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Ask yourself this question-if govt is permitted to coerce & compel what you inject into your body; who has ownership/control of your body & mind, the govt or you? If you can’t own yourself, can you own anything? #onpoli #wearelivingalie #NoMoreLockdowns #makeready #cdnpoli
Ask yourself this question-if govt is permitted to determine when your business can be open or closed, what customers you may serve or can’t; who has ownership of your business the govt or you? #onpoli #wearelivingalie #NoMoreLockdowns #makeready #cdnpoli
If the government can determine how many people are permitted in your house this thanksgiving & whether you can eat inside or must be outside: is it your house & home-or the governments? #onpoli #makeready #nomorelockdowns #wearelivingalie
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Shut down for two weeks.
Wear a mask.
Social distance.
Sit granny by the window.
Don’t visit family or friends
Stay home.
Only shop using one person.
24/7 reminding you of a pandemic.
Wasting billions and billions,
We just vaccinate the old and vulnerable
Tell public get tested Image
Protect the nhs clap
Coerce a lower age group to now protect granny
Threaten care workers or lose a job
Even though they worked though.
Next coerce the younger group,
then 60-40
Now start blaming the public as the enemy’s or they harm granmy
Encourage public to get tested Image
Start telling all key workers get the jab or your harm others or lose your job,
Who again all worked though the so called pandemic.
Next bring in a new variant with no means of finding that variant
And say it spread faster in a lower age group.
Tell public to get tested Image
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Via @Eddy4abq #ABQ?
My Platform is the 5 C’s
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Via @eddy4abq #ABQ
My Platform is the 5 C’s:
1. CRIME - Reduce every category. No exceptions.

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Via @Eddy4abq #ABQ

My Platform is the 5 C’s:

2. COMMERCE - Grow it. Stand behind Small Business. Remove ART now!

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Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺 rises against draconian medieval lockdowns amidst reports of rubber bullets being used by police on the people

#Resist ✊🏽
Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺 rises against draconian medieval lockdowns amidst reports of rubber bullets being used by police on the people.

Protester is heard screaming here “he’s got a gun, he’s got a gun”

#Resist ✊🏽
Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺 rises against draconian medieval lockdowns. More video footage of apparent rubber bullet use by Melbourne police on the people:

#Resist ✊🏽

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Oooh, what did I do?

Bots (read: paid apologists for creeping fascism) are going crazy I said LEARN from those who studied the rise of totalitarianism & taught us to detect its early warning signs so we can avoid it *beforehand*!🤦🏽‍♂️

Privilege really does ruin critical thinking.
I KNOW my history

I KNOW my political theory

I KNOW the taste of totalitarianism

You have watched me defend EVERY minority community one by one at great cost


PRIVILEGE has blinded so many from seeing that their ‘good intentions’ are paving the road to hell

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Tens of thousands of Canadians have visited anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine online communities rife with conspiracy theories.

Since 2021, the #nomorelockdowns hashtag has been used on Canada-related tweets thousands of times, more than any other country.…
The Star has tracked the spread of these online communities that many fear could catch the cluster of unsure Canadians - sometimes called the vaccine-hesitant - who are caught in a tug of war between public health authorities and anti-vaxxers.…
What helped fuel the spread? Hashtags. Like the COVID itself, #nomorelockdowns has spread across borders and oceans.

Our analysis found the hashtag intensified once it became a fixture of anti-lockdown social media rhetoric in Ontario.…
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“We cannot simply revert to life as it was before”

Why not? That’s exactly what we should be doing

Encouraging face masks? Why? Pantomime

encourage Clubs to use NHS App? NO!

Should be encouraging Normality #openforall #backtonormal #NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere
We see that deaths are v low & hospitalisations v short duration & low relatively. whitty admits they’re low. But reverts to modeling & pressure on NHS. You shd be planning for winter NHS now not obsessing Covid. Variants irrelevant #OpenForAll #backtonormal
While PM says autumn means more respiratory illnesses Whitty point that these last 4 weeks necessary does not mention seasonality. This respiratory condition vulnerable vaccinated. There IS ideal date it’s passed but shd be fully open 19th NOT SLOWLY #OpenForAll #backtonormal
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I wonder whether, when @cydneyyeates of @Metro_Ents began her career in journalism, she really believed she would end up resorting to writing complete fabrications.

I don’t mean “I didn’t like what she wrote” I mean total lies👇🏻…
Firstly, the 2nd and 3rd paragraph have just been copied and pasted from any government press release on vaccines. It gives a glimpse into the lack of actual “journalism” happening here. As a former journo myself, I can tell you that “word herder” is a far better description.
But of course the main lie here is the attempt to completely switch realities and discredit the only person in that discussion (@beverleyturner) who was actually speaking the truth. Not my truth, the unarguable, demonstrable truth.

I’m sick of the mainstream media lying so👇🏻
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One year ago today, COVID-19 was declared a 'Pandemic.'

We had already seen the images of people collapsing on the streets of Wuhan, the headlines of cases skyrocketing globally, and the doomsday modelling if we didn't do something NOW. 1/13
Hindsight is 20/20 and we can all agree that COVID-19 is truly a fierce pandemic. A year later, we have witnessed a pandemic of fear-mongering, overdose, suicide, depression, loneliness, financial ruin, censorship, and social engineering of epic proportions. 2/13
This pandemic declaration unleashed the swiftest, tactical PR blitz we have ever seen. Time has a way of dulling our senses to change, even when it's extreme, yet subtle. 3/13
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ADVICE FOR BUSINESSES (thread) #WeDoNotConsent
Share this far and wide and let's keep everyone open. All work together and let's end it 🙏
Lockdown! If you are a small business you DO NOT have to just roll over and close. Asking you to close is simply an OFFER !!!!!!!
Liverpool gym owners said NO and they are still open !
Put the government on notice of "conditional acceptance" NOW.
This is the highest form of honour, they have made you an OFFER you have ACCEPTED it under CONDITIONS, the ball is then in their court, they MUST rebut your points
with clear factual evidence.
I'm even going to write it for you.....
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