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𝕥𝕠 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕔𝕠𝕣𝕖
a #yoonseok / #sope friends with benefits AU

Hoseok’s love for his roommate turned friend-with-benefits affects him like the stages of a fruit’s decay.

It's killing him, and he doesn’t know how to stop it.
Did I just write some random drabble based purely around the idea of some weird fruit-based metaphor? Absofruitly.

(I just made myself cringe. I am so sorry.)
➊ Token sad with a happy ending
➋ This is friends with benefits, so expect 🔞. Nothing super graphic, I'm a total vanilla wafer here, but proceed with caution if that's not your thing
➌ I have no idea where this is going, this is a side gig to get my need for the sads out on
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#yoonseok #sope au
hosoek gets paid to write love poems for others, he can easily make $50 a week by just staring at someone and writing about them. it was all fine until he repeatedly gets paid to write love poems about a boy named yoongi causing an unhealthy crush to develop
inspired by this
info :
- high school au
-QUOTE, don’t reply pls! (because it breaks the thread)
-engaging motivates me
-ghost readers get 7 years of bad luck
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#sope au

high school comic where yoonie falls in love with hope at first sight and leaves flowers with a note on his desk every morning leaving hope confused,, When hope spots yoon one morning asking for help on finding the mystery flower giver, whats he gonna do?? say no????
ight so I don’t have a tablet so all the drawings in this bitch are gonna be MESSY messy cause I’m drawing with my finger ahdjkf

sorry in advance y’all 🤡🤡
001. lets get it 😔
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#SOPE #솝 #yoonseok #윤석

#SOPE #솝 #yoonseok #윤석

#SOPE #솝 #yoonseok #윤석
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hanahaki disease au - sope/yoonseok!

wherein yoongi falls in love with hoseok... a little too late.

1. early in the morning
- jin’s pov
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#yoonseok / #sope au

certified heterosexual hoseok finds a note with a number in his pocket after a night out. the owner of the number refuses to give out his identity, but claims they got down and dirty at the club last night, making hoseok’s whole world come crashing down
- quote dont reply
- dont tag bts
- hopefully nsfw 😏
- time stamps aren't important
- neither is hair color
- pls enjoy 💕
squad no. 1

#sope #yoonseok
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rough break | bts!thriller au (‘kristy’)

alone on his college campus during a holiday despite the recent news of two student’s mysterious disappearances, hoseok must fight to survive the break as he finds himself a part of a cat and mouse game that might just be deadly.

disclaimer: this will serve as the only warning. this au is nothing more than fiction, and it will contain darker themes which are heavily reliant on the outcomes of each poll. read at your own risk!
-mainly text + written
-time stamps are mostly inaccurate
-will tag posts as needed
-the au will focus on the plot itself, but there may be occurrences of mild violence. (death will be avoided to the best of my ability, however the outcomes lie in the decisions made by readers.)
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「*゚✲ฺ jikook text au ✲゚ฺ*」
jimin, dance student with a secret nsfw account; jungkook, also a dance major, finds the acc and develops a crush on the boy, but forgets it when he crushes on a boy in his class...

#bts #jikook #yoonseok #kookmin #sope #taejin #btsau #btstextau
tae and yoongi also have nsfw accounts
the boys' normal accounts
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