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#Holochain #Holo #Holofamily #Holoverse #Holomonday #Holoduck #Web3 #Dweb

This thread is about Holochain apps and community. With blockchain we are used to that people want to make money with speculating token prices and owners of the projects want to make themselves rich.
2. With Holochain apps and Mutual Credit currencies it's different. MC currencies are price stable without big pumps and dumps so big speculating with price is pretty much out of the picture. MC has actual use in the happs they are connected to and they are asset backed.
3. Many happs won't even have MC and are free to use. Rest are community driven so MC is designed to give to the community, not extract profit for own gains. One example is holofuel transaction fee is <1% that is used for development of Holochain and Holo, 99% income is for hosts
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#Holochain #Holo #Holofamily #Holoverse #Holomonday #Holoduck #Web3 #Dweb

Have been thinking of a good example how I could explain the Holochain compared to Blockchain for people in a way that it would be easy to understand even from blockchain point ow view, so here it goes.
2. Blockchain is a technology that has thousands of projects building and running on it. It is data centric, meaning data is stored in the middle of it's architecture. Every new user makes the system run slower. It has limited scalability and tps.
3. Holochain is a technology that has about 40 happs building on it and later it can have thousands of projects running on it. It's agent centric, meaning data is stored with every user and every new user makes the system run faster. It has unlimited scalability and tps.
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🧵 Reflections on #DWebCamp #DWebCamp2022

DWeb camp is an interesting thing. It's more like a festival than a conference. I don't know if the goal is for participants to build things or to connect and recharge, but I don't see why it can't be both.
For me, it was a great chance to simply be with other DWeb folks and know that we're not alone in trying to build digital 'tools for conviviality', as #IvanIllich says -- tools that help us be more human, rediscover our agency, support each other. This work often feels lonely.
It wasn't just about knowing that we have allies. It was about meeting those allies, being in the same space, chatting over breakfast, stargazing together, even attending a wedding between two participants! It was about coupling our heady #DWeb world with the realm of the heart.
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Did you know @ID_AA_Carmack that back in 2018, @InternetArchive started experimenting with @IPFS @WebTorrentApp &

You can see our prototype decentralized Archive here:
@ID_AA_Carmack @IPFS @WebTorrentApp 2/ But back in 2018, the decentralized tech was still in its earliest days. In 2021, @InternetArchive is actively working with @IPFS @Filecoin & @Storj to preserve humanity's treasures in decentralized storage.…
@ID_AA_Carmack @IPFS @WebTorrentApp @Filecoin @storj 3/ Few know it, but we've been a major convener of the DWeb. Follow our community at @GETDWeb &
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Okay, coming out party: I think those of us interested in justice and democracy need to get out of the Web3 talk.

We really should be talking about the DWEB.

This is the work of the commons, not VCs. It is about principles, not mere addition:
Web3 points back to "Web 2.0," a VC-fueled rebranding of the open Internet into a business model for corporate data harvesting:…

DWeb comes from the work of the @internetarchive and friends, people committed to nonprofit infrastructure for the common good.
The DWeb Principles are not an uncritical, ra-ra embrace of technology. With their insistence on "humanity" and "ecological awareness," they resist some leading tendencies of crypto and the Web3 scene, which see a utopia in which we are floating partial-bodies in monetized space.
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1/ 🌍 Our mission to decentralize the world’s storage via resilient, #P2P networks means the ENTIRE world. 🌍

In Africa, we’ve been meeting, educating, & inspiring thousands of #developers with a growing passion for #decentralization & #Web3. Peep some of the amazing events 👇
2/ ⚡ CodeUp Blockchain Festival Nigeria ⚡

On Oct 1, concurrently with 🇳🇬 Nigeria Independence Day 🇳🇬, @charliecodes presented an introduction to #Filecoin & @IPFS to over 200 people at @CodeUpAfrica's #blockchain festival in Nigeria!! 🙌
3/ 🎂 Filecoin Orbit Anniversary Event Warri🎉

30 #devs participated at the #Metaverse Nairobi Kenya virtual & #FilecoinOrbit events in partnership w/ the @gdg_warri community on Oct 23, as part of a week-long celebration of one year in orbit since Filecoin mainnet launch! 🙌🚀
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News! I’ve joined the Filecoin Foundation @filfoundation, and Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web @ffdweb! I’ll be helping technologists, archivists and teachers building the #dweb. We aim to restore the net’s superpower: distributing knowledge and autonomy to all. 1/19
My work at the Filecoin Foundation will concentrate on stewarding the governance of the Filecoin ecosystem, funding critical projects around it and advocating for the future of Filecoin and its stack of decentralizing tools: IPFS, libp2p, etc. 2/19
I’ll also be building out the FFDW, our charitable wing, whose activities include preserving and distributing the world’s knowledge, supporting the dweb community, funding related R&D, and educating the public about the benefits of a redecentralized net.
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: Prisoners' Inventions; and more!

Archived at:…


Prisoners' Inventions: The unmissable new edition of a maker classic for a carceral nation.

#15yrsago @DougCoupland's JPod: the Anti-Microserfs…

#10yrsago Lisa Goldstein’s The Uncertain Places: Grimm fairytale in California vibrates with believable unreality…

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Thread on decentralized protocols such as $DVPN, $AKT, $HNS:

We need to "De-" everything.

Decentralized finance, #DeFi, yes, but also Decentralized Web - #dWeb
What is #dWeb or #Web3?

Decentralized web is a full stack consisting of:
decentralized applications, decentralized cloud servers, decentralized file storage, decentralized domains, decentralized #VPN, decentralized media etc, and is the next tech mega trend...
“Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Humanity desperately needs to get away from centralized power, media, control of narrative and information.

We are literally in the middle of a global bolshevik revolution and 99% of people don't realize.
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1/ What's so unsettling about happened on Wednesday is it marks the beginning of a new cycle of violence, & not the end. This is the physical manifestation of @johnrobb's concept of "Networked Tribalism" on the right, & I expect it to continue in 2021.🧵👇
2/ These two images from the attempted insurrection contrast the maturity of tactical sophistication vs a more harmless tourism of sedition. Whether you fall onto on side or the other, then @johnrobb says lessons will be learned from this first iteration.
3/ I doubt there was really a master plan for what to do once they got inside. But there's probably a lot of foreign adversaries who were watching who no doubt got a lot of ideas about how this movement could be exploited for the benefit of their country.
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According to @a16z, 98% of what you're reading online today will be lost by 2040. In "How to Close the Web's Memory Hole?" podcast, @internetarchive's @brewster_kahle & @ArweaveTeam's Sam Williams on how libraries & #DWeb protocols are filling the hole.… Image
2/ @brewster_kahle "The idea was to build a Library of Alexandria for the digital age. Could we go & make all the published works of mankind available to everybody? In computer readable form so we could build a global brain. But a lot of the actual published works aren't there."
3/ @brewster_kahle "If you don't have referenceable materials, either through the web era or back through the 20th century, you could just make things up. And we're suffering from that right now."
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