided helpful internal and external links to the page.
#Russia #Research #Techniques #RU #OSINT #Translate #ImagetoText
Several ways to use translation tool w/ this. Following is one-PDF to Text to Google (could do Google Lens or something else based on needs & availablity.) PDF to text can sometimes be of greater use than Lens.
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Verified: a Czech-supplied (and Russian-made) Mi-35 attack helicopter seen for the first time in action over #Ukraine.
Thanks to tiny details in camo, I managed to confirm this as former CZAF #3362, made in 2004 and very recently completely overhauled. #OSINT
@UAWeapons @DefMon3
How do we know? First hint was the camo style itself. Upon delivery from Russia in 2004-2006, Mi-35 wore a bit brighter and glossier camo with a bit different pattern and more sharply divided colors. Like... that.
3/ From circa 2015, Mi-35s which have reached the limit of flying hours are being overhauled by LOM Praha. Each such overhaul costs approx. 3M €.
They also receive a bit different camo: colours are very flat and pattern is more softer. See the difference?
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It's harvest season in Southern Ukraine🇺🇦 but agricultural activity has largely halted in areas most affected by the fighting.

The impact is so severe that it can be clearly seen from space🛰️ Can you spot it?

🧵 #OSINT #eochat
Recently harvested fields are seen in light brown in this #Sentinel2 image from Kherson region;
a distinctly darker belt is seen around the line of contact, where harvesting has been impossible.
This is what it looks like up close.
Large swaths of crops have also burned as a result of artillery fire.
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