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When we call something queerbaiting, we're essentially saying: "source material X doesn't count as real or valid queer representation." Here is a thread on why we need to be cognizant about which real-life queer people & stories we're erasing when we expand our use of that term.
First: actual queerbaiting, in which art-creators hint at queer representation in order to attract viewers and then insist their art was 100% hetero all along, sucks a lot. I am not advocating getting rid of the term.
Nor am I saying it's not valid to feel jerked around when a show uses the promise of a specific queer relationship on their publicity circuit, and then doesn't follow through on it in the actual source. (Or follows through only to write out a character, a la #TheMagicians)
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I'm about to subtweet certain segments of #TheMagicians fandom so hard, ready?
Sometimes, I see self-professed fans of the show having a chat here on the twitter. Now, this is not my first fandom rodeo. I'm a born n raised fangirl myself, from the olden days before the advent of worldwideonlinecommunities, and also I write stuff for the Comic Con crowd. So.
It goes without saying that my knee-jerk impulse is to quickly avert my gaze, out of some, like, Prime Directive type personal creed, and also cause-- not to blow your mind-- there are folks on the internet who are kinda... mean?
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On tonight's #themagicians we've got The Dragon Riders of Porn. As the room's resident comic book vet, the second I knew we were doing a dragon porn comic prop, I KNEW EXACTLY WHO TO REACH OUT TO.

Cover art: Emirain
Words: @jhgard & @araiman21
#TheMagicians Dragon Riders of Porn interior pages.

Lineart and colors: Emirain
Writer: @jhgard & @araiman21
Even though everything's censored, I guess they're still a little NSFW??? I don't know-- whatever, "PORN" is in the name.
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"The Writing Room is both my favorite & least favorite episode of #TheMagicians.
I loved how Julia is acknowledged by what she thinks is a God. Beautiful scene.
I love that many of the core group visit a place where the Chatwins kids lived briefly & witness a fairly cool haunting.
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It’s interesting to watch some of my favorite TV shows from times past and realize that someone who looks like me has no place in those worlds except as a background character or as someone “exotic.”

And then realize how much that generally hasn’t changed.
We rarely see Asian-American characters in pop culture whose roles aren’t as “the other” or whose stories aren’t about overcoming that other-ness.

It’s like we can’t exist as normal in any way.

There’s no Black Panther for us.
That extends into other areas of life too - Asian Americans are rarely discussed in politics or social conversations.

None of these are new observations, but very much present after binging TV and comics over the last day.
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