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8 Apr, 22 tweets

Your chance at social media liberation is under threat

@Pan_quake endorsers, donors, supporters & staff are being sent a document full of audacious lies to attempt to break trust & derail development

I'm live-blogging a debunking of the lies here:…


On the surface, I'm the target of the lies but in truth, we all are.

Because I am live-blogging my response, please periodically update the page to see new content. It may take several hours to complete. Once finished, I will present the key evidences in the below thread.


OK, here we go. The article is finished - for now - and here is the tl;dr thread as promised.

Follow along with me below:


This week I was leaked evidence that a toxic group of supposed-activists have been undermining @pan_quake to its endorsers & pressuring them to withdraw support for us, using a document full of lies.

Today I dismantled those smears of myself & Panquake & exposed the perps.

The smear doc contains audacious lies, crafting deceptive narratives & accusations about me that conveniently exclude mountains of hard evidence available in the public arena which contradicts the document's assertions. The reasons Panquake & I are being targeted is obvious.


A leaked conversation between the smear plotters reveals the despicable nature of their activities.

No sane, normal person would engage in the types of targeting that they are caught red-handed plotting here.

Only the lowest form of humans would engage in conduct like this


The above leaked pic, which is effectively a confession by the smear merchants, is damning enough, but the scale of their operation is detrimental to very large amounts of people & therefore their lies need to be transparently debunked. This response article does exactly that


The smear document being circulated to our supporters makes the false claim that Panquake is based off another technology. Yet not one single word of that product's promotional material has any relevance to what Panquake is or does. Panquake is unique in all regards.


Having falsely smeared Panquake several times over, the document moves on to smearing me.

It makes the incredible claim that the only proof I was ever targeted is my "own tweets"

Ignoring 15 public arena documents that provide hard evidence to the contrary.

So I tabled them:

And then I thoroughly detailed each piece of publicly available evidence that the smear merchants had omitted mention of, and provided screenshots, embedded videos and hyperlinks to relevant resources.

Their lie is debunked beyond salvation.


It's impossible to believe that the smear merchants aren't just deliberately making shit up about me, given that the evidence which disproves them is literally posted top and center on my website.


How difficult would it have been for the supposed "researcher" to find the hard evidence of me being targeted?

Not difficult at all. The evidence was front and center at the top of my website.

Yet the author eradicates it from their smear narratives.


The smear author takes an irrelevant screenshot from an Occupy Auckland organising meeting & uses it to falsely assert that I was never a part of OA. Ignoring reams of publicly available evidence to the contrary.

I'm also still an Occupy Auckland admin to this very day.


The smear author has a pattern of highlighting irrelevant things while ignoring anything of substance or significance and excluding evidence which disproves their agenda.

They also constantly somehow 'miss' things that a simple keyword search would have turned up.


The smear author paints a picture of me as being some random nobody, who nobody knew, not connected in any way, with no real access.

This flies in the face of reality. Which has been in the public arena all along and is available for anyone to read, see - and listen to.


The smear author name-drops Martyn Bradbury but excludes mention that he has made public statements ratifying my claims.

The author then concocts a fake record of my travel. Dates and places/times wrong, circumstances inaccurate.

All skewed to try to smear me.


Falsehoods #10, #11 & #12 are all about trying to discredit my work to a hacktivist audience.

The claims are so flimsy & absurd they aren't even worth screenshotting. If you wish to look them up for yourself they can be found in the full article here:…

This is where it starts to get interesting again.

A couple of days ago a brave whistleblower supplied me with proof of who is behind this operation to target Panquake and myself.

That proof came in the form of group conversations between the plotters. To "Putinjacket" me


The sordid, bizarre, duplicitous and unjustifiable history of Ray Johanson's insertion of himself into my life, circles and projects is detailed in the tail section of my response article. I strongly caution anyone who knows him to watch your six. He's majorly up to no good.


There have been other examples of malicious communications being sent to, about or falsely purporting to be from @pan_quake staff, endorsers and supporters.

Including targeting @jimmy_dore & then faking a tweet pretending to be from @miserablelib in order to attack Panquake


As evidenced by my response article & this thread, there's a plot to destroy Panquake

We are not going to let the bad guys win. Are you?

There's an easy way to fight back. Show your support: donate & share to help fund our project to completion:


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