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UK's head of "Counter Terrorism" Neil Basu says muslims should not be forced to "assimilate" as that would make it harder for MI5 to recruit terrorists

Doesn't mention Wahhabism Death Cult or Saudi funding of extremist mosques, madrassas & hate preachers…
Neil Basu fails to mention the UK gov actively recruits, arms and funds Wahhabi terrorists for Regime Change operations abroad and terrorist attacks at home.
See Libya, Syria & the Manchester Bomber Salman Abedi
UK's head of "Counter Terrorism" Neil Basu fails to mention it is not muslims that are the problem, it is the Wahhabi Death Cult funded and propagated by Saudi Arabia & Gulf States.

Nor does he mention that the UK gov actively supports Saudi Arabia recruiting more terrorists.
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Theresa May's legacy will be one of Constant & Unmitigated Lies, War Crimes & Treason:-

Skripal Poisoning Update - The Alleged Russian Poisoners and the UK Government's Lies.
The UK gov's official narrative is IMPOSSIBLE to be true…

Theresa May's legacy will be War Crimes, Mass Murder & Genocide in #Yemen for arms company profits.

Over 8 million people are at risk of dying from starvation and cholera due to the US & UK backed Saudi illegal Invasion & War of Aggression.

Theresa May's legacy will be the deliberate encouragement & recruitment of al-Qaeda & ISIS supporting extremists for domestic terrorist attacks in the UK and Europe.

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Rory Stewart is a Neocon Globalist Fascist Extremist and the enemy of EVERY decent person in the UK.

He would be another War Criminal supporting illegal Wars of Aggression and a Terrorist and Tyrant against honest Brits.

Which is why the Corrupt Establishment is pushing for him
Rory Stewart supports the endemic system of Corruption in the UK, where politicians are bribed by major multinationals, arms cos & Oligarchs to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else.

CEO's can get away with any Corporate Crimes but ppl who expose them are persecuted.
The system of endemic corruption which Rory Stewart supports is called Corporatism, or Neoliberalism or Neoliberal Globalism.

It seeks to transfer all Wealth & Power to Corporate Elites & impoverish & enslave the 99%.…
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Instead of empty platitudes people should be demanding David Cameron, William Hague & Theresa May be prosecuted for Terrorism.

They sent the Manchester Bomber to Libya for terrorist training & brought him back.…

The US & UK Fake "War on Terror" Explained.
Theresa May, as Home Secretary, sent the Manchester bomber Salman Abedi to Libya in 2011 for Terrorist Training.
The UK government ENCOURAGES more terrorism to increase Arms Company Profits.

No Laughing Matter: The Manchester Bomber is the Spawn of Hillary, Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy's Destruction of Libya…

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Theresa May is #NotOnMySide.
She voted Remain & sabotaged #Brexit from Day One to keep us as EU slaves.
She is a Mass Murdering War Criminal who commits Genocide in Yemen.
She committed Treason by arming & funding al-Qaeda & ISIS.
She works for the bankers.
She is my ENEMY.
Theresa May is #NotOnMySide
She is conducting a Propaganda War against the British people, using sock puppet mainstream media hacks; to tell lies, push for more war & destroy democracy…

She is my enemy. She is your enemy too
Theresa May saying "I'm on your side" is like Big Brother saying "I'm on your side".

She is building an Orwellian Nightmare Fascist State, with Mass Surveillance, #Censorship & Perpetual War; to control the people & keep them in poverty.

She is #NotOnMySide.
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Australia rushed through an anti-#crypto bill last week. @HRW just released a game that shows what might happen if authorities use the law to gut key security features in the phones & apps we use every day:… #EverydayEncryption #AAbill
Do you shop online or message with friends on WhatsApp or iMessage? Ever shared an intimate photo with your partner? Organized a protest? #Encryption protects that data from malicious hackers & govt snoops #EverydayEncryption
Choose your own adventure: See if you can safely guide a character Fei as she makes choices about her data, and find out how #EverydayEncryption might protect you:…
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Morning all. Court starts at 10 this morning with some housekeeping. Check back in around 10:30 for an update.
Housekeeping over. Government forced to “unreservedly apologise” for blowing court deadlines before hearing. Court currently considering sanctioning Government.
We’re back: Court orders Government to pay @libertyhq’s costs as consequence of blowing pre-hearing deadlines. The theme of Govt thinking rules don’t apply to them, and the Court needing to remind that they do, guaranteed to resurface later today.
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BREAKING: Court of Appeal rules that UK surveillance regime violates privacy rights.…
Court rules that the laws wrongfully "permitted access to retained data, where the objective pursued by that access was not restricted solely to fighting serious crime, or where access was not subject to prior review by a court or an independent administrative authority.”
Holds for another day whether the regime is "general and indiscriminate," whether the national security rationale is too broad, and whether people are entitled to notice when their data is retained or accessed.
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