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We need to talk.

I have questions. I feel a disturbance in the force. I don’t know if I’m imagining it but the last week or so has felt very different on Twitter. It’s like the last 6-9 months has been despair & frustration but now there’s a change to real grit & determination.
The replies I got to my last thread have no doubt influenced that thought but it does seem like there are glimmers of hope and a push back. With that in mind I wanted to share another thought.
We know the divide and rule thing is part of the Tory game and we sort of allow it because we get carried away with our small differences and keep forgetting that the biggest picture, the one thing we all want, is a change of government.
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What some nations are NOT telling the public, is businesses are re-opening but patrons are required to register to be served. Not kidding. #WeDoNotConsent #Tracing
I have NOT heard this in the USA, this is being reported in other countries. I will share where, as soon as I do some research.

*A few friends who are small business owners, shared this with me. These are ones who survived the shutdown, & NOW are considering closing doors...
If they are required to track their neighbors, they will not. They will retire. The nation loses these successful small businesses due to violation of moral ethics. These examples r small businesses w 17+ years success, employers, zero debt, perfect credit, w/ inventory too.
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CONGRESS is undermining our Immigration Laws with HR5383 New Way Forward Act. Since most people won't take the time to go READ it, maybe this will be helpful.
1st page is summary, then the Actual Bill.
2) The Actual Bill:
3) Tying the hands of DHS and imposing Very strict guidelines to Detention Facilities.
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1) May need to continue this later. Wanted to connect Israel and @GeorgePapa19 by way of some of the stuff GP has been writing, as well as @GeorgWebb, Stratfor, and conspiracy theory stuff (Sorcha Faal).

I smell smoke.
2) The starting point for this thread is the Sorcha Faal article linked below, basically positing that the entire Trump Russia collusion narrative is a trap set by the Israelis, which is so brilliant if true.
3) It just has the sound of something true to me. This is of course after watching TV, but it's good TV covering @MOSSADil

Israeli TV:
- Prisoners of War (link below)
- @FaudaNetflix

- @SHO_Homeland (based on POW, above)…
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UNROLL ME: I had the good fortune of hearing Jacie Gallion speak on the steps of our state Capitol to the thousands who attended the NO ON #HB3063 rally in Salem Tuesday. I asked for and got permission to share her wonderfully passionate speech here.
Hello Oregon Warriors!
It was RFKjr who said “The checks and balances in our democratic system that are supposed stand between corporate power and our little children have been removed, and there's only one barrier left and that's the parents.” #ORLEG #ORPOL #WEDONOTCONSENT
I am proud of you all for being here, for standing up, for showing up, to let your legislature know you will NOT BE SOLD to Pharma!

All over the United States — all over the World — this battle is being fought!

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@GeorgeMonbiot @naomirwolf @HowardF44411321 @Stop007org @EccEveryday @csthetruth @LeeCamp @rezn8d @RepJoeKennedy @JFK #GeorgeMonbiot: a high profile environmentalist deceiving the people to believe false science & to encourage coverup ofthe contamination of our world via Massive Undisclosed #Geoengineering campaign deployed in our skies day & night. Totally Unacceptable..…
@GeorgeMonbiot @naomirwolf @HowardF44411321 @Stop007org @EccEveryday @csthetruth @LeeCamp @rezn8d @RepJoeKennedy @JFK ✈️'Evidence of Variable Earth-heat Production, Global Non-anthropogenic Climate Change, and Geoengineered Global Warming and Polar Melting'
By J. Marvin Herndon
#GeoEngineering @Climatemodification #WeatherManipulation #StratosphericAerosolInjection #DEW…
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Does anyone else think these hurricanes are weird? #HurricaneMichael seems to have come out of nowhere and was a Cat4, almost Cat5 within 72 hrs. #HurricaneFlorence was anticipated, but it reached the coast and the just stopped! #Geoengineering #HAARP #MAGA #SilentWar
Here's my hypothesis: First, #chemtrails/#Geoengineering developed to prep the ionosphere. Second, #HAARP built to manipulate weather. Third, weather weaponized for military/political use. BUT who controls this "weaponized" weather?
One might think the US govt is in control, but what if it's the black hats? How better to "fight" a war than with a weapon that can cause mass casualties , take out comms for weeks, cause catastrophic destruction...without ever firing a bullet?
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